Jan 14                Arrive Manila

Jan  15-16          Mindoro – Sablayan with Tim Fisher

Jan  17-24          Negros – Mt Canlaon and Dumaguete area

Jan  25-30          Bohol – RSNP partly with Pete Morris

Jan  31, Feb 1- 5   Palawan – St Paul’s NP and Iwahig with Mike Archer and Rich Hopf for rest of trip

Feb  5-7             Cebu

Feb  7-16           Mindanao – Mt Kitanglad and PICOP

Feb  16              Luzon - Candaba Swamp, Quezon NP, Angat watershed, Mt Polis, American Cemetery, Manila

Feb  29              Fly home

1996 – AppendiX A

Feb   22         Arrive Manila

          23   Philippine and American Cemeteries

         24   Mindanao with Pete Morris, fly to General Santos 15.00 - 16.30; taxi to  Marbel/ Koronadel 

       25    Bus to Surallah 06.10, hire jeepney to Lake Sebu, motorbikes to Sitio Kamanga; walk to Sitio Siete with bags on horse, arriving 10.50; netting below village till dusk; camp

     25   Netting and birding all day below Sitio Siete; camp

     26   Birding above Sitio Siete, to 1600m - rain from 12.30; camp

      27  Netting and birding all day below Sitio Siete; camp

      28  Netting 05.30-07.00; walk to Sitio Kamanga 08.45-09.30, bikes to L.Sebu, jeepney to Surallah, bus to Marbel, lunch, bus to General Santos, fly to Manila via Cebu.

March 1  Fly to Iloilo, Panay; River Queen Hotel with Prof Curio

            2     Shopping (for camp) and photographing in Iloilo.

            3      University jeep to Pandanam, via Bugasong and Valderrama; after lunch, walk in heavy rain to Nawili, arriving 19.00+; night on floor of “mayor’s” house.

            4         Hike to Hamtang Forest 07.30 - 13.30; camp

            5         Settling in - some rain; camp

            6-24     Netting and ringing - mainly dry, often windy; camp

            25        Walk to Pandanam 07.00 - 17.00; night in priest’s house

            26      Jeepney at 05.00 to Valderrama and San Jose, bus to Iloilo, arriving 11.30; River  Queen Hotel

          27    Jeepney to Lambunao, jeepney to breeding-centre/ zoo and 2 more back to Iloilo. Fly t Manila.


1997 – AppendiX B

Nov      14         Arrive Manila

              15         Manila – Kalibo, Panay. Jeepney to Bulanao. Night in project’s house

               16         Hike to Sibaliw, Pandan Peninsula 07.30 - 11.30 in rain.

               17- Dec 5          Netting and ringing - mainly dry, often windy

Dec         6      Walk to Bulanao, 07.00 - 11.00; jeepney, tricycle, truck, motorbike, jeepney and ferry to Boracay. Night in cabin/ chalet.

                7-8      Netting near Bat Caves, N end of Boracay island. 

                    9       Ferry to Caticlan, Panay, bus to Kalibo. Fly to Manchester via Manila.



2003 – AppendiX C
Jan 14  Manila. Jan 19 – 29 with Lisa Marie Paguntalan, Godfrey Jakosalem, Michael Mills,
 Remco Hofland and Roland van der Vliet: Survey of birds and bats in Calinawan Forest,
 Negros Oriental, followed by survey and ringing near Alcoy on Cebu. Fly home on 30th.


Feb 20 – March 2: WBCP trips in Manila area to Pico de Lloro, Mt. Palay-Palay NP, Tambo mudflats, Alabang survey.  Subic Bay with Haribon, Mount Makiling. March 3-11 Sierra Madre mts, NE Luzon: Ambobok and Apaya with Ben King and Spike Millington, starting at San Mariano - visit to mayor and military to obtain permission and transport. 8-11 Hamut Camp via Tuguegarao with Rinse van der Vliet and Hemme, organised by Aquilino.  March 13-14 Manila: Tambo mud flats, American Cemetery, Talaytay.

March 15-18 Negros: Joined Coral Cay’s only forest-based project in the Philippines, surveying birds in the North Negros Forest Reserve with the Negros Forests and Ecological Foundation. March 22: Fly home.

May 25 Manila (from Taiwan). May 28 - June 1 Palawan with Jonathan Rosseau and Holly: Puerto Princesa, Iwahig, Narra, St Paul’s NP, Puerto Princesa – Manila. Fly to PNG on 2ndJune.

July 13  Manila (from Australia). 14 – 19 Palawan: Puerto Princesa area. July 22: Fly home

Oct 20 Manila. 23 – 29: North Luzon: Benaue, Mt Polis, Sagada, Dalton Pass with Irma.

30 – Nov 1: Manila: Bataan, Mt. Palay-Palay, Caylabne Bay Resort. Fly home Nov 1.


Jan 31 - Feb 2 Manila.  3 - 11 Samar with James Eaton, Rob Hutchinson and Frank Rheindt.

12 - 22 Bicol, South Luzon: Mt Isarog, Bicol NP, Cabusao with Irma.

23-27 Negros: JH lecture at Silliman University. 25-28: Survey of birds and bats in
 Simpang Forest, Sipalay, Negros Occidental with Cynthia Dolino et al. – AppendiX C

March 2 - 4: Zamboanga Mindanao: Pascononca Watershed and Baluno.

March 6: Manila - Candaba Marsh, home on 7th.

June 12 Manila. 13 – Mt Talinis, South Negros with Pol Carino. 14: CDO, Mindanao via Cebu by ferry. 15-16 with Irma and Bruce & Helen Glick: Boulgan, South Mt Kitanglad, 17th Cinchona Forest Reserve with Henry Binahon.  18thth.   Ferry CDO – Cebu, Manila 19

22 – 25 with Irma: Sablayan Penal Colony, Mindoro. Fly to Singapore via Manila on 26th.

Nov 16 – Dec 3 Mindanao with Irma: Mt Talomo, Baracatan near Davao, and PICOP/Bislig.; CDO then ferry to Camiguin Sur for 3 days then Manila via Cebu.

Dec 05 American cemetery, Manila with Don Roberson and Jon King; home on 6th.


March 13 – 16 Mindanao: Mt Kitanglad, 17 – 19 Bislig/PICOP. 20 – 26 Luzon: Hamut via Tuguegarao, all with Martin Hunnybun.

27 – April 2 Manila: WBCP raptor watch at Sampaloc, 5-8 overnight bus to Naga, Bicol, with Irma visit Cubasao and Masbate, fly to Manila and home on 10th.

July 15-16 Cebu with Nilo. 17 – 18 Mt Makiling, Luzon. 100 Islands, Pangasinan with Propjerry on 19th, UP on 20th.  July 24  fly to PNG via Singapore.

October 10 – 19  Manila: Bataan with Dan Brimmer - Mariveles Watershed, Puerto Rivas, Mt Samat and Subic Bay. 20 – 23 Palawan: Sabang/ St Paul’s NP.

24 – 28 Bicol, Luzon with Irma: Barcelonita, Ponong, Magarao, Pagao, Bonbon, all in Bicol.

29 – 31  Bataan with Dan Brimmer: Balangan, Mariveles Watershed and Subic Bay. Nov 1 fly home.


March 10 – 24  Manila, Cebu: Olango on 11th,  Mt Makiling, Luzon on 18th with MK and RH.  19 – 21 WBCP trips to Reclamation Lagoons, Candaba and Angat Dam. 22 – 24 Baguio – Mt Data. Fly Manila – Bangkok – Calcutta – Bhutan.

June 23  Manila. 24 - 28 Bohol with Irma: Chocolate Hills, Rajah Sitakuna NP, Corella Tarsier Sanctuary.

29 – July 1 Benaue and Mt Polis, o/n bus to MNL. July 2 Fly to PNG via Singapore.


April 5-25 JH Phils birding tour. See for separate report

Sept 3 - 6 Mindanao: fly to General Santos with Syndy, taxi to Lake Sebu, visit Sitio Siete, back to Manila on 6th. Fly home on 8th.


June 12-14 Tablas by ferry with Syndy. 17 - 18 Cebu: bus to Alcoy, o/n Nug-as Reserve. Fly from Manila to Brisbane on 19th.

Oct 15-23 Dalton Pass, N Luzon with Phil Round, Des Allen, et al.  – AppendiX D

Fly to Bangkok evening of 24th.


March 28 – April 17 JH Phils birding tour. See for separate report

17 - 22 Palawan: Sabang and Narra. Fly home on 23rd.

Oct 26 – Nov 2  Pto Galera, Mindoro with Syndy.

Records of most interest                                                 

             Threat status                                                               Record

Lesser / Great Frigatebird                    Fregata ariel / minor                                 150+ Nagtabon beach resort, Palawan near Pto Princesa 16.07.04

Grey Heron                                           Ardea cinerea                                          10+ breeding at Candaba 6.03.05 and 70+ on 20.3.07

Great-billed Heron                               Ardea sumatrana                                     1 near San Jose, Mindoro 25.06.05

Purple Heron                                        Ardea purpurea                                        Large breeding colony at Candaba 6.03.05 with 200 on 20.3.07

Chinese Egret                                       Egretta eulophotes                    V             1 at Narra, Palawan 21.04.2010, 5 Bataan 13.10.06

Javan Pond-Heron                              Ardeola speciosa                                     20+ in breeding plumage at Lake Sebu, S Mindanao 03-06.09.08

Japanese Night-Heron                        Gorsachius goisagi                   EN          1 caught at Dalton Pass 16.10.09, I at Samar (RH) 9.02.05, I at Mt Makiling 03.06(MH)

Black-crowned Night-Heron               Nycticorax nycticorax                             breeding colony at 100 Islands 19.07.06

Rufous Night-Heron                             Nycticorax caledonicus                           breeding colony at 100 islands 19.07.06, 20 Pampanga Special Hospital, S of San Fernando 31.10.06

Black-faced Spoonbill                         Platalea minor                           EN          3 near Iwahig, Palawan 29.05.04 - photo

Philippine Duck                                   Anas luzonica                            V             500 Candaba 06.03.05 and 500 on 20.3.07, 50 Bislig 18.03.06, 100 islands 19.07.06

Northern Shoveller                              Anas clypeata                                          200 Candaba 06.03.05 and 1000 on 20.3.07, 500+ Barcelonita 25.10.06

Garganey                                              Anas querquedula                                    800 Candaba 06.03.05 and 1000 on 20.3.07

Eurasian Teal                                        Anas crecca                                            1 Candaba 06.03.05

Tufted Duck                                           Aythya fuligula                                          400-500 Barceloneto 16.02.05, 1 Candaba 06.03.05.

Osprey                                                  Pandion haliaetus                                     14 Angat 21.3.07

Jerdon's Baza                                       Aviceda jerdoni                                        1 Sitio Siete, S Mindanao 28.02.96 (PM), 2 near Sabang, Palawan 14.04.10

Barred Honeybuzzard                          Pernis celebensis                                    1 Mt Talomo, Baracatan 17.11.05, 1 adult + 1 imm. PICOP 03.04.10

Grey-headed Fish-Eagle                     Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus                       1 Sablayan, Mindoro 23.06.05 and Angat Dam 21.03.07

Pied Harrier                                           Circus melanoleucos                               1 female Barcelonita 25.10.06, 2 males below Hamut 04.09

Chinese Goshawk                               Accipiter soloensis                                   5 Mt Makiling 03.04, good no.s migrating over Sampaloc, Luzon 3.04.06, 65 Angat Dam 21.03.07

Grey-faced Buzzard                              Butastur indicus                                       good no.s migrating over Sampaloc 3.04.06, 23 Angat Dam 21.03.07

Philippine Eagle                                   Pithecophaga jefferyi                C             1 Hamut camp on 10.03.04 and on 23.03.06, 1 Mt Talomo, Baracatan 23.11.05

Rufous-bellied Eagle                            Hieraaetus kienerii                                   1 Central Samar 02.05, 2 Angat Dam 21.03.07

Philippine Hawk-Eagle                        Spizaetus philippensis               V             1 Mt Polis 26.10.04, Central Samar 02.05 and Simpang Forest, Negros, and 2 Sablayan, Mindoro 23.06.05

Oriental Hobby                                     Falco severus                                          1 Mt Talomo, Baracatan 17.11.05

Spotted Buttonquail                           Turnix ocellatus                                       1 S Manila suburbs 02.04, 2 Mariveles Watershed, Bataan 17.10.06

Slaty-legged Crake                              Rallina eurizonoides                                 pair below Hamut 11.03.04

Greater Painted-snipe                         Rostratula benghalensis                          2 Candaba 20.3.07 and Bislig 17.04.08, 3 near Sabang and 1 Iwahig 04.10

Pacific Golden-Plover                         Pluvialis fulva                                           1000 Barcelonita 19.02.05

Far Eastern Curlew                               Numenius madagascariensis                  2 Olango, Cebu 2.12.05 and 1 on 11.3.07

Eurasian Curlew                                   Numenius arquata                    NT          3 Palawan 21.10.06

Little Curlew                                          Numenius minutus                                   1 near Sabang, Palawan 15.04.08

Whimbrel                                               Numenius phaeopus                                500+ Olango 11.3.07

Bar-tailed Godwit                                 Limosa lapponica                                     3 Barcelonita 25.10.06, 100 Olango 11.3.07

Black-tailed Godwit                              Limosa limosa                           NT          several Olango, Cebu 2.12.05, 5 Barcelonita 25.10.06

Marsh Sandpiper                                 Tringa stagnatilis                                      several Barcelonita 19.02.05 and on 25.10.06, 10+ Iwahig, Palawan 23.10.06

Terek Sandpiper                                  Xenus cinereus                                        several Barcelonita 19.02.05, Olango, Cebu 11.05 and 11.3.07

Grey-tailed Tattler                                Heteroscelus brevipes                            several Barcelonita 19.02.05 and Olango, Cebu 11.05 and 20+ on 20.3.07, 1 St Paul's NP 21.10.06

Ruddy Turnstone                                 Arenaria interpres                                    1 Olango, Cebu 2.12.05, several Bislig 18.03.06

Asian Dowitcher                                   Limnodromus semipalmatus     NT          19 Olango, Cebu 2.12.05 and 35 on 11.3.07

Great Knot                                             Calidris tenuirostris                                  several Olango, Cebu 2.12.05 and 10+ on 11.3.07

Sanderling                                            Calidris alba                                             8 Bislig 17.04.06 was only record

Red-necked Stint                                 Calidris ruficollis                                       numerous Barcelonita 19.02.05

Long-toed Stint                                    Calidris subminuta                                   10 Tambo mudflats 13.03.04, 5 Candaba 03.05, 10 Iwahig 23.10.06

Curlew Sandpiper                                Calidris ferruginea                                    5 Barcelonita 25.10.06

Oriental Pratincole                               Glareola maldivarum                                50+ breeding at Candaba 20.3.07

Black-winged/White-headed Stilt       Himantopus himantopus leucocephalus  20 Barcelonita 25.10.06, 1000 Reclamation lagoons, Manila 19.3.07

Black-tailed Gull                                   Larus crassirostris                                  1 Catbalogan harbour, Samar 05.02.05

Black-headed Gull                               Larus ridibundus                                      100 Barcelonita 16.02.05

Gull-billed Tern                                    Sterna  nilotica                                         50 Barcelonita 19.02.05 and Olango 11.3.07

Black-naped Tern                                Sterna sumatrana                                    c.20 breeding pairs, some chicks & many with fledglings at 100 islands 19.07.06

Bridled Tern                                          Sterna anaethetus                                   1 off Nagtabon beach resort, Palawan 16.07.04

Little Tern                                              Sterna albifrons                                        100 Barcelonita 19.02.05

Whiskered Tern                                   Chlidonias hybrida                                   1000+ in paddy at Barcelonita 25.10.06

Pompadour Green-Pigeon                  Treron pompadora                                   common Central Samar 02.05

Amethyst Brown-Dove                       Phapitreron amethystinus                        1 Central Samar 02.05 and Baracatan 17.11.05, 2 south Mt Kitanglad 16.06.05

Dark-eared/Mindanao Brown-Dove   Phapitreron cinereiceps brunneiceps V   2 south Mt kitanglad 17.06.05

Island Collared Dove                           Streptopelia bitorquata                             a few at Barcelonita 25.10.06

Pink-bellied Imperial-Pigeon              Ducula poliocephala                  NT          2 Calinawan Forest, Negros Oriental 21.01.03 and Central Samar 02.05

Spotted Imperial-Pigeon                    Ducula carola                            V             1 near Baliwag on 9.04.10 was my only record

Grey Imperial-Pigeon                          Ducula pickeringii                      V             20 Pandan Is, Palawan 16.04.10

Mindanao Bleeding-heart                   Gallicolumba crinigera              EN          c4 Central Samar 02.05

Negros Bleeding-heart                       Gallicolumba keayi                    C             1 Mt Talinis 13.06.05, abandoned nest there too

Mindoro Bleeding-heart                     Gallicolumba platenae               C             1 Sablayan 24.06.05 + nest with 2 eggs

Mindanao Lorikeet                              Trichoglossus johnstoniae        NT          6 south Mt Kitanglad 16.06.05 and Baracatan 17.11.05

Philippine Cockatoo                           Cacatua haematuropygia         C             14 Rasa Island, Palawan 29.05.04

Montane Racquet-tail                         Prioniturus montanus                NT          3 Mt Polis 06.07, 1 Sawa camp 12.04.10

Mindanao Racquet-tail                       Prioniturus waterstradti             NT          5 Mt Kitanglad 04.08 with 3 on 31.3.10 and 1.4.10.

Philippine Hawk-Cuckoo                    Cuculus pectoralis                                   1 Sampaloc, Luzon 2.04.06 and Tablas 13.06.09

Oriental Cuckoo                                   Cuculus saturatus                                   1 Mt Kitanglad 23.04.08 and Hamut 23.03.06

Black-hooded  Coucal                        Centropus steerii                      C             only 1 or 2 heard at Sablayan 06.05

Black-faced Coucal                             Centropus melanops                               a few Central Samar, Zamboanga and Baracatan, 2 RSNP, Bohol 06.07

Grass Owl                                             Tyto capensis amauronota                      2 Iwahig, Palawan 16.06.04, 1 Mt Kitanglad 21.04.08

Mindanao Scops-Owl                         Otus mirus                                NT          1 south Mt Kitanglad 15.06.05

Luzon Scops-Owl                               Otus longicornis                        NT          1 Mt Data 23.06.07

Mantanani Scops-Owl                         Otus mantananensis                NT          2+ Tablas 13.06.09

Giant Scops-Owl                                 Mimizuku gurneyi                      V             1 seen Mt Kitanglad 15.03.06

Philippine Eagle-Owl                          Bubo philippensis                      V             1 RSNP, Bohol 28. 01.94 (with PM)

Philippine Hawk-Owl                          Ninox philippensis                                    1 at Calinawan Forest, Negros Oriental 21.01.03

Mindoro Hawk-Owl                             Ninox mindorensis                    NT          1 Sablayan 24.06.05

Cebu/Tablas Hawk-Owl                      Ninox spilonota                                        1 Tablas 13.06.09, 1 Nug-as, Cebu 18.06.09

Mindanao Hawk-Owl, Sarcophanops samar                           Ninox spilocephala                                   1 Baracatan 16.06.05

Chocolate Boobook                             Ninox randi                                               1 PICOP 18.03.06

Philippine Nightjar                              Caprimulgus manillensis                          1 roosting in tree at UP, Quezon City 20.07.06 said to be this sp but could have been Grey, 1 Tablas 13.06.09

Whitehead's Swiftlet                           Aerodramus whiteheadi            DD          100 Mt Polis 12.04.08

Island/Uniform  Swiflet                         Aerodramus vanikorensis                       several Central Samar 02.05

Philippine Needletail                           Mearnsia picina                         NT          common Central Samar 02.05

Purple Needletail                                  Hirundapus celebensis                            14 near Calinawan Forest, Negros Oriental 21.01.03, 10+ Baracatan 23.11.05, 25 Mt Samat, Bataan 17.10.06

Fork-tailed/Pacific Swift                       Apus pacificus                                         2 at Subic on 28.02.04

Indigo-banded Kingfisher                  Alcedo cyanopectus                                2 Simpang Forest, Sipalay, Negros Occidental 27.02.05

Silvery Kingfisher                                Alcedo argentata                       V             1 Central Samar 02.05 and Eagle Cntre, Davao 24.11.05

Philippine Dwarf-Kingfisher              Ceyx melanurus                       V             pair nesting at PICOP 18.04.08

Ruddy Kingfisher                                 Halcyon coromanda                                1 Ponong, Bicol 26.10.06

Rufous-lored Kingfisher                    Todirhamphus winchelli            V             1 Simpang Forest,Negros 27.02.05

Mindanao Tarictic                                Penelopides affinis samarensis               several Central Samar 02.05

Visayan Tarictic                                   Penelopides panini                    EN          2 at Calinawan Forest, Negros Oriental 21.01.03, 6 Simpang Forest,Negros 27.02.05

Mindoro Tarictic                                  Penelopides mindorensis          EN          a few at Sablayan 23-24.06.05

Palawan Hornbill                                 Anthracoceros marchei            V             6 at St Paul's NP, 4 at Sabang 20-23.10.06

Rufous Hornbill                                   Buceros hydrocorax                 NT          several Central Samar 02.05, 7 Angat Dam 21.03.07

Sooty Woodpecker                              Mulleripicus funebris                                2 Hamut 03.06, 1 Hamut 08.04.08, 2 Subic and Sawa 04.10

Great Slaty Woodpecker                     Mulleripicus pulverulentus                       3 Sabang, Palawan 04.10

Mindanao Wattled Broadbill              Sarcophanops steerii                V             1 Zamboanga 04.03.05, 2 nest-building PICOP 18.04.08

Visayan Wattled Broadbill                  Sarcophanops samarensis                     25.06.07: 2 at 08.30 at RSNP, Bohol, calling loudly - harsh rasping, combination of didi, didoo, dididoo interspersed with wing-cracking and whirring

Red-bellied Pitta                                   Pitta erythrogaster                                   1 adult and I juv Central Samar 10.02.05

Whiskered  Pitta                                   Pitta kochi                                 V             2 juv above Sawa camp 11.04.10 - photo

Steere's/Azure-breasted Pitta                                                              Pitta steerii                                                               V                                                1 photo'd Butuan airport 06.10 (SM)

Australasian Lark                                  Mirafra javanica                                       several Bicol 02.05, 3 Clarke airport 31.10.06

Philippine Leafbird                              Chloropsis flavipennis               V             a few S Mt Kitanglad 05

Zamboanga Bulbul                             Ixos rufigularis                          NT          at least 2 Zamboanga 04.03.05

Streak-breasted  Bulbul                      Ixos siquijorensis                      EN          2 Nug-as, Cebu 27.03 and Tablas 13.06.09, 4+ Tabunan, Cebu 15.07.06

Yellowish Bulbul                                 Ixos everetti                                             a few Camiguin 29.11.05 - should be split, bigger, very different voice

Isabela Oriole                                       Oriolus isabellae                       C             1 Apaya 05.03.04

Slender-billed Crow                             Corvus enca                                            3 Central Samar 02.05

White-fronted Tit                                 Parus semilarvatus                   NT          2 pairs neart Camp 1, Sawa trek 12.04.10, 1 nesting in tree hole - photo

Stripe-breasted Rhabdornis              Rhabdornis inornatus                              2 S Kitanglad 17.06.05 and 1 Baracatan 23.11.05

Grand/Long-billed Rhabdornis         Rhabdornis grandis                                 2 Hamut 09.03.04

Bagobo Babbler                                  Leonardina woodi                                     1 Mt Kitanglad 15.03.06

Streaked Ground-Babbler                  Ptilocichla mindanensis                            2 Central Samar and 1 Baracatan 11.05; a pair Mt Kitanglad 24.04.08 was unusualiy high

Visayan Pygmy Babbler                      Stachyris pygmaea                   EN          a pair Central Samar 06.02.05

Black-crowned Babbler                      Stachyris nigrocapitata                            only 1 Central Samar 07.02.05

Golden-crowned Babbler                   Stachyris dennistouni               NT          2 Apaya 06.03.04 and Hamut 09.03.04

Luzon Striped-Babbler                       Stachyris striata                        NT          3 Hamut .03.06

Miniature Tit-Babbler                          Micromacronus leytensis         DD          2+ Sitio Siete 05.09.08

Black Shama                                        Copsychus cebuensis              EN          4+ Nug-as 01.03, 1 Tabunan 15.07.06

Blue Rock-Thrush                                Monticola solitarius                                  6 Mariveles Watershed, Bataan 29.10.06

White´s/Scaly Thrush                          Zoothera aurea                                        1 Bicol NP 16.02.05 and St Paul's NP 15.04.10 (MO)

Brown-headed Thrush                        Turdus chrysolaus                                  1 Hamut camp 11.03.04 and 2 at Sawa Camp 12.04.10

Willow Warbler                                     Phylloscopus trochilus                             1 or 2 Mariveles Watershed, Bataan 17.10.06 - photo

Radde's Warbler                                   Phylloscopus schwarzi                            1 heard Calinawan Forest, Negros Oriental 19.01.03

Philippine Leaf-Warbler                      Phylloscopus olivaceus                           1 Central Samar 02.05

Black-browed Reed-Warbler               Acrocephalus bistrigiceps                       1 trapped Candaba 27.04.08 with PR

Gray's/Sakhalin (Grasshopper-)Warbler  Locustella (fasciolata) amnicola       2 PICOP 19.04.08, species never seen by TF!

Lanceolated Warbler                            Locustella lanceolata                               a few trapped Dalton Pass 15.10.09

Middendorff's Grasshopper-Warbler Locustella ochotensis                              5 caught at Ponong, Bicol, Cam Sur 28.10.06

Yellow-breasted Tailorbird                 Orthotomus samarensis           NT          a few Samar 06.02.05

Red-fronted Tailorbird                        Orthotomus frontalis frontalis                  1 Central Samar 02.05 and Baracatan 11.05

White-eared Tailorbird                        Orthotomus cinereiceps                          1 Zamboanga 04.03.05

Benguet Bush-Warbler                       Bradypterus seebohmi                            2 Bay-yo 12.04.08, 1 Mt Polis 30.06.07

White-throated Jungle-Flycatcher    Rhinomyias albigularis              EN          1 singing Simpang Forest, Sipalay, Negros Occidental 27.02.05

Luzon Jungle-Flycatcher                   Rhinomyias insignis                  V             1 Mt Polis pass on 30.06.07

Goodfellow's Jungle-Flycatcher       Rhinomyias goodfellowi            NT          1 seen singing Mt Kitanglad 15.03.06

Asian Brown Flycatcher                      Muscicapa dauurica                                1 Sabang, Palawan 22.10.06

Ashy-breasted Flycatcher                  Muscicapa randi                       V             1 Hamut 09.03.04

Mugimaki Flycatcher                            Ficedula mugimaki                                   4 Mt Kitanglad 03.06

Little Slaty Flycatcher                         Ficedula basilanica                   V             2 trapped Central Samar 06.02.05, 1 PICOP 11.05, 03.06 and 18.04.08

Furtive Flycatcher                               Ficedula disposita                     NT          1 or 2 Apaya and Hamut 03.04, 04.08 and 04.10

Palawan Blue Flycatcher                    Cyornis lemprieri                       NT          1 flushed from nest near Sabang 15.04.08

Mangrove Blue Flycatcher                  Cyornis rufigastra                                    common Sablayan, Mindoro and Camiguin 05, a few Nug-as and Tablas 06.09

Blue-breasted Flycatcher                   Cyornis herioti                                          pair nesting at Hamut 04.08

Rufous Paradise-Flycatcher                Terpsiphone cinnamomea                       1 Central Samar, a few Camiguin and Tablas

Celestial Monarch                                Hypothymis coelestis               V             3 Apaya 06.03.04 - 1 with erect crest after playback

Short-crested  Monarch                      Hypothymis helenae                 NT          1 Central Samar 06.02.05 and Zamboanga  03.03.05

Pechora Pipit                                        Anthus gustavi                                         3 Bonbon, Bicol 28.10.06

Yellow Wagtail                                      Motacilla flava                                          100s Cebu coast 02.12.05

Mountain Shrike                                  Lanius validirostris                    NT          1 Mt Data 03.07, and Mt Polis 30.06.07 with 2 on 8.04.10 , only 1 on Kitanglad was 24.04.08

Short-tailed Starling                             Aplonis minor                                           several S Mt Kitanglad, Baracatan and Lake Sebu

Crested Myna    INTRODUCED           Acridotheres cristatellus                          a few Davao 24.11.05

Grey-hooded Sunbird                         Aethopyga primigenia               NT          a few S Mt Kitanglad 17.06.05, Baracatan 23.11.05 and Kitanglad 03.06, 04.08 and 04.10

Apo Sunbird                                         Aethopyga boltoni                     NT          1 Mt Kitanglad 03.06 and 04.08, pair + juv 02.04.10

Naked-faced Spiderhunter                 Arachnothera clarae                                1 Central Samar 06.02.05 and 2+ Baracatan 23.11.05

Flame-crowned Flowerpecker           Dicaeum anthonyi                     NT          1 Mt Talomo, Baracatan 17.11.05, 1 Mt Kitanglad 03.06 and a pair feeding on berries 01.04.10

Whiskered Flowerpecker                    Dicaeum proprium                    NT          1 Mt Talomo, Baracatan 17.11.05

Striped Flowerpecker                          Dicaeum aeruginosum                             1 Central Samar 02.05 and Sabang, Palawan 10.06, 6 Angat Dam 21.03.07

Cebu Flowerpecker                             Dicaeum quadricolor                 C             1 female Nug'as 28.01.03 and Tabunan 15.07.06

Green-faced Parrotfinch                     Erythrura viridifacies                                4 feeding and 15 flew past at Hamut 25.03.06

[Java Sparrow]                                      Lonchura oryzivora                   V             3 Lake Sebu 05.09.08

Red Crossbill                                        Loxia curvirostra                                      several Mt Polis 25.10.04 and Mt Data 23.03.07, and 15 Mt Polis 30.06.07

White-cheeked Bullfinch                    Pyrrhula leucogenis                                 1 S Mt Kitanglad 18.06.05, 4 Mt Kitanglad 03.06 and 04.10, 2 Mt Polis 04.1


Samar: Central Samar Spine — 5-11 February 2005 – an extract from report by Frank Rheindt:

Philippines — Expedition Birding - Luzon, Palawan, Samar, Mindanao 9 Jan — 15 Feb 2005

Samar has been neglected by ornithologists to a criminal extent! Generations of birders have contented themselves with visiting Bohol to try for the Eastern Visayan endemics, thinking they could thus evade this big unknown in the Philippine equation. Satellite photos show that Samar is the island with the largest remaining forest cover in the archipelago. Samar has some endemicity in its own right, such as the recently split Visayan Pygmy Babbler that cannot be found on Bohol. Another factor that enticed us to visit Samar was a rumour of healthy populations of Mindanao Bleeding-heart, Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher and Miniature Tit Babbler. JH

sorted out this visit to some remaining forest in the Central Samar National Park with Renato ("Boying") Fernandez and Joel Adko. Boying is an experienced Filipino field researcher who has taken part in many surveys all over the country, including the Haribon Survey in Samar in July 1998, during which Miniature Tit Babbler was recorded. Anyone interested in visiting Samar is advised to contact him for assistance.

We (James Eaton, Jon Hornbuckle,Rob Hutchinson and Frank Rheindt) arrived on the night ferry from Cebu City to Catbalogan on time at 7am. It would have been possible to fly from Manila to Calbayog or Tacloban on Samar. The harbour area in Catbalogan held a few gulls and distant shorebirds. Most notable among these was an immature Black-tailed Gull, apparently only the second record for the Visayas, and the first one for Samar. It was associated with about 5 Black-headed Gulls and some 10 Whimbrels and a few distant Charadrius plovers (incl Lesser Sandplovers) were also noted.

Logistics: We were based in the house of Joel Adko in the little town of Malinao in Eastern Samar Province along the road from Catbalogan to Taft, not too far from the latter. Half our birding was done along roadside forest west of Malinao around the highest area halfway between both coasts, and the other half was done in forest along paths south of this road from the township of San Rafael (Taft, Eastern Samar Province). We bought some of our provisions in Catbalogan City, but basic food was available in Malinao. From Malinao, it was about 3-5km along the road through degraded habitat and converted land west to a village called Binaloran, but from here forest got progressively better up the road (in a westerly direction) toward the village of San Rafael (Taft). Beware of name confusion: The next village along the road due west from San Rafael (Taft, Eastern Samar) is San Rafael (Hinabangan, Western Samar). They used to be one and were divided.

Pre-dawn tricycles or not-so-pre-dawn tricycles took about 30min to get us into some decent roadside forest above Binaloran. On different days we tried out various side trails from this road, some of which yielded excellent birding, but none took us too far. San Rafael was reached in about 45min from Malinao on tricycles. The trail from San Rafael gave access to an entire (and very confusing) trail system through good-looking (though hopelessly dead) forest all the way to a large river. Note that on our last morning we had to refrain from entering this trail system as the local illegal woodcutters had become alarmed at our presence and contacted a former NPA member who questioned Boying about us. Instead, we stayed along the road on that day.

Birds: Birding here in Central Samar was a curious mixture of joy, ecstasy and deep disappointment. The first few days (especially along the road) yielded a few great rarities to everyone’s excitement, but the longer our stay protracted, the more activity would drop from low to sub-zero, to the point where we had to ask ourselves how such a lush and pristine forest could just be so dead and devoid of avian life. 

Best bird of the site was doubtless Mindanao Bleeding-heart, a species that appears to occur in good numbers (once its call is learned). Among the four birders, we had good looks at about 6-8 individuals along the road and — mostly — the trail system at San Rafael. Additional individuals were heard and — potentially — flushed, though confusion with Emerald Dove should not be discounted light-heartedly!!! Other good species along the road included a very cooperative Steere’s Pitta in trashed habitat and a single pair of Pygmy Babbler of the local Samar race. ROH had a really good day out on his own, spotting a Japanese Night Heron and a Visayan Wattled Broadbill along an obscure side-trail. The lack of any other broadbill sightings during the remainder of our stay (though Boying says they’re easy at certain times of year) was disappointing. Moreover, JH mist-netted a pair of Little Slaty Flycatchers (besides a Red-bellied Pitta) in degraded habitat close to Malinao. One of the side trails along the road led into a gully where Streaked Ground Babblers came in to imitations. Night-birding along the road produced excellent looks at two different Philippine Frogmouths and calls of the Philippine Scops Owl. Both the range-restricted Yellow-breasted Tailorbird and the distinct frontalis race of Philippine Tailorbird (=Rufous-fronted Tailorbird) vocalized regularly but took some effort to see. The first big stream crossing along the San Rafael Trail had Silvery Kingfisher of the quite distinct Samar subspecies. Raptors were represented by at least one Philippine Hawk-eagle, one potential and one certain Rufous-bellied Eagle, Crested Serpent-eagle and almost a dozen Philippine Falconets. Flocks of Glossy Swiftlet were occasionally joined by larger Island-type swiftlets (presumably Island Swiftlets, but latter hitherto unrecorded from Samar), as well as Pygmy Swiftlets, loads of Whiskered Treeswifts and beautiful Philippine Needletails. Apart from bleeding-heart, this site was generally good for doves and pigeons, with Pompadour Green Pigeon, White-eared Brown Dove, quite a few Amethyst Brown Doves, Yellow-breasted Fruit-Dove and frequent (though elusive) Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeons. One overflying Blue-crowned Racquet-tail and a few Colasisi of the distinct local race were the only positively identified parrots, with quite a few caged Blue-backed Parrots indicating that the free and vocalizing Tanygnathus parrots were probably of the same species. Both Tarictic and Rufous Hornbills were still around in good numbers, especially along the road. White-bellied Woodpecker and the distinct Samar race of Greater Flameback were seen on few occasions.

At one roadside spot we had a group of three very confusing crows that displayed an equivocal flight style and had quite high-pitched croaking vocalizations that clearly differ from recordings of Large-billed Crows, and possibly (fideSlender-billed Crows. Boying indicated that the beginning of the rainy season, particularly July, may be better to sample the birds of this ultra-low-density avifauna. Activity during the Haribon Survey in July 1998 had apparently been better. Many of the best species at this site, even those in mixed flocks, were only seen very few times within a week (such as Black-crowned Babbler, Stripe-headed Rhabdornis, Philippine Oriole, Black-faced Coucal, Philippine Leaf Warbler, Striped Flowerpecker, Rufous Paradise Flycatcher, Naked-faced Spiderhunter) and even some species that are common at other sites only showed up sparingly, such as Elegant Tit, Scarlet Minivet, Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker, Black-naped Monarch, Plain-throated Sunbird, Everett’s White-eye, Bicolored Flowerpecker and Arctic Warbler. Other species were recorded with more regularity within that week, including Brown Tit Babbler, Blue Fantail, Coleto, Brown Shrike, Yellow-wattled, Yellowish and Philippine Bulbul, Spangled Drongo, Philippine Fairy Bluebird, Gray Wagtail, Gray-streaked Flycatcher, Yellow-bellied Whistler, Purple-throated and Metallic-winged Sunbird, Red-keeled, Buzzing and Orange-bellied Flowerpecker, Great Eared Nightjar, White collared and White-throated Kingfisher, Dollarbird, Pacific Swallow and Philippine Coucal. ROH) from Slender-billed Crows on Mindanao. A large and conspicuous bare patch behind their eyes indicated their identity as


28 Feb – 2 March 2005 I flew to Zamboanga in the deep south where few birders had been, religious bigotry being rife. I had been assured it was safe there, at least around the city. I reached Pascononca Watershed (Natural Park) just outside town, by tricycle. It was quite a long walk, past the rangers offices, to some decent forest but it was hot by the time I got there and the only notable bird was Short-crested Monarch. I was later told I should have had a guide but they weren’t available early as the Park is officially shut then, but there are no gates to keep you out. The better forest is the other side of the hills at Baluno, c.30-40 km away. I was taken there the next day by the head ranger on his motorbike - Rafael 0927 566 3675. He said I should wear a hat in case anyone thought I was not a Muslim, having told me it was safe to drive there! He had arranged for a letter to be typed requesting accommodation at the basic guesthouse/hostel there, and I had bought my own food. There is good forest but no real trails. I had a fine view of the Zamboanga Bulbul there, compared with a lesser view the previous day, but only a brief view of the White-eared Tailorbird and Broadbill. In view of the difficulty of accessing the forest, I decided not to stay the night and returned to the city late afternoon.  

15 – 18 June 2005  We went to the south side of Mt. Kitanglad, about an hour by jeepney south and west from Malaybalay at Songco, Lantapan where Henry Binahon <> lives. This was because JE and RH had been here and seen Goodfellow’s Jungle-Flycatcher, Giant Scops and Sunda Thrush. After a pleasant night at Henry’s place, we hiked for 3 hours up to the campsite at 1700m, seeing some birds on the way including a party of 6 Lorikeets. The afternoon was quiet but we did have Amethyst Dove and White-cheeked Bullfinch. At night Bruce and I went looking for Giant Scops but it wasn’t calling much. However, we did eventually locate a Mindanao Scops and had a good view, a new bird for me. Heavy rain started in the night and continued for most of the next day. Morning birding gave the bird of the trip, a Dark-eared Dove, and a flock including McGregor’s Cuckooshrike. As low cloud was impeding visibility, we walked down the track below the camp and saw a Crested Goshawk, rather high at c.1600m. Returning to the camp for lunch, we found Bruce and Helen packing up because their tent had leaked badly and the bedding was wet. As it was still raining hard, we decided to do the same and walked back down in the afternoon – very slippery. Dried out at Henry’s Binahon Agro Forestry Farm, with good value beds and meals.

Next morning Henry took us to Cinchona Forest Reserve, a part of Mt. Kitanglad Natural Park, an hour’s ride through forest and plantation, to offices and a resthouse (occupied by bridge-builders). We continued another 2km down the road to where a bridge was being built across a river. There was good forest on the other side as it was quiet, we walked back to the HQ. The walk was birdy in places – saw Falconets, Black-and-white Triller, Snowy-browed Flycatcher and Long-tailed Ground-Warbler (at last!), with lots of Grey-hooded Sunbirds and Flowerpeckers at an extensive area of flowering bushes. The elevation of the forest here was said to be 1150 – 1300m. You can stay overnight in the resthouse, located in Barangay Kaatoan, Lantapan, with permission from the CENRO office in Malaybalay. Then we drove to Malaybalay in the rain and took a bus to CDO, for the overnight ferry to Cebu.

21 – 23 Nov 2005: Baracatan is an hour from Davao (where the best value hotel to stay is Sampaguita Tourist Inn, Mt Mayon St, tel 082 227 2958) on Mt Talomo, next to Mt Apo. We went by taxi - jeepneys run along the main road to Toril, and beyond, where you turn right off the main road and up the mountain to the end of the roughish road. The contact was Leni Babao 0921 322 4473 who can ensure her uncle Susing Babao, or his helper Awing, is available to guide you on the 2 trails up the mountain. You stay in his house but need to take food and sleeping mat. As he is there nearly all the time, you can turn up even if unable contact him beforehand. Everybody in the Baracatan area knows Susing.  We birded along the 2 trails up the mountain, seeing Barred Honeybuzzard, Oriental Hobby, Mindanao Hawk-Owl, Mindanao Tarictic, Stripe-breasted Rhabdornis, Streaked Ground-babbler, Flame-crowned and Whiskered Flowerpeckers and Black-masked White-eye. A major highlight was in late afternoon when Susing spotted a perched Phil Eagle. I couldn’t spot where it was until it took off, quite close, only just above the near horizon – I’d been looking too high – but I then had a good flight view.


22 – 25 June 2005  I went to Sablayan Penal Colony, with Irma, to look for Mindoro Hawk-owl and Bleeding-heart. Tried two evenings for the owl, only hearing it the first night but got great views not far from the Guest House on the second attempt not long after dusk. At least 10 nightjars, probably Savannas, were flushed from the road as we drove. There was a 2 week Haribon camp (5th year here!) ongoing at Siburan Sub-prison, with Sherry, a researcher studying the Critically endangered Bleeding-heart. A nest with 2 eggs had been found by Michael, a good local helper, a few days earlier, 2 hours along a trail going up and over the hillside, not steep. A simple hide was erected to allow researchers to study the birds, but it was positioned much too close to the nest, thereby causing the birds to desert! Haribon let keen but inexperienced youngsters loose on such projects, often with little help and short time-scales, with the obvious result – what a waste. A nest was found 3 years earlier but as the project ended shortly afterwards, nothing of note was discovered from it! I was shown various places where BHs had been seen, mainly flushed, and saw one briefly myself. Apart from Mangrove Flycatchers, the forest seemed almost birdless. Irma had been able to get us an official invitation to visit the prison, through a San Jose judge friend, so we were met by Dr Eli, the Superintendent and his assistant and offered accommodation in the pleasant penal colony guesthouse. There is also more basic accommodation at the sub-prison 4km away, but no restaurant. I was given an orange maximum security inmate T-shirt, but advised not to wear it in the Phils! We spent some time on and around Lake Libunao, seeing birds such as Mindoro Tarictic, Grey-headed Fish-Eagle, White-bellied Sea-Eagle, White-bellied Woodpecker and Red-bellied Pitta but only heard Black-hooded Coucal and Scarlet-collared Flowerpecker, although I didn’t look very hard for them as I had seen them before.


19 July 2006 I visited One Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan, some 4 hours northwest of Manila with Propjerry and Irma, on behalf of the WBSP, to survey the islands for breeding terns at the invitation of the dynamic local mayor. We found 20-25 pairs of Black-naped Terns with at least 10 juvs and a chick in a small cave in karst-type limestone but no sign of Roseate Terns that had been seen a month earlier. There was a big colony of both Black-crowned and Rufous Night-Herons in the trees on another small island, and a big roost of fruit-bats on another island. We only landed on one island – not many birds except for a flock of Lowland White-eye and a flushed Scops-Owl that must have been either Philippine or Mantanani. Black-crowned Night-Heron is treated as a migrant by the Kennedy et al field-guide that states “but it may breed in the Philippines”. We also had a boat trip up the local river and saw a good number of birds including waders such as Bar-tailed Godwits and Red-necked Stints near the mouth of the river.  

14-15 Oct 2006:  I visited a reservoir called Mariveles Watershed near the end of the Bataan peninsular with Dan Brimmer. We walked down to the dam through rough grassland, flushing several buttonquails including 2 Spotted. There was some good forest around the reservoir but no access to it. We birded along the track by the top of the dam wall. On the first day there were some birds, including Arctic Warblers, but nothing of great note. On 15th there was a very plain Phylloscopus, brownish above and with no wing bar, feeding silently in small bushes along the rocky dam wall for some time. I immediately thought it was a Willow Warbler P. trochilus and took photos, with my Panasonic FZ28 which is light but not good for small moving birds. It crossed to the other side of the track into secondary growth where it was more difficult to see and there may have been a second warbler. Then all was quiet. We returned on 29th but were stopped by a guard who refused to let us stay so were unable to do jutice to the site. I had hoped it would be an Ijima’s Warbler as 6 specimens of this elusive species, which breeds on small islands off Honshu, Japan, were taken from this region (in 1947!) but our bird did not look like it. I sent the photos to various knowledgable birders including Peter Kennerly  and Martin Garner, both of whom agreed that it must be a Willow Warbler, of the yakutensis form. This breeds right across northeastern Russia but is almost unkown in China and SE Asia, all the population supposedly wintering in Africa. However, in recent years there have been a few records in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan so it could be that it has been over-looked in the Philippines. Photos of the Hong and Taiwan birds look very similar to mine: and

25 – 28 Oct 2006:  Camarines Sur, Bicol, South Luzon with Jun Benavides, Carding Eras & Irma Boncodin: Barcelonita Oct 25th, Ponong, Magarao 26-28th, and Pagao, Bombon 28th.  I was invited by Jun Benavides to review the area as a potential eco-tourism venue. We saw a lot of waders, ducks and terns on the first day in the Barcelonita area, both along the shore of San Miguel Bay and in the paddy fields. Most productive were the paddies found by turning right along a dirt road when coming back from Cabusao at a crossroads, 1 - 2 km from town; there were lots of waders and at least 1000 roosting Whiskered Terns at dusk. The mangrove area at Pagao, Bonbon held Ruddy Kingfisher, a difficult bird to see in the Phils except on Palawan, and Pechora Pipit, a localised winter visitor, and a Pond-Heron was seen nearby – presumably Chinese, another scarce bird. However, the most interesting site was at Ponong where there was a good wetland with a substantial area of reedbed. When I saw this, I decided it would be well worth mist-netting here, so with Jun’s help and 2 willing local recruits, Lito and Awe, we erected a few nets across part of the marsh. That afternoon and the following morning we caught 15 warblers, but unfortunately no Streaked Reed Warblers, the most wanted bird – may have been too early for it. We did catch and release, after measuring:-

Arctic Warbler Phylloscopus borealis  2, one of which showed 2 wing-bars.

Clamorous Reed-Warbler Acrocephalus stentoreus  3

Oriental Reed-Warbler Acrocephalus orientalis. 4

Middendorff's Grasshopper-Warbler Locustella ochotensis  5 caught early on 28th, one of which was much buffier underneath, presumably a juvenile. Others were seen and heard calling here.

Striated Grassbird         1

Yellow-vented Bulbul     1

Chestnut Munia             3

Scaly-breasted Munia    1

Common Kingfisher       1

Brown Shrike                 1

Also saw Purple Heron, Wandering Whistling-Ducks, Eastern Marsh-harrier Purple Swamphen, Watercock, Barred Rail, White-browed Crake, Pink-necked Pigeons, Red and Island Collared-Doves, Lesser Coucal, Zitting Cisticola, 15-20 Lowland White-eyes, Ruddy Kingfisher nearby and heard Plain Bush-hen. 

In conclusion, this region is excellent for birding and should be protected and conserved. It would be very worthwhile to regularly survey and ring/band birds here. However, it is rather distant from any of the sites  visited by foreign tour-groups so is unlikely to attract such groups, the main source of eco-tourism funds, in the future.  

15-24 Oct. 2009: bird-catching and ringing of migrants at Dalton Pass, North Luzon.

I undertook a short investigation into bird-trapping in Ifugao, Mountain Province and Nueva Vizcaya Provinces, with Irma, at the request of Moises Butic, the CENR Officer in Lamut, Ifugao. This was written up as


Phil Round has a special interest in the highly threatened Streaked Reed Warbler Acrocephalus sorghophilus as it is the only warbler in Asia whose breeding sites are unkown. It is known to winter in small numbers in the Phils and no fewer than 351 birds were ringed during 28 January 1965 to 29 November 1970 in the course of the Migratory Animal Pathological Survey (MAPS) project (McClure and Leelavit, 1972). The greater proportion of these were ringed in October (130 birds; 37%). Phil organised a new ringing project, with Des Allen, and invited me to join along with several Phil ornithologists. I joined just after it started. The main aim was to catch nocturnal migrants, which which could only be done when there was very little moonlight, ie for 2 weeks per month, and poor visibility due to low cloud or mist. Unfortunately, the weather was too clear most nights so we didn’t catch as many birds as hoped and caught more during the daytime, but very few of these were migrants.

Summary for October, by Phil Round: birds were caught on 7 of the 13 nights we worked (when the cloud and fog was dense enough), for a total of 74 birds of 24 species. Of these, 36 were caught by us, and ringed (apart from 2 Cattle Egrets and 1 Japanese Night-Heron for which we didn't have big enough rings) and the remaining 38 were birds caught by local trappers (and not ringed). In addition another 115 birds of a further c.26 species were caught and ringed during day-netting.  Migrants constituted only a very small proportion of the total.

If one looks at the accumulated data for Dalton Pass for 5 years from McClure, for October in all there were c.1000 Lanceolated Warblers ringed as against 130 Streaked Reed Warblers (i.e., a ratio of 9-10 Lanceolated Warbler per SRW). We only managed six Lanceolated in total, so one might argue the sample total was too small to expect to get even one SRW. However, we did detect most of the other expected species for the time of our survey (e.g., Red-bellied Pitta, Australasian Bushlark and including one globally endangered Japanese Night-Heron - of which there were previously only 17 either ringed or collected at Dalton during the years 1963-1970 inclusive) so if SRW is coming through it is either in much smaller numbers, or somehow we did not hit it right, but the trappers didn't much focus on small birds. It could be, of course, that the typhoon hanging about off the N. Philippines coast inhibited migration somewhat.

There is tremendous potential for doing future work at Dalton and linking ringing and migration study there with conservation and awareness work among locals. I hope we can find a way to implement and sustain some future work there, notably by setting up a bird-banding/ringing scheme.

Des Allen went back to Dalton Pass in time for the November new moon and ringed more birds, most notably ten Brown-banded Rails, a species only known from earlier. Subsequent months were not so rewarding.  

The project has now been comprehensively written up:-

Round, P. D. & Allen, D. 2010. Nocturnal Captures of birds at Dalton Pass, Luzon, Republic of The Philippines, October 2009-January 2010.

Report to Department of Environment and Natural Resources, The Philippines. The Wetland Trust, Icklesham, UK. 53pp.


A survey of nocturnal migrant birds at Dalton Pass, Nueva Vizcaya Province, Luzon, was mounted during October 2009–January 2010 as part of surveys for the Streaked Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus sorghophilus), conducted under joint agreement between The Wetland Trust (UK) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and in collaboration with the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines. A total of 116 bird species was recorded in and around the Dalton Pass area, of which 43 species were numbered among nocturnal migrants. A total of 559 birds was recorded as caught by local trappers, including 245 individuals of 32 species ringed and released by project personnel. Additionally 134 birds of 34 species of both residents and migrants were caught and ringed during the day. No Streaked Reed Warblers were detected during the survey. Among species caught by trappers that are Red Data Book-listed (of conservation concern) were one Japanese Night Heron Gorsachius goisagi (Endangered), ten Brown-banded Rails Lewinia mirifica (Data Deficient) and one Spotted Imperial Pigeon Ducula carola (Vulnerable). An estimated 20 trappers caught birds in the immediate Dalton Pass area. Based on enquiries made during the project, the nocturnal trapping habit is believed to be widespread in many areas of northern Luzon and presents a continued threat to wild

bird populations. More detailed surveys are required to estimate the take of birds. Recommendations

for future work and conservation action are made.

TABLAS – 12 - 14 July 2009

I took an overnight ferry with Syndy from Batangas, 2-3 hours S of Manila by bus, to San Agustin, Tablas. It goes on Thurs and Sat at 4-5 pm and takes 12 hours. There are daily ferries at 5 pm to Odiongon 2-3 hours south by jeepney. After checking in at a simple hotel, I contacted Rodel Montesa on 09183248233 (try his sister Rosebeth on 09286032146 if no reply). He collected me on his motorbike. We drove to his house beyond Dobduban, near a waterfall, and walked up the valley, mainly on a narrow hillside trail, into primary forest. Over the next 3 hours had several good views of up to 3 Tablas Drongos and Streaked Bulbuls, but very few other birds. Returned to San Agustin in the heat of the day, then in the evening Rodel took me back to where he lived to search for Mantanani Scops and Tablas Hawk-Owls. The former was easy to see as several were calling from the coconut palms but no Hawk-owls were calling nearby. The following morning we walked up to other nearby streams but did not get far into primary forest as access was too hazardous for me along the slippery stoned streams – did see a pair of fruit-doves. Returning to yesterday’s valley, I again saw 1 or 2 Drongos and Bulbuls along with a flushed Nightjar, White-vented Whistler, Streak-breasted Bulbul and many sunbirds. On returning in the evening, the hawk-owls were more vocal with one located nearby but unseen. However, we did eventually spotlight another, perched near the end of a large palm-leaf. Hence the main objectives were achieved successfully. It would have been nice to have seen a Red-bellied Pitta, said to be “different” and Variable Dwarf Kingfisher, but no pittas were calling, though the kingfisher was probably heard. We returned to Batangas on the ferry from Odiongon.



                                                         Jon Hornbuckle

I returned to the Philippines after my 6 week birding trip in 1994 to participate in the Bochum University, Animal Behaviour Group’s project/ expedition on Species conservation as an integral part of forest maintenance in the Philippines, led by Prof Eberhard Curio. Firstly I visited Sitio Siete in Southern Mindanao with Pete Morris to see some new birds and try to catch a form of “White-browed” Shortwing discovered by Pete the previous year to be singing quite differently at lower elevations than the form with the “normal” type of song at higher elevations. We caught a male on the first day and released it after taking photographs and blood-samples. We also caught a Vaurie’s/ Russet-tailed Flycatcher, our other target species, but failed to catch any more shortwings during a further two and a bit days of netting. The total catch was 22 birds from 10 species and I saw 8 “new” species (excluding the shortwing).  


The base camp on Panay, Western Visayas, was at 900m in Hamtang Forest. The main activities were studying the feeding and breeding behavior of frugivores, particularly the two rare hornbills present, both of which were nesting, and netting and banding birds and fruit-bats - my responsibility. Manpower consisted of  2 - 6 young Germans and 3 - 5 locals (mainly nest-scouting). I only caught 54 birds of 15 species, in 20 days of almost continuous netting, mostly using 600+m of nets. The main reasons for this disappointing performance were probably (1) the habitat was high primary forest on steep hillside, with little understory, and (2) the avifauna of Panay is relatively depauperate - only 41 sp.recorded, against 74 at Sitio Siete. However, I did catch 4 species new for Panay, including 3 Negros/ White-throated Jungle-flycatchers, a species only seen at one site in the last 10 years - a family party on Negros in 1989. I also recorded 6 other species “new” to Panay, which had not been noted by others in the group. 


The one disappointment was not seeing the endemic Panay Striped-Babbler Stachyris panayensis, which occurs on nearby Mount Baloy in moss forest. I assumed the Hamtang hills were not high enough, only going to about 1200m where more-stunted mossy forest is only just reached, but I later noted that Frank Lambert had reported it at the surprisingly low elevation of 950-1000m, in the upper catchment of the Aklan River.



Feb      22         Seoul - Manila  14.40 - 17.35; Malate Pensionne (P150 in a/c dorm)

            23         Philippine and American Cemeteries 07.30-11.00 (open 06.30), Cartimar bird                          market, Intramuros, Ethnology Museum, evening with Pete Morris and Tim Fisher; Malate Pensionne (P350 double room with fan)

            24         With Pete, Manila - Cebu 12.20 - 13.20, - General Santos 15.00 - 16.30; taxi to                          Marbel/ Koronadel (P300); Samahang Nayon hotel (P220 double with fan)

            25         Bus to Surallah 06.10 (P8), hired jeepney to Lake Sebu (P400), arriving 08.45; motorbikes to Sitio Kamanga (P250 for 2) at 710m; walk to Sitio Siete with bags on horse (P100), arriving 10.50; netting below village till dusk; camped

            26         Netting and birding all day below Sitio Siete; camped

            27         Birding above Sitio Siete, to 1600m - rain from 12.30; camped

            28         Netting and birding all day below Sitio Siete; camped

            29         Netting 05.30-07.00; walked to Sitio Kamanga 08.45-09.30, bikes to L.Sebu, 10.10, prearranged jeepney to Surallah, bus to Marbel, lunch, bus to General Santos (P35); flights to Manila via Cebu; Malate Pensionne

March  1           Morning with Pete and Tim; flight to Iloilo 14.10 - 15.00; River Queen Hotel with Prof Curio

            2           Shopping (for camp) and photographing in Iloilo; River Queen Hotel

            3           University jeep at 06.55 (for 06.00) to Pandanam, via Bugasong and Valderrama,arriving 10.20; after lunch, walk in heavy rain to Nawili, arriving 19.00+; night on  floor of “mayor’s” house

            4           Hike to Hamtang Forest 07.30 - 13.30; camping

            5           Settling in - some rain; camping

            6-24      Netting and ringing - mainly dry, often windy; camping

            25         Walk to Pandanam 07.00 - 17.00; night in priest’s house

            26         Jeepney at 05.00 to Valderrama and San Jose, bus to Iloilo, arriving 11.30; River  Queen Hotel (P185 single with fan)

            27       Jeepney to Lambunao, jeepney to breeding-centre/ zoo and 2 more back to Iloilo.  Flight to Manila 16.00 - 16.50; taxi to Malate Pensionne to pick-up bag, and Manila Club for drink with Tim Fisher; PAL flight to Gatwick at 22.30.



Capitals indicate not listed for Panay in Dickinson et al  (1991); X  = not in/ over the forest. Taxonomy, names and sequence are based on Birds of the World: A Checklist by JF Clements.


JAPANESE NIGHT-HERON            Gorsachius goisagi                     trapped in 1995

Brahminy Kite                                Haliastur indus

Philippine Serpent-Eagle                Spilornis holospilus                   

CHINESE GOSHAWK                    Accipiter soloensis                    

ORIENTAL HOBBY                        Falco severus                            X

Peregrine Falcon                            Falco peregrinus

Red Junglefowl                              Gallus gallus

Barred Buttonquail                         Turnix suscitator                        X

Metallic Pigeon                              Columba vitiensis

PHILIPPINE CUCKOO-DOVE          Macropygia tenuirostris

Zebra Dove                                   Geopelia striata                          X

White-eared Dove                          Phapitreron leucotis

AMETHYST DOVE                         Phapitreron amethystina

YELLOW-BREASTED FRUIT-DOVE  Ptilinopus occipitalis

Pink-bellied Imperial-Pigeon           Ducula poliocephala

BLUE-CROWNED RACQUET-TAIL  Prioniturus discurus

Rusty-breasted/ Brush Cuckoo       Cacomantis sepulchralis/ variolosus

Philippine Coucal                           Centropus viridis

PHILIPPINE SCOPS-OWL              Otus megalotis

Philippine Hawk-Owl                       Ninox philippensis

SPOTTED KINGFISHER                 Actenoides lindsayi

Blue-tailed Bee-eater                      Merops philippinus                     X

Tarictic Hornbill                              Penelopides panini

Writhed-billed Hornbill                    Aceros waldeni

Philippine Woodpecker                  Dendrocopos maculatus

White-bellied Woodpecker              Dryocopus javensis

Greater Flameback                         Chrysocolaptes lucides

Red-bellied Pitta                            Pitta erythrogaster

White-vented Whistler                     Pachycephala homeyeri

Blue-headed Fantail                       Rhipidura cyaniceps

Balicassiao                                    Dicrurus balicassius

Large-billed Crow                           Corvus macrorhynchos

White-breasted Wood-Swallow       Artamus leucorhynchus              X

Black-naped Oriole                        Oriolus chinensis                       X

Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrike               Coracina striata

White-winged Cuckoo-shrike           Coracina ostenta

Long-tailed Shrike                          Lanius schach                           X                                                                                                                                                                                        

Blue Rock-Thrush                           Monticola solitarius                                                                                                                                                                                                              

WHITE-BROWED SHORTWING      Brachypteryx montana                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Coleto                                           Sarcops calvus                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

NEGROS JUNGLE-FLYCATCHER   Rhinomyias albigularis                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Citrine Canary-flycatcher                 Culicicapa helianthea                                                                                                                                                                                                            

White-browed Shama                     Copsychus luzoniensis                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Pied Bushchat                               Saxicola caprata                        X                                                                                                                                                                                        

Sulphur-billed Nuthatch                  Sitta oenochlamys                                                                                                                                                                                                                Barn Swallow              Hirundo rustica                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Pacific Swallow                             Hirundo tahitica                          X                                                                                                                                                                                        

Striated Swallow                            Hirundo striolata                         X                                                                                                                                                                                        

Yellow-vented Bulbul                      Pycnonotus goiavier                   X                                                                                                                                                                                        

Philippine Bulbul                            Ixos philipinnus

Yellowish White-eye                       Zosterops nigrorum                   

MOUNTAIN WHITE-EYE                 Zosterops montanus

Golden-headed Cisticola                Cisticola exilis                           X

Philippine Tailorbird                       Orthotomus castaneiceps          

Tawny Grassbird                            Megalurus timoriensis                 X

STRIPE-SIDED RHABDORNIS       Rhabdornis mysticalis               

Stripe-breasted Rhabdornis            Rhabdornis inornatus                 

Elegant Tit                                     Parus elegans                           

Singing Bushlark                            Mirafra cantillans                       

OLIVE-BACKED PIPIT                    Anthus hodgsoni                       

Grey Wagtail                                  Motacilla cinerea

Red-striped Flowerpecker               Dicaeum australe                      

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker          Dicaeum trigonostigma              


SPECIES MISSING - found at similar elevations on Negros

Oriental Honey-Buzzard                  Pernis ptilorhncus

Besra                                            Accipiter virgatus                      

Common Emerald-Dove                 Chalcophaps indica

Philippine Frogmouth                     Batrachostomus septimus

Lesser Treeswift                             Hemiprocne comata

Coppersmith Barbet                       Megalaima haemacephala

Scarlet Minivet                               Pericrocotus flammeus              

Philippine Oriole                            oriolus steerii

Grey-streaked Flycatcher                Muscicapa griseisticta                may be present                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Snowy-browed Flycatcher              Ficedula hyperythra                    may be present                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Little Pied Flycatcher                      Ficedula westermanni

Island Flycatcher                            Eumyias panayensis

Black-naped Monarch                    Hypothymis azurea

Lemon-throated Leaf-Warbler          Phylloscopus cebuensis            

Mountain Leaf-Warbler                   Phylloscopus trivirgatus             

Flame-templed Babbler                  Stachyris speciosa                    

Bicolored Flowerpecker                  Dicaeum bicolor                         may be present

Flaming Sunbird                            Aethopyga flagrans                    may be present lower down



Brackets for “heard only”

Brahminy Kite                                Haliastur indus

Philippine Serpent-Eagle                Spilornis holospilus

Chinese Goshawk                          Accipiter soloensis

Metallic Pigeon                              Columba vitiensis

Philippine Cuckoo-Dove                 Macropygia tenuirostris

White-eared Dove                          Phapitreron leucotis

Amethyst Dove                              Phapitreron amethystina

Yellow-breasted Fruit-Dove            Ptilinopus occipitalis

Guaiabero                                     Bolbopsittacus lunulatus

Mindanao Lorikeet                         Trichoglossus johnstoniae

[Plaintive Cuckoo                           Cacomantis merulinus]                     

[Philippine Coucal                          Centropus viridis]

[Black-faced Coucal                       Centropus melanops]

Grey-rumped/ Glossy Swiftlet         Collocalia (esculenta) marginata

Philippine Needletail                       Mearnsia picina

Asian Palm-Swift                           Cypsiurus balasiensis                

Blue-capped Kingfisher                  Actenoides hombroni

Rufous Hornbill                              Buceros hydrocorax

Coppersmith Barbet                       Megalaima haemacephala

Philippine Woodpecker                  Dendrocopos maculatus

White-bellied Woodpecker              Dryocopus javensis

Greater Flameback                         Chrysocolaptes lucides

[Red-bellied Pitta                           Pitta erythrogaster]

Yellow-bellied Whistler                   Pachycephala philippinensis

Blue Fantail                                   Rhipidura superciliaris

Black-and-cinnamon Fantail            Rhipidura nigrocinnamomea

Black-naped Monarch                    Hypothymis azurea

Rufous Paradise-Flycatcher  Terpsiphone cinnamomea

Balicassiao                                    Dicrurus balicassius

Large-billed Crow                           Corvus macrorhynchos

White-breasted Wood-Swallow       Artamus leucorhynchus

McGregor's Cuckoo-shrike             Coracina mcgregori

Scarlet Minivet                               Pericrocotus flammeus

Philippine Leafbird                         Chloropsis flavipennis

Long-tailed Shrike                          Lanius schach                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Island Thrush                                 Turdus poliocephalus                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Shortwing sp. nov.                         Brachypteryx sp.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

[White-browed Shortwing                Brachypteryx montana]                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Short-tailed Starling                       Aplonis minor                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Coleto                                           Sarcops calvus                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Grey-streaked Flycatcher                Muscicapa griseisticta                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Snowy-browed Flycatcher              Ficedula hyperythra                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Cryptic Flycatcher                          Ficedula crypta                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Island Flycatcher                            Eumyias panayensis                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Citrine Canary-flycatcher                 Culicicapa helianthea                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Sulphur-billed Nuthatch                  Sitta oenochlamys                                                                                                                                                                                                                Barn Swallow              Hirundo rustica                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Pacific Swallow                             Hirundo tahitica                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Yellow-vented Bulbul                      Pycnonotus goiavier                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Philippine Bulbul                            Ixos philipinnus

Everett's White-eye                        Zosterops everetti                     

Mountain White-eye                        Zosterops montanus

Mindanao (Goodfellow’s) White-eye  Lophozosterops goodfellowi

Cinnamon White-eye (Ibon)             Hypocryptadius cinnamomeus    

White-eared Tailorbird                    Orthotomus cinereiceps             

Mountain Leaf-Warbler                   Phylloscopus trivirgatus             

Tawny Grassbird                            Megalurus timoriensis                                

Mindanao Pygmy Babbler              Stachyris plateni                       

Brown Tit-Babbler                          Macronous striaticeps               

Stripe-sided Rhabdornis                 Rhabdornis mysticalis               

Elegant Tit                                     Parus elegans                                           

White-fronted Tit                            Parus semilarvatus  tick endemic race

White-bellied Munia                        Lonchura leucogastra                

Striped Flowerpecker                     Dicaeum aeruginosum               

Olive-capped Flowerpecker            Dicaeum nigrilore                      

Red-striped Flowerpecker               Dicaeum australe                      

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker          Dicaeum trigonostigma              

White-bellied Flowerpecker             Dicaeum hypoleucum                

Grey-hooded Sunbird                     Aethopyga primigenius              

Mount Apo Sunbird                        Aethopyga boltoni                     

Metallic-winged Sunbird                 Aethopyga pulcherrima              

Naked-faced Spiderhunter              Arachnothera clarae                  



Mindanao Racquet-tail                    Prioniturus waterstrandti

Mindanao Jungle-Flycatcher           Rhinomyias goodfellowi                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Bagobo Babbler                            Trichastoma woodi                    

Whiskered Flowerpecker                Dicaeum proprium                     

Flame-crowned Flowerpecker         Dicaeum anthonyi                     


Birds Trapped at Hamtang forest, Panay - March 6-24 1996

Philippine Scops-Owl                            4          Otus megalotis

Spotted Wood-Kingfisher                                  1          Actenoides lindsayi

White-bellied Woodpecker                                 1          Dryocopus javensis

Philippine Bulbul                                               8          Hypsipetes philippinus

Elegant Tit                                                        2          Parus elegans

Sulphur-billed Nuthatch                                      1          Sitta oenochlamys

White-browed Shortwing                                    2          Brachypteryx montana

White-browed Shama                                         2          Copsychus luzoniensis

Philippine Tailorbird                                           4          Orthotomus castaneiceps

Blue-headed  Fantail                                          12         Rhipidura cyaniceps

Balicassiao                                                       1          Dicrurus balicassius      

White-throated Jungle-Flycatcher                        3          Rhinomyias albigularis

Citrine Canary-Flycatcher                                   1          Culicicapa helianthea

White-vented Whistler                                        11         Pachycephala

Olive-backed/ Tree- Pipit                                    1          Anthus hodgsoni


Total of 54 birds from 15 species                            


Jon Hornbuckle

I returned to the Philippines to participate in the Bochum University, Animal Behaviour Group’s Conservation of Endangered Species Project, led by Prof Eberhard Curio. The Project’s new base on Panay, Western Visayas, is at Sibaliw at 470m in the last remaining sizable patch of lowland forest on the island. I spent the whole time netting, ringing and observing  birds. Up to 3 young German biologists and a local were also present. I only caught 69 birds of 19 species, excluding the common Philippine Bulbul, in 19 days of almost continuous netting, mostly using 400+m of nets. There are few understorey birds in the forests of Panay, and my efforts were not helped by almost continual moderately strong winds. However, I did catch 2 species new for Panay, Eye-browed Thrush and Narcissus Flycatcher, and 7 of the Endangered Negros/ White-throated Jungle-flycatchers. I also saw Scaly/ White’s Thrush, which is known only from Luzon, Mindoro, Palawan and a couple of small islands. Near the coast at Bulanao I saw Crested Goshawk, recorded on Negros but not Panay. The one disappointment was not seeing Negros Bleeding-heart, which has been found at Sibaliw.

We wrote up our records from our surveys on Panay and they were published as follows:-

New bird records for the island of Panay, Philippines, including the first record of the Asian Stubtail urosphena squameiceps for the Philippines

by E. Curio, J. Hornbuckle, Y. de Soye, P. Aston  and L. L. Lastimoza*

Published in 2001: Bull. B.O.C. 121

To visit the site, first obtain permission from Prof E.Curio at Fakultat fur Biologie, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Universitatsstrasse 150, D-44780 Bochum, Germany, or email: Take a bus or jeepney from  Kalibo, preferably going to Libertad so you can alight at  Bulanao without changing – a journey of 1.5 – 2 hours. There are only a few a day, so you may want to go via Pandan, which is served more frequently, and change to a tricycle from there. At Bulanao find the Project’s house at the western, inland edge of the village – you can overnight here, obtain permission to use the Project’s facilities and receive help in finding a porter / guide. Sibaliw, where the Project has built a substantial house, is a 3-4 hour walk, straightforward unless very wet when rocks in the “dry” riverbed are icy-slippery. You can assume there will be rice, drinkable water, cooking and eating facilities, and a bed without mattress available, but everything else should be brought in. Explore all 3 trails leading from the house.

Bulanao is a similar distance from Caticlan, the gateway to Boracay, provided you get off the bus or jeepney to Kalibo, after about an hour, where the first major road inland goes to Pandan / Libertad, and wait for a vehicle there. Contrary to what Lonely Planet  says, flights are no more expensive now to Caticlan than to Kalibo, unless using a Philippine Airlines (PA) airpass, still good value, as PA do not fly to Caticlan. A longer route is from Iloilo, eg if coming from Cebu or Negros, a 5 hours or so bus ride to Pandan. On that route, it makes sense to stop on the way at Culasi and then walk 5-6 km inland to Alijopan, at the western base of Mt Madja-as. See the barangay captain (local headman) and overnight here, then with his son as guide (and porter) walk up to 1000+m to find the endemic Panay Striped-Babbler, possible on a day trip from Alijopan (according to Des Allen) as the bird is not uncommon.

Boracay, officially part of Panay, is a great place to chill out, with beer at 50p a litre and good food and accommodation plentiful. There are some good birds at the northern tip of the island – go by tricycle to the Bat Caves - and on the east coast, along the short trans-island road near to the A-Rock Resort (recommended - very helpful manageress, £5 for nice chalet, discounted rate). Mantanani  Scops-Owl appeared widespread, calling in flight at night, but not easy to see. Suspect the forest patch at the NE tip could be good for migrants in say April and October, as could the golf course when completed.  


Nov      14         Dubai - Manila  08.30 – 22.15; Malate Pensionne (tel 596671,2,3; fax 632 597119) at 23.30

            15         Manila – Kalibo 08.55 - 09.30. Slow  jeepney to Bulanao 10.45-14.15; talk and local birding. Night in Project’s house

16    Hike to Sibaliw 07.30 - 11.30 in rain. Pm tour of site

            17- Dec 5          Netting and ringing - mainly dry, often windy

Dec      6           Walk to Bulanao, 07.00 - 11.00; 13.30-17.00 jeepney, tricycle, truck, motorbike, jeepney and ferry to Boracay. Night in cheap (£3) cabin/ chalet.

              7-8        Netting near Bat Caves, N end of island. Nights at A-Rock Resort.

              9         06.00-07.30 birding E coast; 08.50-09.05 ferry to Caticlan for 09.30 bus to Kalibo – left at 09.00, but fast jeepney 09.25-11.00 direct to airport. 12.25-13.05 to Manila. Jeepney and bus to Emirates office, Makati - changed flight to tonight: 22.30-12.55 Manchester via Dubai.


Unless otherwise stated all records are from Sibaliw, Pandan at 400-500m asl.

Species listed in capitals have not been recorded on Panay before 1997. Bat Hawk is not on the Philippines list.


Cattle Egret

Bubulcus ibis

A few flocks in lowlands


Pernis ptilorhynchus

A few singles & 1 pair

Brahminy Kite

Haliastur indus

1 near Pandan

Philippine Serpent-Eagle

Spilornis holospilus

Upto 3  displaying daily


Accipiter trivirgatus

1 Bulanao late pm on 15.11


Spizaetus philippensis

A few sightings in flight

Red Junglefowl

Gallus gallus

Fairly common

Barred Rail

Gallirallus torquatus

Pair+ 1 juv  Bulanao on 15.11

Swinhoe's Snipe

 Gallinago megala         

1 flushed twice on 28.11, possibly G. stenura

Philippine Cuckoo-Dove

Macropygia tenuirostris


Emerald Dove

Chalcophaps indica



Gallicolumba keayi

Heard calling at least twice

White-eared Dove

Phapitreron leucotis


Pink-bellied Imperial-Pigeon

Ducula poliocephala

Fairly common but rarely seen

Blue-crowned Racquet-tail

Prioniturus discurus

Fairly common

Blue-naped Parrot

Tanygnathus lucionensis

Heard occasionally

Philippine Hanging-Parrot

Loriculus philippensis

Heard daily in flight , rarely seen

Philippine Coucal

Centropus viridis

Heard occasionally

Lesser Coucal

Centropus bengalensis

Fairly common near Bulanao

Philippine Hawk-Owl

 Ninox philippensis

Up to 4 calling nightly

[Philippine Frogmouth

Batrachostomus septimus]

Probably calling on 2-3 nights

Pygmy Swiftlet

Collocalia troglodytes

Up to 10 daily


Hirundapus celebensis

A few most days, mainly near coast, with 30 on 4.12, & 20 near Caticlan on 5.12

Collared Kingfisher

Todirhamphus chloris

1 Bulanao

Spotted Kingfisher

Actenoides lindsayi

Up to 3 heard almost daily at dawn

Blue-throated/ tailed Bee-eater

Merops viridis/ philippinus

Several on wires Pandan – Caticlan

Visayan Tarictic Hornbill

Penelopides panini

Fairly common with up to 6 in a tree

Writhed-billed Hornbill

Aceros waldeni

Heard occasionally

Coppersmith Barbet

Megalaima haemacephala

Heard daily, rarely seen

White-bellied Woodpecker

Dryocopus javensis


Greater Flameback

Chrysocolaptes lucidus

Heard daily, a few sightings

Red-bellied Pitta

Pitta erythrogaster

Heard twice after rain

White-vented Whistler

Pachycephala homeyeri


Blue-headed Fantail

Rhipidura cyaniceps



Dicrurus balicassius


Large-billed Crow

 Corvus macrorhynchos

Small numbers in lowlands

Black-naped Oriole

Oriolus chinensis

Common near Bulanao

Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrike

 Coracina striata

Fairly common in canopy

White-winged Cuckoo-shrike

Coracina ostenta

Heard occasionally? But never seen

Brown Shrike

Lanius cristatus

Only 1 at Sibaliw, fairly common in open country


Zoothera cinerea]

Bird flushed on 19.11 appeared to be this sp.


Zoothera dauma

1 flushed on 28.11 at 560m after rain


Turdus obscurus

1 trapped on 1.12, up to 4 probables in flight on 3 dates

Asian Glossy Starling

Aplonis panayensis

Common in open country


Sarcops calvus


Negros Jungle-Flycatcher

 Rhinomyias albigularis

7 trapped, none seen

Narcissus Flycatcher

Ficedula narcissina

A male on 25.11, 2 fem/imm. trapped

Oriental Magpie-Robin

Copsychus saularis

Fairly common near Bulanao

White-browed Shama

Copsychus luzoniensis

Commonly heard, only seen with tape-aid

Sulphur-billed Nuthatch

Sitta oenochlamys

A few sightings

Pacific Swallow

Hirundo tahitica

1 at Sibaliw on 4.12, common at coast

Yellow-vented Bulbul

Pycnonotus goiavier

Numerous in lowlands

Philippine Bulbul

Ixos philippinus

Very common

Philippine Tailorbird

 Orthotomus castaneiceps

Fairly common

Arctic Warbler

Phylloscopus borealis

Several sightings, possibly fairly common

Stripe-breasted Rhabdornis

Rhabdornis inornatus

Few sightings, but possibly fairly common

Elegant Tit

Parus elegans


Olive-backed Pipit

Anthus hodgsoni

1 trapped on 23.11, 1 observed on 28.11

Bicoloured Flowerpecker

Dicaeum bicolor

Identified occasionally

Visayan (Red-keeled) Flowerpecker

Dicaeum (australe) haematostictum

Flowerpeckers were common in the canopy but difficult to i.d., suspect this to be common

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

Dicaeum trigonostigma


Flaming Sunbird

Aethopyga flagrans

1 male on 3.12

Crimson Sunbird

Aethopyga siparaja

A few sightings of males, possibly common

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Passer montanus

Common in villages and towns


In addition, a buteo-like raptor was seen from the bus flying just above the canopy in a patch of remnant coastal hill forest near Caticlan – its underparts appeared to be entirely white.


Species trapped:-

Japanese Sparrowhawk, Accipiter gularis

Philippine (Hodgson’s) Hawk-Cuckoo, Cuculus (fugax) pectoralis

Oriental Cuckoo, Cuculus saturatus

Philippine Scops-Owl, Otus megalotis

Green-faced Parrotfinch, Erythrura viridifacies   

Pechora Pipit, Anthus gustavi                                       

In May Ben King reported Philippine Frogmouth, Philippine Nightjar,  GRAY’S WARBLER (on 11th) and possibly RADDE’S WARBLER (on 10th), while Des Allen saw NEGROS BLEEDING-HEART and possibly SUNDA GROUD-THRUSH in July.


All records were from the extreme northeast of the island, which is administratively part of Panay, unless otherwise stated.

Striated Heron

Butorides striatus

1 near Mangayad

Eurasian Kestrel

Falco tinnunculus

1 over golf course

Plain Bush-hen

Amaurornis olivaceus

Calling from at least 3 sites

Great Crested-Tern

Sterna bergii

15+ between Caticlan and Boracay

Island Collared-Dove

Streptopelia bitorquata

Fairly common

Zebra Dove

Geopelia striata

Fairly common

Pink-necked Pigeon

Treron vernans


Philippine Coucal

Centropus viridis


Lesser Coucal

Centropus bengalensis

A few elsewhere


Otus mantananensis

Calling from 3 sites in the NE & at Mangayad

Philippine Hawk-Owl

Ninox philippensis



Eurostopodus macrotis

1-2 calling at 2 sites and 1 in flight

Philippine Nightjar

Caprimulgus manillensis

2-3 calling at 2 sites

Grey-rumped (Glossy)/ Grey (Uniform) Swiftlet

Collocalia (esculenta) marginata/ (vanikorensis) amelis

A few of one or both of these sp. were with C. troglodytes but views were inadequate for positive i.d.

Pygmy Swiftlet

Collocalia troglodytes




A few

Common Kingfisher

Alcedo atthis

Several near Mangayad

Collared Kingfisher

Todirhamphus chloris

Widespread in small numbers

Greater Flameback

Chrysocolaptes lucidus

1 heard

Pied Fantail

Rhipidura javanica

Common in NE & near Mangayad

Large-billed Crow

Corvus macrorhynchos

A few throughout

White-breastd Woodswallow

 Artamus leucorynchus

2 singles

Black-naped Oriole

 Oriolus chinensis


Pied Triller

 Lalage nigra

Only 2 in NE but 6-8 near Mangayad

Brown Shrike

Lanius cristatus

Fairly common throughout


Turdus obscurus

1 in secondary growth on 8.12

Asian Glossy Starling

Aplonis panayensis

Common throughout


Sarcops calvus

Fairly common

Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher

Cyornis rufigaster

Fairly common

Oriental Magpie-Robin

Copsychus saularis

Common in suitable habitat throughout

Pacific Swallow

Hirundo tahitica

Common throughout

Yellow-vented Bulbul

Pycnonotus goiavier

Abundant in suitable habitat throughout

Philippine Bulbul

Ixos philippinus


Arctic Warbler

Phylloscopus borealis

1 trapped

Tawny Grassbird

Megalurus timoriensis

A few

Purple-throated Sunbird

Nectarinia sperata

A few

Plain-throated Sunbird

Anthreptes malacensis

Common throughout

Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Passer montanus

Common in association with buildings


In addition, a bird flushed from low down in very dense scrub had the size and shape of

Gray's Warbler  Locustella fasciolata but the view was too brief for positive identification.







Emerald Dove

Chalcophaps indica



White-eared Dove

Phapitreron leucotis



Collared Kingfisher

Todirhamphus chloris



Spotted Kingfisher

Actenoides lindsayi



Greater Flameback

Chrysocolaptes lucidus



White-vented Whistler

Pachycephala homeyeri



Blue-headed Fantail

Rhipidura cyaniceps




Dicrurus balicassius



Brown Shrike

Lanius cristatus



Eyebrowed Thrush

Turdus obscurus




Sarcops calvus



Negros Jungle-Flycatcher

Rhinomyias albigularis



Narcissus Flycatcher

Ficedula narcissina



White-browed Shama

Copsychus luzoniensis



Yellow-vented Bulbul

Pycnonotus goiavier



Philippine Bulbul

Ixos philippinus



Philippine Tailorbird 

Orthotomus castaneiceps



Arctic Warbler           

Phylloscopus borealis



Elegant Tit                    

Parus elegans



Olive-backed Pipit         

Anthus hodgsoni



Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

Dicaeum trigonostigma



Pied Fantail                     

Rhipidura javanica



Mangrove Blue-Flycatcher

Cyornis rufigaster



Total no. of birds





Appendix C: Surveys of remnant forest in southern Negros, the Philippines

Jon Hornbuckle

I participated in two surveys of birds and bats in lowland forest patches in southern Negros on 19-24 January 2003 and 25-28 February 2005. The first, organized at my suggestion, by Lisa Marie Paguntalan and Godfrey Jakosalem of the Cebu Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, was funded by the Oriental Bird Club. The following report is an abridged version of a detailed report prepared by Lisa, Godfrey and myself for the OBC. The second survey was organized by Cynthia Dolino and Pol Carino to take advantage of my visit to Dumaguete to give a lecture at Silliman University. The surveys were undertaken to determine the importance of these patches of lowland forest, a very scarce habitat on Negros now.  Several threatened and restricted-range species of birds were found in both forests, proving that, as suspected, they were clearly of high conservation value.


Calinawan lies some 29 km from the municipality of Tanjay, Negros Oriental, located near the Mt. Guinsayawan range at an elevation of 650 – 750 m. The total households in the area are 198, concentrated in Barangay Enrique Villanueva, but people are starting to encroach into the forest - several isolated houses were observed at both the forest edge and in the interior. The forested area, known locally as Moratorium, has primary lowland dipterocarp trees mostly dominated by Shorea species. Forest patches are separated by logging trails, with the highland connecting to Mount Guinsayawan and the lowland broken into three patches. The forest is accessible from the two municipalities of Sta. Catalina and Pamplona, either from the main road or by logging trails cutting into the forest.

The site was surveyed by Lisa, Godfrey and me, helped by Roland van der Vliet, Remco Hofland, Michael Mills and local forest guards, based at a camp established within the forest. Birds seen and heard within range of several one-kilometer transects were recorded, and ecological notes  made for all Threatened species, including habitat type, elevation, sex, details of foraging, associations with others birds, etc. Mist-nets were used to catch cryptic species and biometric data obtained before birds were released.  Information on land-use was obtained from direct observation and discussion with people in the forest and adjacent areas.


We recorded 64 species, of which Walden’s Hornbill Aceros waldeni, Tarictic Hornbill Penelopides panini, White-winged Cuckoo-shrike Coracina ostenta, Flame-templed Babbler Stachyris speciosa and Visayan (Red-striped) Flowerpecker Dicaeum (australe) haematostictum are globally threatened with extinction. The most frequently encountered bird was the Philippine Bulbul, followed by Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrike and White-winged Cuckoo-shrike. The number of species recorded was lower than expected due to the poor weather experienced for much of the time. Nineteen individuals of eight species were mist-netted, the most frequent being Philippine Tailorbird followed by Elegant Tit.

White-winged Cuckoo-shrike was the most frequently observed Threatened species.  It was found to be gregarious, mostly encountered in forest edges in mixed-species flocks composed of Coleto, Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrike, and Black-naped and Philippine Orioles. On four occasions it was seen in single-species flocks of 5-8 individuals, including immatures. It was usually in the canopy and sub-canopy, rarely in the understorey.

Tarictic Hornbill appeared to be uncommon in the area. It was encountered in pairs or small groups of up to five individuals, usually in the canopy and sub-canopy of tall primary dipterocarp trees. 

Flame-templed Babbler was observed in the interior of the forest understorey.  Two were seen briefly singing and foraging in woody vines attached to a tall Shorea  tree, and another, or the same two, were following a mixed-species flock composed of Rufous Paradise Flycatcher, Yellowish White-eye, Elegant Tit, Visayan Flowerpecker, Blue-headed Fantail, Crimson Sunbird, Flaming Sunbird, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Black-naped Monarch and Bicolored Flowerpecker. 

Visayan Flowerpecker was occasionally encountered at the forest edge, singly or following mixed-species flocks.

A special effort was made to locate the Critically-endangered Walden’s Hornbill. Its characteristic call was twice heard in deep forest in late afternoon, but play-back did not elicit an answer or sighting. Four had been observed in the area in a survey in 1998, and the bird was reported in a nearby forest patch in 2000. The very scanty records indicate the rarity and vulnerability of the species on Negros, with very few patches of lowland forest remaining, particularly in the southern portion.

Two Near-threatened species, Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeon and Blue-naped Parrot, were also recorded in the area. The Imperial Pigeon was mostly observed singly or in pairs calling from emergents and forest canopy. Conspicuous by its loud, booming call, the bird is often targeted for food or the pet trade. Blue-naped Parrot was often seen in pairs or groups of four and five. Along with the commoner Blue-crowned Racquet-tail, these are the species most frequently kept in cages in the nearby communities and households.  Reports also revealed that parrots are taken for sale to neighbouring islands such as Cebu.

Four of the five subspecies endemic to the lowlands of the Western Visayas, were observed.  Stripe-headed Rhabdornis Rhabdornis mystacalis rabori was seen once in a mixed-species flock of Yellowish White-eye, Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Blue-headed Fantail, flowerpeckers and sunbirds. It was also observed picking insects from a rotting standing trunk at the forest edge.

Flaming Sunbird Aethopyga flagrans daphoenonota was frequently observed following similar mixed-species flocks. Philippine Oriole Oriolus steeri nigrostriatus, only found on Negros and Masbate, was found to be uncommon in the area. It is probable that the bird is extinct on Masbate as surveys there in 2001 and 2002 did not record it.

Habitat degradation in the form of slash and burn farming continues to be practised along forest edges and in forest interior. Several clearings for subsistence agriculture were found inside the forest. Forest clearance is further exacerbated by cutting of trees for household use, and sale of lumber in nearby towns for furniture.  In addition, hunting for food and the pet trade is rampant, mostly targeting larger species of mammals, pigeons and doves, as well as parrots and fruit-eating birds. Several snares were seen along trails and in forest gaps. Nest holes for parrots and hornbills are reportedly poached. Households and local markets have displays of caged parrots, pigeons and doves.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The survey confirmed that this forest is well worth protecting as it holds at least 36 endemic and near-endemic birds including five Threatened and two Near-threatened species. The continued presence of the critically endangered Walden’s Hornbill was particularly notable, but as it requires an extensive area of primary forest, it is unlikely to survive here much longer unless serious protection and conservation measures are taken. We therefore recommend that:-

Local community volunteers conducting patrols in the forest should be supported, by other communities from nearby municipalities and by larger bodies such as Silliman University and the Center for Tropical Conservation Studies.

Conservation education awareness programmes should be intensified in communities and nearby towns adjacent to the forest, with local community involvement in dissemination of information.

The local governments should be strongly encouraged to enforce forest and wildlife protection ordinances and be made aware of the importance of forest remaining in the area. They should be encouraged to allocate funds for environmental conservation.

Replanting of native trees in cleared and degraded areas on a continual basis should be strongly encouraged and supported.


Until the last mountain has been mined, till the last river has been poisoned, only then will we realize that non-sustainable economic activity cannot quench our thirst and will not fill our empty stomachs.

Slogan at BINHI, Sipalay

The patches of lowland forest, situated on the steep side of a river valley in Barangay Camindangan, near Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, have been identified as the last remaining forest on limestone in Negros. They are part of the southwestern Negros watershed area and is currently highly threatened by mining claims. BINHI, the local environmental NGO that co-ordinates community-based environmental projects with existing organisations in the area, wants these patches to be designated as a protected or sanctuary area. Data were needed to support and justify the proposal but wildlife surveys had never been carried out here.

Cynthia and Pol liaised with the mayor's office, the DENR-CENRO, the military detachment and BINHI. A formal letter for the fieldwork was approved and signed by the mayor, and copies furnished to the DENR-CENRO, the CO of the 3ID Military outpost, and the barangay captain of the working area. The survey team consisted of Cynthia, Mila (a CENRO ornithologist) and myself, assisted by three of BINHI’s staff who came to learn basic field survey techniques and bird identification for their bio-monitoring activities. Four forest guards acted as guides, porters, field and camp assistants.

The Environment Committee of the Mayor's Office requested a copy of the data and other relevant field observations as a matter of urgency.

Details of the survey – see photos at and double click on thumb-nails

We camped one night at Looc and two nights at Bolo, where there were patches of primary forest beside the Simpang River, at only 100-250m asl. There were no trails in the forest at Looc so the forest birds could only be viewed from the river, which was difficult to traverse because of many large rocks. At Bolo there were two trails into the forest and it was easy to walk along the river.

We reached Looc by walking for an hour or so from Samac, then set-up 4 mist-nets. Several common bats were caught that night, while at least 4 Hawk-owls Ninox philippensis called, and in the morning a male Indigo-banded Kingfisher Alcedo cyanopecta nigrirostris was netted. Fruit-doves called from the primary forest and a thrush seen briefly on the ground in secondary growth was identified as White’s (Scaly) Thrush Zoothera dauma, unrecorded on Negros, but not unexpected as it is an uncommon winter visitor to the northern Philippines. We broke camp as it was too difficult to enter the forest here and the secondary growth was being cut down for kaingin and charcoal production. We walked back to Samac, drove to Bolo on the rough road to Magtanday, and trekked down through the forest to the Simpang River. A local family were spearing fish here, aided by electric stunners. The forest we had come through held tall primary trees, doubtless saved by the steepness of the valley-side, but on the other side it was mainly secondary growth and banana plantations. The hillside a few km away had been recently burnt for kaingin, after it had been replanted with primary forest saplings by BINHI! 

An Osprey, rare on Negros, soared with a Philippine Hawk-eagle, as we set 3 nets and caught a Crimson Sunbird, and several common bats at night. The nets were moved the following morning and eventually caught a male Rufous-lored Kingfisher. Grey Wagtail and Indigo-banded Kingfisher were resident along the river, while Visayan Tarictic Hornbills and White-winged Cuckoo-shrikes fed in the river-side trees and Whiskered Treeswifts and 4 Blue-throated Bee-eaters hawked for insects. Two small accipiters flew past - one was a Besra but the other too quick to be identified. More bats were caught the next evening including an endangered Tube-nosed Fruit-bat. A flycatcher singing 10m up in a tree was enticed out by playing back a recording of its song and found to be a White-throated Jungle-Flycatcher, a very rare bird on Negros and normally only found in the understorey. Tents were taken down as Philippine Hawk-eagle and Serpent-Eagle called overhead.

A few important additional records were obtained by team members talking to local hunters, forest guards and people residing near the forest. A pair of Critically endangered Walden’s Hornbill had been seen to fly into Sipalay forest. The birds could be seen regularly ten years ago but increasing hunting pressure had driven them to the more remote Hinoba-an forest patch, also unprotected, so that they were rarely seen in Sipalay forest now. Two Negros Bleedingheart were seen on the ground in the limestone forest and a pair of Spotted Imperial pigeon Ducula carola, classed as Vulnerable to extinction, flew across the Simpang river. A Guiabero was identified by a forest guard, although could have been an escape as the species is not known from Negros. Blue-naped Parrots and Blue-crowned Racquet-tails were still present in Sipalay forest but much in demand for the pet trade. On an earlier visit Cynthia was shown a very tall tree with a Blue-naped's nest in one of the highest branches; her guide said they would climb this tree and put a sticky substance on nest so the parrot would be glued to the nest and unable to fly away.  Adults and nestlings or eggs would be taken and sold, or kept as pets.

Cynthia flushed a White’s Thrush from the ground in Simpang Forest and was able to relocate and watch it feeding on the ground, further confirmation that this species does occur on Negros.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The survey confirmed the value of this forest with 75 bird species found including 29 Philippine endemics and six threatened with extinction: Philippine Hawk-Eagle Spizaetus philippensis, Rufous-lored Kingfisher Todirhamphus winchelli nigrorum., Visayan Tarictic Penelopides panini, White-winged Cuckoo-shrike Coracina ostenta, White-throated Jungle-Flycatcher Rhinomyias albigularis and Visayan Flowerpecker Dicaeum haematostictum, while and Negros Bleeding-heart Gallicolumba keayi and Walden's Hornbill Aceros waldeni are also known to occur, and Flame-templed Babbler Dasycrotapha speciosa is a strong possibility. The Critically-endangered Philippine Tube-nosed Fruit-bat Nyctimene rabori was also discovered here.

There is a strong likelihood now that the forest will be designated as a protected area, although whether this will save it from further encroachment or major devastation due to mining is more debatable. Regular patrolling and monitoring need to be undertaken to prevent any deleterious changes occurring in the future.



Species “threatened with extinction” are in capitals and bold, “near-threatened” in bold only

                                                                                               Calilawan 03     Sipalay 05

Striated Heron                                     Butorides striatus                                   X

Osprey                                                Pandion haliaetus                                  X

Brahminy Kite                                       Haliastur indus                           X          X

Philippine Serpent-Eagle                      Spilornis holospilus                    X

Japanese Sparrowhawk                        Accipiter gularis                         X

Besra                                                   Accipiter virgatus                                   X

Crested Goshawk                                 Accipiter trivirgatus                    X

PHILIPPINE HAWK-EAGLE                  Spizaetus philippensis                         X         

Red Junglefowl                                    Gallus gallus                                         X

Common Sandpiper                                         Tringa hypoleucos                                  X

Philippine Cuckoo-Dove                       Macropygia tenuirostris              X          X

Emerald Dove                                                 Chalcophaps indica                    X          X

White-eared Brown-Dove          Phapitreron leucotis                               X          X

Amethyst Brown-Dove            Phapitreron amethystine             X          X

Pink-necked Pigeon                                         Treron vernans                          X

Yellow-breasted Fruit-Dove                  Ptilinopus occipitalis                  X          X

Black-chinned Fruit-Dove                     Ptilinopus leclancheri                 X          X

Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeon              Ducula poliocephala                X

Blue-naped Parrot                               Tanygnathus lucionensis         X

Blue-crowned Racquet-tail                     Prioniturus discurus                   X

Colasisi                                               Loriculus philippensis                             X

Philippine Hawk-Cuckoo                       Cuculus pectoralis                     X          X

Plaintive Cuckoo                                  Cacomantis merulinus                X

Brush Cuckoo                                      Cacomantis variolosus               X          X

Philippine Drongo-Cuckoo                    Surniculus velutinus                               X

Philippine Coucal                                 Centropus viridis                        X          X

Philippine Hawk-Owl                             Ninox philippinensis                   X          X

Pygmy Swiftlet                       Collocalia troglodytes                             X          X

Purple Needletail                                  Hirundapus celebensis                           X

Whiskered Treeswift                             Hemiprocne comata                   X          X

Indigo-banded Kingfisher                     Alcedo cyanopecta                                X

White-throated Kingfisher                     Halcyon smyrnensis                               X                     

RUFOUS-LORED KINGFISHER            Todirhamphus winchelli                      X         

White Collared Kingfisher                     Todirhamphus chloris                 X          X

Spotted Wood-Kingfisher                     Actenoides lindsayi                    X          X

Blue-throated Bee-eater                        Merops viridis                                        X

Dollarbird                                            Eurystomus orientalis                             X

VISAYAN TARICTIC                Penelopides panini                              X          X

WALDEN’S HORNBILL                        Aceros waldeni                                    X

Coppersmith Barbet                             Megalaima haemacephala          X          X

Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker             Dendrocopus maculatus             X

White-bellied Woodpecker                    Dryocopus javensis                    X

Greater Flameback                               Chrysocolaptes lucidus              X

Hooded Pitta                                       Pitta sordida                                          X

Bar-bellied Cuckooshrike                      Coracina striata                         X

WHITE-WINGED CUCKOO-SHRIKE Coracina ostenta               X          X

Scarlet Minivet                                     Pericrocotus flammeus               X          X

Yellow-vented Bulbul               Pycnonotus goiavier                               X          X

Philippine Bulbul                                  Ixos philippinus                          X          X

Balicassiao                                          Dicrurus balicassius                   X          X

Black-naped Oriole                              Oriolus chinensis                       X          X

Philippine Oriole                                   Oriolus steeri                             X

Large-billed Crow                                 Corvus macrorhynchos               X          X

Elegant Tit                                           Parus elegans albescens            X          X

Sulphur-billed Nuthatch                        Sitta oenochlamys                     X          X

Stripe-headed Rhabdornis                    Rhabdornis mystacalis               X

FLAME-TEMPLED BABBLER               Stachyris speciosa                   X

Oriental Magpie-Robin                          Copsychus saularis                                X

White-browed Shama                            Copsychus luzionensis               X          X

White’s (Scaly) Thrush                          Zoothera dauma                                     X

Philippine Leaf-Warbler                         Phylloscopus olivaceous            X          X

Philippine Tailorbird                             Orthotomus castaneiceps           X          X


Grey-streaked Flycatcher                      Muscicapa griseisticta                            X

Mangrove Blue Flycatcher                     Cyornis rufegastra                      X

Citrine Canary-Flycatcher                      Culicicapa helianthea                 X

Pied Fantail                                          Rhipidura javanica                      X          X

Blue-headed Fantail                              Rhipidura cyaniceps                   X          X

Rufous Paradise-Flycatcher                  Tersiphone cinnamomea             X

Black-naped Monarch                           Hypothymis azurea                    X          X

White-vented Whistler                           Pachycephala homeyeri             X          X

Grey Wagtail                                        Motacilla cinerea                                    X

White-breasted Wood-swallow              Artamus leucorhynchus              X          X

Brown Shrike                                       Lanius cristatus                         X          X

Asian Glossy Starling                           Aplonis panayensis                    X          X         

Coleto                                                 Sarcops calvus                          X          X

Olive-backed Sunbird                           Nectarinia jugularis                     X

Purple-throated Sunbird                        Nectarinia sperata                                  X

Flaming Sunbird                                   Aethopyga flagrans                    X

Handsome (Lovely) Sunbird                  Aethopyga bella                         X

Crimson Sunbird                                  Aethopyga siparaja                    X          X

Bicolored Flowerpecker                        Dicaeum bicolor                         X

VISAYAN FLOWERPECKER                Dicaeum haematostictum         X          X

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker                 Dicaeum trigonostigma               X          X

Yellowish White-eye                              Zosterops nigrorum                    X          X

Mountain White-eye                              Zosterops montanus                  X


Number of Philippine endemics and near-endemics                           36         29

Number of Threatened species                                                            5          6

Number of Near-threatened species                                                     2          -


List of species caught and released at Sipalay Forest

Indigo-banded Kingfisher          Alcedo cyanopecta

Rufous-lored Kingfisher         Todirhamphus winchelli     **

Philippine Bulbul                     Ixos philippinus

Philippine Tailorbird               Orthotomus castaneicep


Grey Wagtail                          Motacilla cinerea

Crimson Sunbird                     Aethopyga siparaja

** note the base of the lower mandible was pink, not white as described in Kennedy et al (2000), and the eye deep plum-coloured not brown.



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