Halmahera & Northeast Sulawesi, Indonesia Aug 20 - 31, 2008


After my 5 week tour of PNG, I joined my friend Rich Hopf towards the end of his two month trip to Indonesia in order to revisit Halmahera as I had missed some good birds on my original trip in 2004. We spent a week there, followed by 3 days in north Sulawesi. The trip was fairly successful as we saw most of the specialities but did miss some good birds such as Purple Roller, Moluccan Goshawk and Moluccan Scrubfowl.We spent most of our time on Halmahera at Foli, although there was a potentially better site, Bale Forest, detailed on OB by George Wagner, and subsequently heard of a good Standardwing lek  discovered at Labi Labi. I only had two days at Tangkoko in north Sulawesi, an island I visited in 1988 and 2001. We also went to Gunung/Mount Mahawu, a well-known tourist site only an hour from Manado, to look for montane birds.


Visas valid for 30 days are available on arrival at Manado airport for US$ 25, 60 days is the maximum visa time. As few people speak English, it is very useful to take a phrase book.There were showers on half the days, occasionally prolonged, but mostly it was sunny and hot with some clouds.


Many thanks for their help to James Eaton, Rob Hutchinson and Jonas Siway, a knowledgeable Mr Fixit we met at Foli.




Fly Manado – Ternate, arriving 16.00. Speedboat to Sidangoli, taxi to Kao, arriving 20.30


Bus to Daru, boat to Foli 07.30-08.30. Birded Km 3-5




Foli till 10.15, boat to Daru, taxi to Tobelo then Simau. 20.00-23.00 Scrubfowl hunt, back to Tobelo at 00.30


Internet at Tobelo, 10.30-13.30 bus to Sidangoli, 15.00-19.00 birding


03.30 to Anu’s, there till 06.00, birding till 09.00. Speedboat to Ternate 09.40-10.20, fly to Manado at 13.30, taxi to Tangkoko – night at Mama Roos


Tangkoko-Dua Saudara NP


Tangkoko NP, boat trip 15.00-17.30, taxi to Manado


05.00-06.00 taxi to Mt Mahawu. Birding till 15.00, bus to Manado, drink with Rob Hutchinson


Fly to Singapore and on to Manila



A number of birders have reported on the net visits to these islands in recent years so I will not write much here.


The standard route is to fly Manado – Ternate and ferry across to Sidangoli, although it is possible to go Manado – Kao, Halmahera on some days. The road from Sidangoli to the north and adjacent logging tracks, is good for birding and used to be the only site visited – commonly known as Kali Batu Putih. It is not so good now, eg Purple Roller appears to have gone, and will get worse soon as mining is about to begin in earnest. Labi Labi across the sea on the eastern arm of Halmahera was visited for a while but Foli, south of Labi Labi was found to be better and most reliable for the Roller. However, it too is due to be mined soon. Bale Forest, found by George Wagner, is c.40km south of Sofifi which is on the west coast south of Sidangoli. Sofifi can be reached by ferry from Ternate or bus from Sidangoli, thereby avoiding the need for another sea-crossing. The tricky bit is the last 40km, which is why we didn’t try it. However, it appears to be potentially the best site.Moluccan Scrubfowl is rarely seen anywhere other than the egg-laying beach near Tobelo, north of Kao, which is well north of Sidangoli. The other rarely seen endemics are Drummer Rail – known from Foli – and Dusky Friarbird, a higher elevation species that has been claimed from Sidangoli.It may also be worth visiting Lake Toli Besar, only 40 mins drive from Ternate city, as Moluccan Goshawk and Great-billed Parrot occur here.  



To quote  the wonderful park of Tangkoko with its forest rising from coastal to submontane, supports a large range of the region’s endemic birds. The highly sought-after endemic quartet of kingfishers; Lilac-cheeked, Green-backed, Sulawesi Dwarf and Scaly are all possible, with Black-billed on a boat trip into the mangroves. The park boasts a high density of Knobbed Hornbill and the uncommon Dwarf Hornbill also occurs, sometimes following troops of black Sulawesi Crested Macaques. A variety of other endemics are possible; Ornate Lorikeet, Silver-tipped Imperial Pigeon, Sulawesi Black Pigeon, Yellow-billed Malkoha and Ashy Woodpecker to name just a few. Walking up through the forest, close attention to the forest understorey can produce skulkers such as Red-backed Thrush, Red-bellied and Hooded Pittas and Stephan’s Dove.3 – 4 days is sufficient for Tangkoko – you have to have a guide while in the forest, several are good, eg Bobby (probably the best) or Samuel.To get to Gunung Mahawu take a taxi from Manado or get a bus to the town below the mountain then walk or hitch up to it. Walk to the crater at the top but spend most time in the good forest patch well below the crater, checking gulleys for Scaly Kingfisher. The rare Sombre Pigeon and Rufous-throated Flycatcher are reputed to occur here.


I flew to Manado on 20/8/08 with Silk Air, walked 200m to the main road and took a cheap microlet (minibus) into town as there was no public transport from the airport (lapangas in Indonesian). Met Rich Hopf at the Manado Bersehati Hotel, cheap (115,000Rp = £7 a room) and convenient for internet and cheap food but rather dingy. He had booked our flight to Ternate at 13.10 the next day, having been unable to book a flight direct to Halmahera. However when we reached the airport we found we had missed a Trigana Air direct to Kao on Halmahera at 08.45 – they only fly a few days a week and do cancel some. Our flight was delayed by 45 mins and as there is a hour time difference from Manado, we arrived at 16.00. We took ojeks (motorbikes) to the jetty and paid 50K Rp each for a speedboat to Sidangoli. There we hired a car for 400K Rp to take us to Daru, the starting-point for the crossing to Foli. Arriving at 8pm we found there was nowhere to stay so returned the 16km to Kao (which we could have arrived at 12 hours earlier by flying!) but as this was also devoid of Accommodation we visited the police station and were taken to a house/shop where the owners kindly ejected there children from a big mattress so we could stay. This would have worked well were it not for the TV blasting forth soap programs all night, watched by the two young girls till 2 am! Our offer of payment was refused at first but accepted in the end.We caught a passing microlet to Daru where we asked about the ferry to Foli, that we had been told about, eventually discovering that it onlt ran twice a week on market days. We negotiated a price of 400K for a boat and set-off for the hour’s crossing at 07.30. The sea was calm, unlike my previous attempt in 2004 which had to be aborted due the high likelihood of sinking in the stormy conditions; sea birds were disappointingly absent. We checked in at the only losmen in town, run by Mrs Meishe Pomboyong, the infamous Anu’s mother-in –law, at 125K for b & b plus supper. The food turned out to be rather basic but OK and large bottles of beer were available in the village for 2000Rp. We took ojeks to Km 3 on the birding road, which was as far as they would take us and started the task of finding the endemics. The following morning Rich left at 4 am and had good views of all 3 nightbirds: Owlet-nightjar, Boobook and Scops. I left at 6 am and saw Large-tailed Nightjar well before walking 7-8 km along the road. We mostly birded alone for the 3 full days we were there and eventually saw all the targets except Purple Roller, Moluccan Goshawk, Red-necked Sparrowhawk, Sombre Kingfisher and in Rich’s case Scarlet-breasted Fruit-dove and Moluccan Starling. My views of the night birds were not good, proving Rich’s point that you should always go for them at the first opportunity, especially pre-dawn. We tried hard for the Roller, a disappointing miss. We were shown a good video of a Drummer Rail taken by a lucky Swede a few weeks earlier – at the pond down the trail at c.Km 3, but time spent there was unrewarding. We heard Sombre Kingfisher a couple of times and on the one night I owled, I twice heard what sounded like the screech of a Tyto but saw nothing – could it be that Lesser Masked Owl, found on Seram and Buru to the south, occurs here? On the afternoon of 24th I saw a distant kettle of some 20-30 raptors gradually soaring upwards, like migrating birds. They were too far to identify but appeared to be smaller than Aquilas. Subsequent enquiries endorsed what I suspected, that it was too early for northern migrants to be this far south – perhaps they were non-breeders that had either over-wintered in Indonesia or not traveled all the way to their breeding grounds.We left at 10 on the 26th on a narrow boat with out-riggers (300K Rp) – fortunately the sea was flat, otherwise we could have been soaked from the spray – again there were no seabirds. At Daru we hired a microlet to Tobelo and checked in at the pleasant Wisma Mulia - 165K for an a/c room. In the afternoon we hired a car for 500K for the rest of the day and went to Simau, via Galela, where we met the village headman to arrange to visit the Moluccan Scrubfowl beach. He charged us 500K each for the privilege and said come back at 7 pm. We had to return to Galela to eat then back to the headman’s house at 6.30. Nothing happened till gone 7 when we were taken a few 100m to await the guide. Frustratingly, he did not appear till 8, when we walked for 10 mins to the coast and took a canoe for a short distance to the Scrubfowl beach. After 3 hours of walking and searching we saw nothing, although the guide claimed to have heard or seen 2 in flight. Visibility was not helped by the absence of moonlight, although it was clear, starry night. It was 00.30 by the time we got back to the wisma – very disappointing!  First stop was an internet café, a rare thing in these parts – I had tried it yesterday but the line was too slow. This time it worked, but mobile phones did not. It took some time to find a vehicle to take us to Sidangoli, a 3 hour journey after 2 short birding stops. Took rooms at Handayani Hotel, 80K each, then ojeks back up the road – Rich to the pass, me to Anu’s house to find it and ask his wife to take me to the Dase Hill Standardwing lek in the morning, hoping not to meet Anu who was bound to demand more money. I eventually found her and she said to return at 3 am! A Goshawk flew off a perch at the forest edge – probably Moluccan but not a definitive view. Continued on up to the pass, meeting Rich – he told me where he’d see Sombre Kingfisher. Took me some time to find it – excellent view of one perched high up in the open, with another calling nearby, while a Golden Whistler bathed in th stream below. This was the start of the best birding of the trip, with a Rufous-necked Sparrowhawk flying by and continuing down towards the coast for some time, a Gurney’s Eagle gliding over the pass, a Chattering Lory at a nest-hole in a dead tree on the ridge, 3 Paradise Crows being mobbed by a relatively tiny White-naped Monarch. My ojek driver Abdul picked me up at 18.45 but my good mood was spoilt by meeting Anu at the Hotel as he demanded 500K for me to view the lek, plus another 500K to guide me, but eventually conceded that his wife could take me for 250K. Rich elected to try for the Roller, then Beach Kingfisher.On waking at 3 am, I could hear the ominous noise of heavy rain. I found Abdul and persuaded him with difficulty to take me to Anu’s. He was stopped at a police check-point for having no lights but they eventually let him go and I had to shine my torch for him to see where we were going in the rain. We walked the last stretch to the house, arriving at 4, and then had to call Mrs Anu from her bed. She refused to take me, saying it was too wet but offered me a basic bed in the outhouse. I slept a little until woken by Anu arriving home at 5 – he asked me why I wasn’t at the lek! Then said the birds would lek till 8 in the rain and his wife would take me for an extra 100K. I said I would wait till dawn at 6 as Abdul had borrowed my torch to drive home. At 6 I found Mrs Anu cooking but she still refused to take me. I asked her to see Anu, she went up to his room but never came back, so I cut my losses and left. The rain stopped but there was little to be seen except for a close Blue-and-white Kingfisher. Abdul picked me up at 08.50, back to the hotel, breakfast, then to the jetty for a 30 min crossing to Ternate. Took an ojek to the airport but the driver went in the wrong direction so I had a grand tour of the town, for what it was worth. The Merpati flight left 30 mins late at 13.30. On arrival at Manado we hired a taxi for 220,00oto take us straight to Tangkoko, stopping a little before it to scan the forested mountain. A distant soaring eagle gave a diving display, probably Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle. Checked in to an old room at Mama Roos, only 100K a day for full board.Up at 04.30, left at 05.30 after breakfast with young guide Samuel. Entrance fee 200K, most of it going to the guide. Concentrated on Red-backed Thrush at first, getting good views of 3, then Red-bellied Pitta, Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher and Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher. Watched a big troop of Crested Black Macaque, accompanied by a flock of Yellow-billed Malkoha. Photo’d 2 Green-backed Kingfisher and a Knobbed Hornbill, and looked for Bare-eyed Rail, seen recently by Samuel, without success. Later we visited the Spectral Tarsier roost fig-tree. Watched a Bear Cuscus moving slowly in a nearby tree with a youngster, then 4 tiny Tarsiers emerged and gave a good show. The finale for me was to look for my only tick of the day, Ochre-bellied Hawk-owl. One started calling at 6 pm but took some tracking down – good view of its ochre belly but not its head, unfortunately. After a good meal at Roos, had a chat with Untu Baware, a good guide based in Manado, who was co-leading a Swedish tour-group with Goran Pettersson.I tried for Sulawesi Nightjar at dawn at grassland just inside the NP where Rich had seen it earlier on his trip, but only saw Barred Rail. He spent most of the morning at a Sulawesi Hawk-eagle nest site, but only saw Sulawesi Triller and Sulawesi Crested Myna, while I looked for more photo op.s, bagging Ashy Woodpecker, Stephan’s Dove, White-necked Myna and another lovely Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher. In the afternoon I took the boat trip, a little disappointing as there were no seabirds, the Sulawesi Masked-owl stake-out was not occupied and the Black-billed Kingfisher views were only in flight. A perched Ruddy Kingfisher and a Great-billed Heron were some consolation. We returned to Manado by taxi (250K), to the Manado Bersehati Hotel where I had left my rucksack (though I think the Minahassa Hotel 043186 2559 or 2059 would have been better).Our final day dawned with heavy rain. We had booked a taxi to take us at 05.00 to Gunung Mahawu, an extinct volcano  – the driver Fritz, tel 0813 4005 8642, was on time and reliable. When we were dropped off, we had to shelter till the rain eased, then we walked down the road to explore the patches of forest but saw little except Yellow-sided and Grey-sided Flowerpeckers and Black-faced Munia. I walked back to the track up the mountain, which is being tarred so it will be possible to drive nearly to the top before long. After going through farmland, a sizeable area of good forest was reached with some good birds such as Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker, Sulawesi (Pygmy) Woodpecker, Sulawesi Leaf-Warbler and Yellow-vented Whistler. Rob had Scaly Kingfisher in one of the gulleys. There were several small trails into the forest but mostly steep and slippery. Further on the densely forested rim of one crater could be seen but there was not a good view-point to see down inside it. The track turns into a path upwards through secondary growth to a higher crater (1324 m) that can be circumnavigated. The small trees and bushes held lots of White-eyes and sunbirds, and a single Purple-bearded Bee-eater, while an imm. Black Eagle flew closely overhead. On the way down, Rusty-bellied Fantail, Pale-blue Monarch and Crimson Sunbird were new, and two Bee-eaters were calling from farmland trees. There were some noisy local visitors, and numbers would doubtless have been more had the weather been better, it being a Sunday, so I walked back down to the town, getting an ojek ride after a while. Didn’t have long to wait for a bus back to Manado. Met up with Rob at the up-market Formosa Hotel where he was staying in luxury, for a drink and a chat, then a farewell chat with Rich at the Bersehati. Returned to Singapore the following morning, upgraded to business class by Silk Air, and noticed the Merpati flights to and from Ternate were canceled today, with no reason given.  





Great-billed Heron                                Ardea sumatrana

Single in the mangroves near Tangkoko


Pacific Reef-Heron                                Egretta sacra

One on the coast near Tangkoko.


Cattle Egret                                          Bubulcus ibis


Striated Heron                                      Butorides striata

Two in the mangroves near Tangkoko.


Pacific Baza                                         Aviceda subcristata stenozoma

4 at Foli on 23/8.


Brahminy Kite                                      Haliastur indus

1 or 2 daily at Foli, 6 at Sidangoli and a few on Sulawesi.


White-bellied Sea-Eagle                       Haliaeetus leucogaster

2 singles at Foli.


Grey-throated (Variable) Goshawk        Accipiter (hiogaster) griseogularis

At least 2 singles at Foli and 1 at Sidangoli. Another large accipiter near Anu’s plot on 27th was either this sp. or Moluccan Goshawk.


Rufous-necked Sparrowhawk               Accipiter erythrauchen

1 flying south from the pass obove Sidangoli on 27th.


Spot-tailed Goshawk                                Accipiter trinotatus

1 heard calling at Tangkoko.


Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle                       Spilornis rufipectus

At least 1 at Tangkoko.


Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle                           Spizaetus lanceolatus

Heard calling at Tangkoko; an eagle displaying near Tangkoko on 28th was thought to be this sp.


Black Eagle                                          Ictinaetus malayensis

An imm near the top of Mt Mahawu.


Gurney's Eagle                         Aquila gurneyi

One over Sidangoli pass.


Spotted Kestrel                                                Falco moluccensis

1 or 2 singles most days at Foli.


Tabon Scrubfowl                                              Megapodius cumingii

Heard at Tangkoko.


Dusky Scrubfowl                                              Megapodius freycinet

1 on 24th and 2 on 25th at Foli.


Rufous-tailed Bush-hen                                    Amaurornis moluccanus

2 on the roadside while traveling to Daru on 21st, 1 at Foli on 25th and others heard there.


Isabelline Bush-hen                                         Amaurornis isabellinus

Heard at Tangkoko.


White-breasted Waterhen                                  Amaurornis phoenicurus

1 or 2 at Tangkoko


Barred Rail                                                       Gallirallus torquatus

1 at Tangkoko.


Common Sandpiper                                         Actitis hypoleucos

1 at Tangkoko.


Great Crested Tern                                           Sterna bergii

Only 2 during the ferry crossing from Ternate to Sidangoli.


Common Tern                                                  Sterna hirundo longipennis

Two during the ferry crossing from Daru to Foli.


Spotted Dove                                       Streptopelia chinensis

Fairly common non-forest bird.


Slender-billed/Brown Cuckoo-Dove      Macropygia amboinensis

Up to 6 daily throughout, the 2 forms on Sulawesi and Halmahera looking very different.


Stephan's Dove                                        Chalcophaps stephani

A few at Tangkoko and Mt Mahawu.


Barred Dove                                             Geopelia maugeus

A few at Mt Mahawu.


Scarlet-breasted Fruit-Dove                  Ptilinopus bernsteinii

1 in flight at Foli on 23rd.


Superb Fruit-Dove                                    Ptilinopus superbus

1 at Foli on 24th.


Blue-capped Fruit-Dove                        Ptilinopus monacha

2 daily at Foli.


Grey-headed Fruit-Dove                                    Ptilinopus hyogaster

Common at Foli.


Black-naped Fruit-Dove                            Ptilinopus melanospila

A few at Tangkoko.


Grey-cheeked Green-Pigeon                     Treron griseicauda

Fairly common at Tangkoko.


Green Imperial-Pigeon                             Ducula aenea

Common on Sulawesi.


White-eyed Imperial-Pigeon                 Ducula perspicillata

One or 2 on 3 days at Foli..


Cinnamon-bellied Imperial-Pigeon       Ducula basilica

A few on 3 days at Foli.


Pied Imperial-Pigeon                           Ducula bicolor

A few most days at Foli and Sidangoli.


Silver-tipped Imperial-Pigeon               Ducula luctuosa

A few at Tangkoko.


White Cockatoo                                    Cacatua alba

2 on 22nd and 5 on 23rd at Foli, with 1 Sidangoli.


Violet-necked Lory                               Eos squamata

Up to 20 most days at Foli and 2 at Sidangoli..


Yellow-and-green Lorikeet                        Trichoglossus flavoviridis


Chattering Lory                                    Lorius garrulus

Two at Foli on 22nd, 4 on 23rd (RH) and 1 at Sidangoli.


Red-flanked Lorikeet                            Charmosyna placentis

Fairly common at Foli.


Red-cheeked Parrot                              Geoffroyus geoffroyi

Fairly common throughout Halmahera.


Great-billed Parrot                                Tanygnathus megalorynchos

Up to 4 on 3 days at Foli.


Eclectus Parrot                                    Eclectus roratus

A few daily at Foli and Sidangoli..


Moluccan King-Parrot                          Alisterus amboinensis

2 at Foli on 23rd (RH).


Ornate Lorikeet                                         Trichoglossus haematodus

A few at Tangkoko.


Yellowish-breasted Racquet-tail                Prioniturus flavicans

A few at Tangkoko.


(Large) Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot              Loriculus amabilis

A few at Tangkoko.


Pygmy/ Small Hanging-Parrot                  Loriculus exilis

One on the lower slopes of Mt Mahawu.


Moluccan Hanging-Parrot                     Loriculus amabilis

Singles on 22nd and 2 occasions on 25th at Foli.


Brush Cuckoo                                      Cacomantis variolosus

Heard at Foli and Sidangoli.


Yellow-billed Malkoha                          Phaenicophaeus calyorhynchus

Fairly common at Tangkoko, including a party of c.20.


Black-billed Koel                                      Eudynamys melanorhyncha

One at Tangkoko.


Goliath Coucal                                     Centropus goliath

Heard daily but I only saw 1 at Foli; RH saw 6 on 24th.


Lesser Coucal                                      Centropus bengalensis

A few singles throughout.


Sulawesi Scops-Owl                                 Otus manadensis

One heard at Tangkoko on 30th.


Moluccan Scops-Owl                           Otus magicus leucospilus

One seen and 6 heard on 23rd (RH) at Foli with 1 heard on 25-26th.


Moluccan Hawk-Owl                             Ninox squamipila hypogramma

One seen and 3 heard on 23rd (RH) at Foli with 1 seen on 26th.


Ochre-bellied Hawk-Owl/ Boobook           Ninox ochracea

One seen at Tangkoko on 29th.


Moluccan Owlet-Nightjar                      Aegotheles crinifrons

One seen and 4 heard on 23rd (RH) at Foli with 1 seen on 25th.


Large-tailed Nightjar                             Caprimulgus macrurus

3 seen at dawn on 23rd at Foli, and heard daily.


Great Eared-Nightjar                                 Eurostopodus macrotis

Heard at Tangkoko.


Glossy Swiftlet                                     Collocalia esculenta

Fairly common throughout.


Moluccan Swiftlet                                 Aerodramus infuscatus

Small numbers daily on Halmahera.


Uniform Swiftlet                                   Aerodramus vanikorensis

A few on Halmahera.


Moustached Treeswift                          Hemiprocne mystacea

Up to 4 daily at Foli.


Grey-rumped Treeswift             Hemiprocne longipennis

A few on Sulawesi.


Blue-and-white Kingfisher                    Todirhamphus diops

A roadside pair  near Kao, Halmahera, 21st, 3 at Foli on 23rd, 2 on 24th and 2 at Sidangoli on 28th.


Collared Kingfisher                              Todirhamphus chloris chloris

A few throughout.


Sombre Kingfisher                               Todirhamphus funebris

Heard at Foli, a pair seen near the pass at Sidangoli.


Sacred Kingfisher                                Todirhamphus sanctus sanctus

Singles at Foli on 22nd and 27th and a few at Sidangoli.


Common Paradise-Kingfisher              Tanysiptera galateai

Heard at Foli on 3 days.


Sulawesi (Dwarf) Kingfisher                      Ceyx fallax

2 at Tangkoko.


Lilac (-cheeked) Kingfisher                       Cittura cyanotis

4 at Tangkoko


Black (Great)-billed Kingfisher                  Pelargopsis melanorhyncha

One in the mangroves near Tangkoko.


Green-backed Kingfisher                          Actenoides monachus

5 or 6 at Tangkoko.


Common Kingfisher                                 Alcedo athis

One in the mangroves near Tangkoko.


Purple-bearded Bee-eater                         Meropogon forsteni

One near the top of Mt Mahawu and 2 lower down.


Rainbow Bee-eater                               Merops ornatus

A few most days.


Dollarbird                                             Eurystomus orientalis

Up to 3 daily at Foli and Sidangoli.


Purple-winged Roller                                Coracias temminckii

1 at Tangkoko on 29th.


Sulawesi (Dwarf) Hornbill                         Penelopides exarhatus

I only heard it at Tangkoko but RH saw a small party.


Blyth's Hornbill                                    Aceros plicatus reficollis

Up to 20 daily at Foli and a few at Sidangoli.


Knobbed Hornbill                                     Aceros cassidix

Fairly common at Tangkoko.


Sulawesi (Pygmy) Woodpecker                Dendrocopos temminckii

3 at Mt Mahawu.


Ashy Woodpecker                                    Mulleripicus fulvus

4 or 5 at Tangkoko.


Hooded Pitta                                        Pitta sordida

One heard at Tangkoko.


Ivory-breasted Pitta                              Pitta maxima

Only 2 singles seen at Foli but fairly commonly heard here and at Sidangoli.


Red-bellied Pitta                                   Pitta erythrogaster

One seen well at Tangkoko and a few heard.


Pacific Swallow                                    Hirundo tahitica

Fairly common throughout.


Pied Cuckoo-shrike                                  Coracina bicolor

One heard at Tangkoko.


White-rumped Cuckoo-shrike                   Coracina leucopygia

2 in the mangroves near Tangkoko.


Moluccan Cuckoo-shrike                      Coracina atriceps

Up to 4 daily at Foli.


White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike                 Coracina papuensis

A few at Foli.


Halmahera Cuckoo-shrike                    Coracina parvula

One at Foli on 22nd, with 3 on 24th (RH).


Cicadabird                                           Coracina tenuirostris grayi

2 on 3 days at Foli.


Rufous-bellied Triller                           Lalage aurea

Fairly common at Foli and Sidangoli.


Sooty-headed Bulbul                            Pycnonotus aurigaster

Fairly common on Sulawesi.


Golden Bulbul                                      Alophoixus affinis chloris

Up to 10 most days at Foli and Sidangoli, in pairs or small groups.


Red-backed Thrush                                  Zoothera erythronota

4 at Tangkoko on 29th and 1 or 2 on 30th.


Tawny Grassbird                                      Megalurus timoriensis

A few on Mt Mahawu.


Pied Bushchat                                          Saxicola caprata

A few in open country on Sulawesi.


Mountain Tailorbird                                  Orthotomus cuculatus

A few on Mt Mahawu.


Sulawesi Leaf-Warbler                              Phylloscopus sarasinorum

A few on Mt Mahawu.


Rusty-bellied Fantail                                 Rhipidura teysmanni

A few on Mt Mahawu.


Willie-wagtail                                       Rhipidura leucophrys

Up to four seen daily on Halmahera.


Pale-blue (Black-naped) Monarch                     Hypothymis(azurea) puella

2 on Mt Mahawu.


Island (Verditer) Flycatcher                       Eumyias panayensis

2 at Tangkoko.


White-naped Monarch                          Monarcha pileatus

4 on 22nd at Foli, 1 on 23rd and 1 at Sidangoli.


Spectacled Monarch                             Monarcha trivirgatus

2 at Foli on 22nd and 1 on 25th.


Moluccan/ Slaty Flycatcher                              Myiagra galeata

Up to 6 daily at Foli and Sidangoli.


Shining Flycatcher                                           Myiagra alecto

Only 1 seen at Foli, on 25th.


Citrine Canary-flycatcher                                  Culicicapa helianthea    

A few on Mt Mahawu..


Golden Whistler                                               Pachycephala pectoralis

Singles at Foli on 23rd (RH) and Sidangoli, a few daily on Sulawesi.


Drab Whistler                                       Pachycephala griseonota

Up to 4 most days at Foli.


Sulphur-bellied/ Yellow-vented Whistler   Pachycephala sulfuriventer

A few on Mt Mahawu.


Sulawesi Babbler                                     Trichastoma celebense

Common at Tangkoko and a few on Mt Mahawu.


Plain-throated Sunbird                         Anthreptes malacensis

A few at Tangkoko.


Black Sunbird                                      Leptocoma sericea

Fairly common throughout.


Olive-backed Sunbird                           Cinnyris jugularis frenatus

Common throughout.


Crimson Sunbird                                      Aethopyga siparaja

2 on Mt Mahawu.


Yellow-sided Flowerpecker                       Dicaeum aureolimbatum

Common on Mt Mahawu.


Flame-breasted Flowerpecker                   Dicaeum erythrothorax

One at Foli on 23rd (RH).


Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker               Dicaeum nehrkorni

A few on Mt Mahawu.


Grey-sided Flowerpecker                          Dicaeum celebicum

A few on Mt Mahawu.


Cream-throated White-eye                         Zosterops atriceps

A few on 3 days at Foli and 2 at Sidangoli.


Mountain White-eye                                  Zosterops montanus

Abundant on Mt Mahawu.


Yellow-/Lemon-bellied White-eye              Zosterops chloris

A few at Tangkoko.


Black-crowned/fronted White-eye              Zosterops atrifrons

A few daily at Foli.


Streak-headed White/Dark-eye                  Lophozosterops squamiceps

A few at Mt Mahawu.


Dusky Myzomela                                       Myzomela obscura

One at Foli on 22nd and 5 on 25th.


White-streaked Friarbird                       Melitograis gilolensis

Up to 5 daily at Foli.


Halmahera Oriole                                             Oriolus phaeochromus

Up to 10 daily at Foli and a few at Sidangoli.


Black-naped Oriole                                   Oriolus chinensis

Two Mt Mahawu and heard at Tangkoko.


Hair-crested Drongo                                 Dicrurus hottentottus

Several at Tangkoko.


Sulawesi Drongo                                              Dicrurus montanus

Two Mt Mahawu.


Spangled Drongo                                             Dicrurus bracteatus atrocaeruleus

Fairly common at Foli and Sidangoli.


White-breasted Woodswallow               Artamus leucorynchus

Up to 10 daily.


Paradise-crow                                      Lycocorax pyrrhopterus

Up to 6 daily at Foli and 3 at Sidangoli.


Wallace's Standardwing                                   Semioptera wallacii

1 or 2 on 4 days at Foli but only imm. Males displaying.


Long-billed Crow                                             Corvus validus

Up to 10 daily at Foli and 3 at Sidangoli.


Torresian Crow                                         Corvus orru

A few on Halmahera and Ternate.


Slender-billed Crow                                  Corvus enca

Fairly ommon on Sulawesi.


Metallic Starling                                               Aplonis metallica

Common throughout Halmahera..


Asian Glossy Starling                               Aplonis panayensis

Common at Tangkoko.


Moluccan Starling                                    Aplonis mysolensis

Up to 3 on 3 days at Foli and 1 at Sidangoli.


Sulawesi (Crested) Myna                          Basilornis celebensis

Heard at Tangkoko, seen by RH.


White-necked Myna                                  Streptocitta albicollis

4 at Tangkoko.


Finch-billed Myna/ Grosbeak Starling       Scissirostrum dubium

A few large colonies at Tangkoko.


Eurasian Tree Sparrow                         Passer montanus malaccen

Very common, small numbers seen on Java, Sulawesi, Ternate, Halmahera, Batanta, Salawati, and .


Black-faced Munia                                            Lonchura molucca

5 at Sidangoli and several at Mt Mahawu.


Chestnut Munia                                        Lonchura atricapilla

Common at Mt Mahawu.


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