ETHIOPIA: 24 Oct - 18 Nov 1996

Ethiopia is a beautiful, friendly and now fairly safe country with an excellent compliment of birds including some 30 endemics and several rare or little-known species. Although part of the country has been visited by birders for some years, only recently have the more remote regions been explored by a few pioneers, most notably Richard Webb (RW) et al in Dec1995/ Jan 1996.

Mike Archer (MGA), Simon Aspinall, Alan Greensmith, Nick Gardner and I spent 18 days following RW’s recommended route. We recorded 522 species during this time, including all the endemics except Nechisar Nightjar and Lineated Pytilia, many of the restricted range species such as Heuglin’s Bustard, and some 90 Palaearctic migrants, not to mention Cheetah and Hunting Dog. MGA and I stayed an extra week to visit the historic sites in the north, and added an extra 26 species.

The following notes are intended to complement RW’s excellent report, the essential reference.


We flew to Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines for £528, a safe and prompt service.

Although some of the sites can be visited by public transport, many cannot and so there is no alternative to hiring a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Some of the roads are in atrocious condition and there are no road signs anywhere, so a local driver is essential. We took RW’s advice and used Ethiopia Experience, reserving Gerum as driver; the negotiated price was $230 a day, all inclusive, to cover almost the full Webb route. The Toyota Landcruiser did hold us all in acceptable comfort, albeit a little tight.

Alternative operators are Yumo Tours - tel/ fax in UK 0171 631 5337 - and Walia Travel, 100933 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - fax 00251 151 8940, tel 115 4440, which may employ Gerum in future and offer rates of $200 a day.

Internal flights are cheap - our 4 legs in the north cost only £82. The date of booking is usually honoured but scheduled times are often ignored, the likely departure time being advised the previous afternoon. Buses are slow and crowded.  


The staple local diet is cold injura and spiced meat, to which we soon developed a dislike. Fortunately, with Gerum’s help, we managed to get bread and cooked eggs or spagetti and meat sauce at most places, and a limited selection of Western food at the rest, all at low cost. Beer, local wine, Pepsi (not Coke, surprisingly) and Ambo (bottled water) were widely available and cheap.

We stayed in hotels everywhere except at Bogol Manyo. Standards ranged from “prison cell”, at Turmi (70p a single), to fairly luxurious (Holiday Hotel, Addis - £15 for a twin bed room). Government hotel rooms were usually avoided on grounds of expense but we often ate in such hotels when available.


We used Van Perlo’s Birds of Eastern Africa as almost the only field reference. With every species illustrated and mapped, and a handy size, the book was very useful. Unfortunately, the plates of many of the trickier species are inadequate and so it was frequently necessary to refer to the hefty Birds of Kenya and northern Tanzania by Zimmerman et al. Even then there were problems, eg House Martins or “Cliff Swallows”, Gillett’s or Abyssinian Lark? We had to “bin” most of the accipiters in flight.

There are several interesting articles in journals, all listed by RW except a more recent one on the serins - “A new site for, and observations on Serinus flavigula in Ethiopia, with comments on its taxonomic status” by JD Atkins and WG Harvey, Bull. B.O.C. 1996 116 (1) pp 52-58.


The weather was excellent throughout, with only a couple of showers. Birding was often worthwhile throughout the day, although slow in the hot mid period. A jumper was useful early and late in the day. I could have managed without my down sleeping bag but the thin silk one was useful, to avoid the possibility of bed-bugs.

Simon’s powerful spotlight, operated from the car cigarette lighter socket, was invaluable on night drives.

It is worth changing all currency requirements at Addis international terminal on arrival, eg £200 for 18 days. You cannot use this bank when taking internal flights. Note that Birr can only be changed back to dollars if you have receipts for all hard currency officially exchanged and have spent more than $50 a day (including vehicle hire). The only question asked when we left the country was whether we had any Birr - no attempt was made to check our remaining hard currency.

There is a £5 entry fee to all National Parks.


Many thanks to David and Nancy Massie, Steve Rooke, James Wolstencroft and especially Richard Webb for helpful advice, but above all to Gerum whose patience, perseverance and unflagging enthusiasm were a major factor in the success of the trip and an example to us all. Nick Gardner did much of the pre-trip preparations and ensured we kept on course to complete the arduous schedule, and Alan Greensmith was the fount of all knowledge on taxonomic issues. They both made a number of valuable comments on the draft report, especially the Systematic List, thereby greatly improving its accuracy, for which I am very gateful.


We spent the bare minimum of time at most sites in order to visit them all. Extra time would have been welcome at many places, particularly Lakes Abiata, Awasa and Ziway, the Sanetti Plateau, Harrena Forest and Fejeje. Lalibela is well worth visiting for the stupendous scenery and unique rock churches, plus obliging White-winged Cliff-Chat and Lammergeier, providing you can put up with constant hassle from kids/ “guides”. An additional area of interest is Gambela in the SW lowlands near Sudan - accessible by flight - holding Egyptian Plover, Lineated Pytilia, Baka Indigobird and Brown-rumped Bunting.

Place names are spelt as in the Times Atlas, except for Addis Ababa (preferred to Adis Abeba).

Oct       24         Addis - Sululta Plain - Jemmu Escarpment - Alem Katima

            25         Blue Nile Valley - Jemmu Escarpment - Ankober - Debre Birhan

            26         Ankober - Melka Ghebdu - Addis - Metahara (Awash)

            27         Fantale crater, lakeside & lava flow - hot springs, Awash NP - Metahara

            28        Awash NP: airstrip, waterfall, HQ, hotel, Oryx plain - Awash Dam - L Ziway - Awasa

            29         Awasa fish market - Kofele - Dinsho - Bale NP HQ - Goba

            30         Sof Omar - Goba - Abyssinian Woodpecker site - Goba

            31         Sanetti Plateau - Harrena forest - Genale valley - Negele

Nov      1          Negele plain - Negele - Filtu - Bogol Manya

            2          Bogol Manya - R Genale - Filtu - Negele

            3          Wadera - Negele plain - R Dawa - Arero

            4          Arero - Yabelo - Konso

            5          Konso - Arba Minch - Nechisar NP: plains & hot springs - Arba Minch

            6          Day in Nechisar NP, except for midday at Arba Minch hotel

            7          Arba Minch - Konso - Turmi - Fejeje - Turmi

            8          Turmi - Arba Minch - Wondo Genet 

            9          Wondo Genet - L Langano - Abiata Shala NP - Debre Zeit - Addis - Wolisso

            10         Gibe Gorge - Welkite - Addis

            11         Farewell to SA, AG & NG. Afternoon flight to Bahar Dar; L Tana

            12         Blue Nile Falls - Bahar Dar - Ghion & L Tana Hotels - Palace hill - Nile bridge

            13         Nile valley - L Tana Hotel - W of town - boat to island monastery -Nile bridge

            14        L Tana Hotel; flight to Gonder - Royal enclosure - Debre Birhan Selassie church

            15         Valley beyond Debre Birhan Selassie; flight to Lalibela; rock churches

            16         Trek into hills; market and rock churches, Lalibela

            17         Road to cave church; afternoon flight to Addis

            18         Gerfasa Reservoir; 11.30 flight to London.



The serins were located near the type locality along the escarpment of the Western highlands, approx. 8km north of Ankober town, c.2km beyond a rural hillside village on the left when coming from Debre Birhan. After a gentle climb of nearly a km from the road, the grassy hillside flattens out; to the right (East) a steep forested mountain is visible across a gorge and the near hillside becomes rocky before falling away precipitously. The serins were mainly in the rocky area, covered with lush vegetation, along with Black-headed Siskins.   

Bogol Manya

Experience Ethiopia (EE) said we would not be able to visit this area because of fighting. However, when we reached Negele, Gerum contacted the local police who said the trouble was over - a mere 212 invaders had been killed 4 weeks earlier - so we went. The 270km drive was fairly quick and easy but some hostility from “officials” was encountered in Filtu. Stops were rewarding, even though it was a hot afternoon, with Gillett’s Lark, Long-billed Crombec and Salvadori’s Serin, the initial claim for which was rightly greeted with disbelief (as it is only known from one site a considerable distance away) but relocation allowed all to see it.

At Bogol Manya a long discussion by the armed Somalis led to allocation of the meeting-house to sleep in, provided we paid £5 for each of 2 guards. No sooner had we bedded down than we were asked to move, on the grounds that there was a risk of attack from snakes! We refused, but wondered about the real reason behind the request. This was the only occasion when Gerum was clearly rattled, saying he would never go there again, although later changing this to never staying there - he would drive straight by (there is a by-pass!) and camp well beyond the village. We all survived the night but there was some unpleasantness in the morning when more money was requested. We were able to leave though, and saw all the target birds in the morning, including Somali Coursers found (by Gerum) just E of Bogol, and so did not need to stay a further night, to everyone’s relief.


Although not in our original plan, due to shortage of time, we elected to go for Heuglin’s Bustard and Hamer girls (priorities differing for some members) as a day had been gained at Bogol. However, we needed a replacement vehicle, ours being partly knackered, and to their credit EE did the necessary. Our route was considerably shorter than RW’s as it was not necessary to go to Jinka for a police guard this time.

After wasting a lot of film on the girls at Turmi, Gerum dragged us away to deserted Fejeje where bustards and sandgrouse were numerous along the sandy track, except Heuglin’s of course. We were overjoyed to finally find one some 14km S of Fejeje, and so were able to return to Turmi instead of spending the night under the stars. This is an accessible but remote area, with a potentially long walk if you have a breakdown. Hence a reserve supply of food and water should be taken. 


Oct 24  Arrived in Addis (2300m) at 10.00 and by 11.00 off to Sululta Plain, seeing first endemics including the Longclaw. Backtracked short distance to check the White-winged Flufftail marsh, but decided it would take too long to walk to it so continued north to Jemmu Escarpment. Verreaux’s Eagle, Erckel’s Francolin and Ruepell’s Chat were seen before descending to the river and up other side in the dark to Alem Katema, where we experienced our first injura at the local hotel.

Oct 25  05.00 departure for the Nile bridge, arriving at 06.00. Soon saw Harwood’s Francolin by the reeds and continuing up the river had Speckle-fronted Weaver and several Palaearctic visitors including Masked Shrike and Olive Tree and Upcher’s Warblers. Rather warm by the time returned to the roadside acacias to look for Foxy Cisticola - dipped. Drove part way up escarpment, seeing White-billed Starling but no White-winged Cliff-Chat, Black-faced Firefinch or Yellow-rumped Serin. Left at 11.00 for Debre Birhan, soon stopping for Fox Kestrel, and checked in at Hotel Akalu - £2 a room with hot shower! Spent rest of afternoon at Ankober Serin site, with only MGA and AG seeing 8 birds 2km further down the road late on.

Oct 26  Soon after dawn at 3140m near Ankober, party of serins was located and watched at length, culminating in discovery of a nest with 2 pulli - probably the first ever; Moorland Francolin also present. Left at 09.00, through Ankober and on 18km to Melka Ghebdu (10.15). No Half-collared Kingfisher but White-winged Cliff-Chat, Abyssinian Slaty Flycatcher, a rare Semi-collared Flycatcher and eventually Yellow-throated Serin were located, allowing departure at 11.45 to Addis (as direct route to Awash was impassable), arriving 15.30 after lunch stop. Birded environs of Hotel Ghion till 16.30, while Gerum was occupied elsewhere, then made for Awash, initially in heavy traffic, arriving at Metahara at 19.45 - reasonable hotel with cold shower in room for £1-50.    

Oct 27  Alan and Gerum left at 04.00 to pick up guard from NP main entrance, returning at 04.45 for departure to Fentale Crater - reached at 06.30 after 2 punctures. Soon saw Boran Cisticola, with Bristle-crowned Starling and Yellow-throated Serin on way down, but no definite Sombre Rockchat. Returned to entrance at 11.30, seeing Somali Fiscal nearby, then to lava flow across lake. Walk of c.1km gave Spotted Eagle Owl in a narrow fissure, Pale Rock Sparrow flock and finally 2 Sombre Rockchats. 14.00-18.30 drive through Kudu Valley - 1 Gillett’s Lark (identified later) - to hot springs and back gave lots of sandgrouse and bustards, including 2 Arabian, but no interesting mammals. Intended to enter southern part of the NP for a spotlighting session but had to abort as guards insisted we must be out by 19.00. Night at Metahara. 

Oct 28  Late departure at 05.00 for Awash airstrip - no nightjars or coursers; then to waterfall, HQ, Oryx Plain and hotel for lunch, morning highlights being Scissortail Kite, Martial Eagle, Banded Barbet and Menetries Warbler. Left at 13.00 for Awasa, via Shashemene, stopping briefly at Awash Dam and Lake Ziway, reaching Unique Park Hotel (£3 single with shower) at 18.00. Lakeside at dusk gave a taste of what was to come, followed by spot-lighting a Wood-Owl in the Wabe Shaballe hotel grounds.

Oct 29  Awasa fish market grounds 06.00-10.30 were fruitful, with Rufous-necked Wryneck for 2 observers while the others had an excellent breakfast with porridge. Abyssinian Owl in eucalypts near Kofele, on road to Goba ; through Bale mountains, stopping at pool above Dinsho - Rouget’s Rail and Spot-breasted Lapwing - and on to Bale NP HQ where Abyssinian Ground-Thrush and Catbird, White-backed Tit and Cinnamon Bracken Warbler were seen during 17.00-18.15. Government Hotel, Goba at 19.15.

Oct 30  Reached Sof Omar at 07.30 after 05.00 start. Searched scenic Weyb River gorge for Salvadori’s Serin, eventually seen there by all except me who had walked back up to 1km beyond the village, and found 4 in a “finch” flock, and a single Fischer’s Starling. 

Returned to Goba 10.30-13.00, with stop 31km W of Sof Omar. Driven up hill after lunch and left in parkland habitat while Gerum returned to Goba for car repairs - White-cheeked Turaco and our only Abyssinian Woodpecker. Not picked up till 18.15, so unable to visit Sanetti Plateau as originally intended; another night at Goba.

Oct 31  05.00 start for drive across spectacular Sanetti Plateau: Montane Nightjar and Chestnut-naped Francolin but no Wattled Cranes, only Ruddy Shelduck on icy lakes and ponds. Best of all was 2 Simien Foxes crossing the road after dawn. Stops in Harrena Forest gave Banded Snake-Eagle, Brown Sawwing and Abyssinian Crimson-wing, with 3 Hunting Dogs by the roadside making it my best ever canine day. Lunch at Dolomona before long drive through hilly savanna, stopping at Ruspoli’s Turaco site 3km after crossing R Genale - no turacos but Spotted Morning-Thrush and Shelley’s and Golden-breasted Starlings. 12km later fruiting trees held numbers of orioles and starlings, but again no turacos. At Negele checked in to pleasant hotel at 19.00 - only £1 but no running water.

Nov 1   05.45 departure for Negele Plains (13km), finding Sidamo Lark soon after dawn and then a flock of Rufous Short-toed Lark feeding on other side of Arero track. 10.00-12.00 in Negele for breakfast, shopping and puncture repairs, before departing for Filtu and Bogol Manya. Stops either side of Filtu produced singing Gillett’s Lark, Somali Crombec, Banded Parisoma and, one of the biggest surprises of the trip, Salvadori’s Serin again. Three roadside Cheetahs at dusk were an even more welcome surprise, while Donaldson Smith’s Nightjar on the road was not unexpected.  Arrived 19.40 and slept uneasily in the meeting-house, with 2 armed guards.

Nov 2   Hassled by locals for more money while drinking tea in the village. Degodi Lark and Short-billed Crombec found 11km E, so continued to R Genale where Juba Weaver was seen with difficulty. Drove back through Bogol without stopping and on to Filtu; 25km to the E, Pygmy Batis and an unidentified form of Yellow-rumped Serin were observed, while Pringle’s Puffback and Grosbeak Canary were first seen 44km W of Filtu. After stopping at the Plains for our only Hartlaub’s Bustards, reached Negele at 18.10,  just in time to fill up on fuel and see Abdim’s Storks roosting in a nearby tree. The hotel management was so pleased to see us back, we were each given a bottle of red wine - useful for celebrating our success thus far!

Nov 3   Left for Wadera at 05.00, seeing first of many Bat-eared Foxes by the road. Ruspoli’s Turaco was plentiful along the 15km after Wadera, and a White-headed Vulture was in a vulture flock at a dead mule on return journey. Delayed at Negele from 09.30-11.45 by repairs to exhaust, then returned to plains to try to photo and record Sidamo Lark, but could not find any this time. Drove c.200km to Arero on poor roads, arriving 19.45. Stops after 89km gave Scaly Chatterer and a pair of Red-naped Bushshrike, with a Black-capped Social-Weaver colony at 91.8km, but failed to find Juba Weaver or Tiny Cisticola along the Dawa River. Heuglin’s Courser was spot-lighted on approaching Arero, where the hotel (80p a single) was very basic, with bed-bugs but no water. 

Nov 4   06.15-12.15 slow drive to Yabelo, with stops giving d’Arnaud’s Barbet, Bare-eyed Thrush and Black-cheeked Waxbill, then Stresemann’s Bushcrow and Piapiac. White-tailed Swallow was only seen 50km W of Yabelo, apart from distant views at the breeding farm (16km from Yabelo) after lunch. Soon saw Bare-faced Go-away-bird at the stake-out, while yet another puncture was repaired. Finally left for Konso 106km away at 15.00, the road being diabolical from 20km onwards. With 2 more flats, including the “repaired” tyre, and a leaking front tyre, no further stops were allowed. Relieved to reach Konso at 18.45, only to discover the “best” hotel was full, but an alternative was found for the princely sum of 70p a single.

Nov 5   Had to stay near Konso for puncture repairs, so birded hillsides 7km to SW (06.15-

08.30), seeing Yellow-rumped and Stripe-breasted Serins, Green-backed Eremomela, and Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-Weaver. After breakfast at Konso, drove 85km to Arba Minch and blew £5 each on rooms with hot showers at Bekele Molla Hotel, overlooking Nechisar NP. After an excellent lunch, visited the NP, with armed guard, and birded the 35km to the Hot Springs (15.30-18.10): White-bellied Cuckoo-Shrike and Grey-headed Bushshrike near HQ, White-tailed Lark on the plains and Blue-headed Coucal at Springs. Frustrating return journey with nightjars difficult to see well, but African Scops-Owl, Wild Cat and Civet were good consolations.

Nov 6   Back to Nechisar at 06.15: Narina Trogon, Red-capped Robin and Wattle-eye in mature riparian forest, Grant’s Wood-hoopoe in acacias and Yellowbill at the lakeside. At 10.30 returned to town to ring Experience Ethiopia who confirmed a replacement vehicle was on its way. Chilled out at hotel till 15.30 awaiting new vehicle but then returned to the NP. Further hour lost while Gerum attended to a boy who fell off his bike, hitting our vehicle. Finally reached the plains at 17.30, but no larks or response to Orange River Francolin tape, Temminck’s Courser being the only novelty. Nocturnal drives up and down the plains road produced 5 Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl, 1 Slender-tailed Nightjar and 2 nightjars in flight, but no Star-spotted or Nechisar. Reached hotel at 22.00 but still no new vehicle - it arrived at 23.00!

Nov 7   Arba Minch to Konso (85km) 05.00-07.00; breakfast while awaiting garage opening for fuel. 08.00-12.15 to Turmi (200km) where a few rolls of film were shot on the bare-breasted Hamer girls. Back 20km then right turn to Fejeje (65km) and slowly along track towards L Turkana: Chestnut-bellied and Black-faced Sandgrouse and lots of bustards except Heuglin’s. Relieved to find one of the latter after 15km, so able to return to Turmi, seeing Star-spotted Nightjar and 7 eagle-owls on the way. Hotel at 21.00, without water but room/ cell only 50p, 10p more than a bottle of beer.

Nov 8   Early start for Arba Minch, 04.00-10.00. Brunch, then on to Wondo Genet (11.30-15.30), birding vicinity of Tourist Hotel: Ayres’ Hawk-Eagle, Yellow-fronted Parrot, Half-collared Kingfisher, Green-backed Honeyguide and Brown Parisoma. Blew total of £38 for 2 rooms in the hotel.

Nov 9   06.00-09.15 continued search for new species near hotel, but unsuccessful this time. To Lake Langano after breakfast: stellar views of Fish-Eagle and Spotted Eagle-Owl but no weavers in breeding plumage, so identification of target Ruepell’s was rather tentative. Lake Abiata nearby was much better, with masses of waders and water-birds, including Black Crowned-Crane, Black-winged Pratincole and a flock of Pacific Golden Plover. A quick stop (16.30-17.00) at Lake Chaleklaka, Debre Zeit, 45km S of Addis, was rewarding with 300 Cranes, White-backed and Comb Ducks. Slow progress through Addis in the rush-hour, then 111km W to Alemshewa Hotel, Wolisso (£2-50 a single) for a hot shower and good meal at 20.30.  

Nov 10  05.00 departure for 55km to Gibe Gorge, 10km beyond Welkite. First stop at 06.10 produced a stunning male Black-faced firefinch nest-building and African Moustached Warbler. Further down the hill were many bishops and dull martins, the former including at least a few Black and the latter causing much debate on whether House Martins or “cliff swallows”. A walk along the river valley gave nothing of note; Yellow-rumped Serin was found higher up the gorge but no Uelle Paradise-Whydah. A stop 3km S of Welkite was unrewarding, so we retired to Wolisso for lunch, then returned to Welkite for another attempt to find Abyssinian Waxbill, successfully this time. Departed for Addis at 16.30, reaching Holiday Hotel at 19.10, for a final communal feast.

Nov 11  Settled up with EE; Simon, Alan and Nick departed, while Mike and I tried to get confirmed internal flights with EE’s help as they had failed to do this earlier as requested. Wait-listed but caught afternoon flight to Bahar Dar, where checked in at Nile Springs Hotel (£9 a double), by the lake. Birded around nearby Lake Tana Hotel, seeing a few new waterbirds; ate there and exchanged info with Sunbird tour leaders Steve and James.

Nov 12  06.15-07.15 bus to Tississat, then walk to spectacular Blue Nile Falls: more Yellow-rumped Seedeaters but nothing new. 11.15 bus back; Lake Tana and  Ghion Hotel grounds - Grey Plantain-eater and Yellow-crowned Bishop - then rented bikes and birded along the Nile - Black Crowned-Crane, Red-faced Cisticola and Yellow-mantled Widow - up to Palace hill, watching enormous numbers of Yellow Wagtails flying in to roost at dusk.

Nov 13  Birded Nile again, by bike - good views of Black Goshawk - before returning to hotel where Spotted Eagle-Owl and Wattle-eye were found in the grounds. Tried other side of town, with little success except Zebra Waxbill at the small public park near the Ghion, then took afternoon boat trip to island monastery - Pygmy Goose and Great Black-headed Gull. Watched roost flights near Nile bridge at dusk. 

Nov 14  Lake Tana Hotel, then 09.15 flight to Gonder. 12.00-14.30 castles in Royal Enclosure (£5 !) - Lammergeier, African Hawk-Eagle and Mocking-Chat - then to Debre Birhan Selassie, a scenic ancient church. Night at reasonable Hotel Expo (£5 a double).

Nov 15  Morning in valley below Debre Birhan Selassie (left fork before the church): Black Stork and close studies of White-winged Cliff-Chat and a variety of wheatears. Afternoon flight to Lalibela - Hotel Helen (£5 a double) and first tour of rock churches.  

Nov 16  Morning trek to site of mountain church - Rueppell’s Black-Chat, more Cliff-Chats and flock of Ortolans, but no cliff-swallows. Weekly market, rock church tour, capped by local song and dance performance at Roha Hotel.

Nov 17  Pleasant birding along 5km of road to cave church - Hemprich’s Hornbill and Little Rock-Thrush. Afternoon flight to Addis over innumerable plateaux, cliffs and gorges; Holiday Hotel.

Nov 18  05.30-06.30 taxi to Gerfasa Res to check out a possible Shining Blue Kingfisher, actually Half-collared - lots of waterbirds but had to leave at 08.10. Departed in the rain on 11.30 flight to London. Brilliant trip!


Taxonomy, names and sequence based on Birds of the World: A Checklist by JF Clements (1991) with additions and modifications as indicated and endemics in capitals. Notable records for the additional JH & MGA week are given in parenthesis. R Genale refers to the river 25km southeast of Bogol Manya, while Genale Valley is the area near the river Genale west of Negele, including 15km further east.                  

[(Somali) Ostrich,  Struthio camelus molybdophanes]

8 feral-breeding birds near Awash Dam.   

Little Grebe,  Tachybaptus ruficollis

9 Dinsho, 10 Debre Zeit

Black-necked Grebe,  Podiceps nigricollis

6 Abiata. [1 L Tana]

Long-tailed Cormorant,  Phalacrocorax africanus

50 Awasa, 5 Langano. [100 L Tana]

Great (White-breasted) Cormorant,  Phalacrocorax carbo

60 Awasa, 50 Langano (nesting) and a few elsewhere.

African Darter,  Anhinga rufa

Singles Awasa and R Dawa. [15 L Tana]

Great White Pelican,  Pelecanus onocrotalus

2 Awasa, 5 Abiata.

Pink-backed Pelican,  Pelecanus rufescens

1 Awash, 5 Awasa, 15 Abiata. [100 L Tana]

Fulvous Whistling-Duck,  Dendrocygna bicolor

20 Abiata. [100 L Tana]

White-backed Duck,  Thalassornis leuconotus

2 Debre Zeit.

BLUE-WINGED GOOSE,  Cyanochen cyanopterus

6 Sululta Plain, 10 Debre Birhan and Sanetti Plateau, 60 Sof Omar - Goba. [ 20 Gerfasa Res]

Egyptian Goose,  Alopochen aegyptiacus

Common on almost all waters, with a max of 100 at Abiata.

Ruddy Shelduck,  Tadorna ferruginea

8 Sanetti Plateau.

Spur-winged Goose,  Plectropterus gambensis

3 Awash Dam, Abiata and Debre Zeit, 1 Sanetti Plateau. [2 Gerfasa Res]

Comb Duck,  Sarkidiornis melanotos

2 Debre Zeit. [ 3 Gerfasa Res]

Yellow-billed Duck,  Anas undulata

12 Dinsho, 10 Sanetti Plateau and Debre Zeit. [ 20 Gerfasa Res]

African Black Duck,  Anas sparsa

2 Dinsho. [ 2 Gerfasa Res]

Garganey,  Anas querquedula

Singles at Dinsho and near Bogol Manya, 20 Debre Zeit.

Northern Shoveler,  Anas clypeata

2 Dinsho, 50 Abiata, 20 Debre Zeit. [ 10 Gerfasa Res]

Southern Pochard,  Netta erythrophthalma

20 Abiata, 10 Debre Zeit, 2 Sanetti Plateau.

Greater Flamingo,  Phoenicopterus ruber

6 Abiata.

Lesser Flamingo,  Phoenicopterus minor

1 Awash, 300 Abiata.

Black Heron,  Egretta ardesiaca

1 Awasa.

Little Egret,  Egretta garzetta

1 Awash, 5 Awasa, 30 Abiata.

Intermediate Egret, Egretta intermedia

A few throughout.

Grey Heron,  Ardea cinerea

A few throughout th ewetter region, with a max of 10 at Abiata. [10 L Tana]

Black-headed Heron,  Ardea melanocephala

1 or 2 at waters throughout.

Goliath Heron,  Ardea goliath

2 Awasa.

Purple Heron,  Ardea purpurea

Singles Awash and Awasa, 2 Abiata. [Singles daily L Tana]

Great Egret,  Casmerodius/ Egretta albus

3 Awasa, 15 Abiata.

Cattle Egret,  Bubulcus ibis

Common throughout.

Squacco Heron,  Ardeola ralloides

10 Awasa. [15 L Tana]

Striated (Green-backed) Heron,  Butorides striatus

1 R Genale, 2 R Dawa and Nechisar. [5 L Tana]

Little Bittern,  Ixobrychus minutus

2 Awasa.

Hamerkop,  Scopus umbretta

100 Awasa and a few on 7 days elsewhere.

Glossy Ibis,  Plegadis falcinellus

1 Konso, 10 Abiata. [250 L Tana]

Hadada Ibis,  Bostrychia hagedash

2 Awasa and Nechisar, 3 Wondo Genet. [10 L Tana]

WATTLED IBIS,  Bostrychia carunculata

60 Sululta Plain, 100 Bale NP and smaller numbers elsewhere in the highlands.

Sacred Ibis,  Threskiornis aethiopicus

Common throughout the highlands, with 50 Awasa and Abiata. [50  L Tana]

African Spoonbill,  Platalea alba

10 Awasa and Abiata. [3 Gerfasa Res]

Yellow-billed Stork,  Mycteria ibis

8 Awash, 2 Negele.

Abdim's Stork,  Ciconia abdimii

40 Negele.

Saddle-billed Stork,  Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis

1 Abiata.

Marabou Stork,  Leptoptilos crumeniferus

100 Awasa (nesting) and several elsewhere.

Osprey,  Pandion haliaetus

1 Awash. [2 singles L Tana]

Black-shouldered Kite,  Elanus caeruleus

1 or 2 most days, with 4 Sof Omar - Goba and Wondo Genet - Abiata.

Scissor-tailed Kite,  Chelictinia riocourii

2 Awash, one 7km W of Filtu.

Black (Yellow-billed) Kite,  Milvus migrans

Up to 50 daily.

African Fish-Eagle,  Haliaeetus vocifer

Pairs on most waters, with 8 at Awasa. [6 L Tana]

Lammergeier,  Gypaetus barbatus

3 Jemmu Valley, singles Melka Ghebdu and Awash. [3-4 Gonder, 2 Lalibela]

Egyptian Vulture,  Neophron percnopterus

1 Awash, 5 Filtu.

Hooded Vulture,  Necrosyrtes monachus

Widespread and common with up to 30 daily.

White-backed Vulture,  Gyps africanus

Widespread and fairly common, with 20 max at Goba.

Rueppell's Griffon,  Gyps rueppellii

3 Awash.

Eurasian Griffon,  Gyps fulvus

1 Jemmu Valley.

White-headed Vulture,  Trigonoceps occipitalis

Singles 60km W of Filtu and near Wadera, 2 Konso - Turmi.

Short-toed Eagle,  Circaetus gallicus

1 Jemmu Valley.

Black-chested Snake-Eagle,  Circaetus pectoralis

Singles on 6 days in the south.

Brown Snake-Eagle,  Circaetus cinereus

2 Jemmu Valley, 3 Arba Minch - Wondo Genet and 1 at Wondo Genet.

Banded Snake-Eagle,  Circaetus cinerascens

1 perched above the road through Harrena forest.

Bateleur,  Terathopius ecaudatus

Widespread with up to 4 on 10 days.

Western Marsh-Harrier,  Circus aeruginosus

Singles Jemmu, Awash and Abiata, 3 Arba Minch - Wondo Genet. [5 L Tana, 1 Gerfasa Res]

Pallid Harrier,  Circus macrourus

1 or 2 on 6 days in the highlands, with 4 at Nechisar NP.

Montagu's Harrier,  Circus pygargus

Commoner than macrourus with up to 5 on 11 days.

African Harrier-Hawk,  Polyboroides typus

2 Awasa, singles Nechisar NP and Wondo Genet.

Dark Chanting-Goshawk,  Melierax metabates

2 singles at Nechisar NP were only ones identified but probably overlooked. [3 sigles L Tana]

Eastern Chanting-Goshawk,  Melierax poliopterus

Widespread with up to 5 on many days.

Gabar Goshawk,  Melierax gabar

2 singles Awash and one 50km E of Yabelo.

Shikra,  Accipiter badius

Singles Jemmu Valley and R Genale, 2 R Dawa.

Little Sparrowhawk,  Accipiter minullus

One near Arba Minch. 

Grasshopper Buzzard,  Butastur rufipennis

Up to 4 daily in S/SE.

Common Buzzard,  Buteo buteo

Singles Melka Ghebdu, Dinsho, Wondo Genet and Gibe Gorge. [1 Gonder, 2 Lalibela]

Augur Buzzard,  Buteo augur

Widespread and common, with up to 10 most days.

Lesser Spotted Eagle,  Aquila pomarina

1 at Gibe Gorge was the only record.

Tawny Eagle,  Aquila rapax

Singles at Melka Ghebdu, Konso - Arba Minch and Nechisar, 2 at Awash. [2 Gonder]

Steppe Eagle,  Aquila nipalensis

1 or 2 on 7 days, with 4 Gibe Gorge - Welkite. [2 Gonder and Lalibela]

Imperial Eagle,  Aquila heliaca

Singles Jemmu Valley and near Filtu, 2 Arero - Konso. [2 Nile Valley and 1 Lalibela]

Wahlberg's Eagle,  Aquila wahlbergi

2 Jemmu Valley and singles at R Dawa and Negele - Arero.

Verreaux's Eagle,  Aquila verreauxii

1 Jemmu Valley and 2 Melka Ghebdu.

African Hawk-Eagle,  Hieraaetus spilogaster

2 Sof Omar, 1 near Filtu. [Singles Gonder and L Tana]

Booted Eagle,  Hieraaetus pennatus

2 Awash on 2 days. [1 Gonder]

Ayres' Hawk-Eagle,  Hieraaetus ayresii

Singles at Wondo Genet and Gibe Gorge.

Martial Eagle,  Polemaetus bellicosus

2 Awash and singles Negele Plains and Bale NP.

Long-crested Eagle,  Lophaetus occipitalis

Widespread and fairly common with up to 3 on 10 days and 6 around Gibe Gorge.

Pygmy Falcon,  Polihierax semitorquatus

3 Awash, 5 Bogol Manya - Negele, 2 near Wadera, singles Arero - Konso and Konso - Turmi.

Lesser Kestrel,  Falco naumanni

2 Awash.

Eurasian Kestrel,  Falco tinnunculus

Widespread with up to 10 daily.

Fox Kestrel,  Falco alopex

A good sighting of 1 perched in Jemmu Valley.

Red-necked Falcon,  Falco chicquera

A pair between Addis and Awash.

Sooty Falcon,  Falco concolor

A male in flight near Bale NP HQ, Dinsho.

Eurasian Hobby,  Falco subbuteo

4 singles: Jemmu Valley, Addis - Awash, Negele Plains and near Filtu.

Lanner Falcon,  Falco biarmicus

2 or 3 Jemmu Valley, 2 Awash and 2 Sof Omar (mating).

Peregrine Falcon,  Falco peregrinus

1 Sof Omar

Helmeted Guineafowl,  Numida meleagris

Common, with a max of 100 at Nechisar NP.

Vulturine Guineafowl,  Acryllium vulturinum

Locally common in the S, with 200 Arero - Yabelo.

Coqui Francolin,  Francolinus coqui

2 near Filtu, 4 Negele - Arero, 1 Welkite.

Moorland Francolin,  Francolinus psilolaemus

4 at the Ankober Serin site was the only record. 

Crested Francolin,  Francolinus sephaena

Widespread with up to 10 on most days and 25 Arero - Konso.

HARWOOD'S FRANCOLIN,  Francolinus harwoodi

3 Jemmu Valley.

Erckel's Francolin,  Francolinus erckelii

3 Jemmu Escarpment, 5 Ankober. [6 Lalibela]

Chestnut-naped Francolin,  Francolinus castaneicollis

2 Bale/ Dinsho and Wondo Genet, 10 Sanetti Plateau.

Yellow-necked Spurfowl,  Francolinus leucoscepus

Widespread with up to 12 on 8 days.

Common Quail,  Coturnix coturnix

1 heard Sof Omar.

Harlequin Quail,  Coturnix delegorguei

2 on Fantale Crater, Awash and Sof Omar.

Stone Partridge,  Ptilopachus petrosus

2 Jemmu Valley.

ROUGET'S RAIL,  Rougetius rougetii

12 above Dinsho and Sanetti Plateau.

Black Crake,  Amaurornis flavirostra

5 Awasa. [2 singles L Tana]

Red-knobbed Coot,  Fulica cristata

8 Awasa, 10 Debre Zeit. [20 L Tana]

Common Crane,  Grus grus

6 Sululta Plains and Ankober, 3 Jemmu Valley, 300 Debre Zeit and 10 Welkite - Addis.

Black Crowned-Crane,  Balearica pavonina

1 L Abiata. [5 L Tana]

Heuglin's Bustard,  Neotis heuglinii

A female 14km S of Fejeje.

Arabian Bustard,  Ardeotis arabs

2 Kudu Plains, Awash.

Kori Bustard,  Ardeotis kori

3 Awash, 5 Nechisar, 1 Fejeje.

Buff-crested Bustard,  Eupodotis gindiana

By far the commonest bustard, with up to 8 Awash, 12 Negele - Bogol Manya, 15 Fejeje and a few elsewhere.

White-bellied Bustard,  Eupodotis senegalensis

3 Awash and Negele Plains, 1 near Bogol Manyo.

Black-bellied Bustard,  Eupodotis melanogaster

A female at Fejeje.

Hartlaub's Bustard,  Eupodotis hartlaubii

None at Awash but 1 at Negele Plains.

African Jacana,  Actophilornis africanus

8 Awasa. [20  L Tana]

Common Snipe,  Gallinago gallinago

1 Abiata. [A snipe at L Tana may have been this sp. or African Snipe,  Gallinago nigripennis]

Black-tailed Godwit,  Limosa limosa

15 Abiata.

Marsh Sandpiper,  Tringa stagnatilis

3 Abiata.

Common Greenshank,  Tringa nebularia

1 or 2 on 6 days, with 4 above Dinsho.

Green Sandpiper,  Tringa ochropus

Widespread with up to 4 on 9 days.

Wood Sandpiper,  Tringa glareola

1 or 2 on 5 days.

Common Sandpiper,  Tringa hypoleucos

Widespread with upto 3 on most days.

Little Stint,  Calidris minuta

Singles Awash lake and Hot Springs, 6 Abiata.

Temminck's Stint,  Calidris temminckii

1 Awash Hot Springs.

Ruff,  Philomachus pugnax

1 at Awash Dam was a prelude to 600 Abiata! [25 L Tana, 20 Gonder]

Eurasian Thick-knee,  Burhinus oedicnemus

A flock of 22 at Awash.

Senegal Thick-knee,  Burhinus senegalensis

8 Awash Dam, 2 above Dinsho.

Water Thick-knee,  Burhinus vermiculatus

3 at R Genale.  

Spotted Thick-knee,  Burhinus capensis

2 Sof Omar - Goba,10 Negele - Bogol Manya, 15 Fejeje - Turmi and singles 3 days in the S.

Black-winged Stilt,  Himantopus himantopus

40 Abiata and a few elsewhere.

Pied Avocet,  Recurvirostra avosetta

7 Abiata.

Three-banded Courser,  Rhinoptilus cinctus

5 spot-lighted, mostly singly, on the approach to Arero.

Somali (Cream-coloured) Courser,  Cursorius (cursor) somalensis

11 of this species, split by Zimmerman et al (1996), including at least 1 juv 2km E of Bogol Manya.

Temminck's Courser,  Cursorius temminckii

5 Nechisar.

Collared Pratincole,  Glareola pratincola

1 Awash Dam, 2 Abiata.

Black-winged Pratincole,  Glareola nordmanni

An Abiata was a pleasant surprise.

Pacific Golden-Plover,  Pluvialis fulva

c.45 at Abiata.

Little Ringed Plover,  Charadrius dubius

1 at Awash. [1 Gonder]

Kittlitz's Plover,  Charadrius pecuarius

6 Abiata.

Three-banded Plover,  Charadrius tricollaris

4 Sululta Plains, 3 Jemmu Valley, 1 Awash, 2 Dinsho, 5 Sof Omar. [2 Gonder]

Spur-winged Plover,  Vanellus spinosus

Widespread with up to 6 on 9 days and 60 at L Langano.

SPOT-BREASTED LAPWING,  Vanellus melanocephalus

50 above Dinsho was the only sighting.

Wattled Lapwing,  Vanellus senegallus

1 Nechisar NP, 4 Arba Minch - Konso. [2 Nile Valley]

Black-winged Lapwing,  Vanellus melanopterus

100 Jemmu Valley, 50 Negele Plains, 8 Yabelo - Konso.

Crowned Lapwing,  Vanellus coronatus

Widespread with 2 on 6 days, 8 Filtu - Negele and 6 Wadera - Arero.

Heuglin’s Gull,  Larus heuglini

1 Abiata.

Lesser Black-backed Gull,  Larus fuscus

2 Ziway,1 Abiata. [10 L Tana]

Grey-headed Gull,  Larus cirrocephalus

20 Ziway / Awasa, 8 Abiata. [1 L Tana]

Common Black-headed Gull,  Larus ridibundus

20 Abiata. [100 L Tana]

Whiskered Tern,  Chlidonias hybridus

10 Ziway, 20 Awasa.

White-winged Tern,  Chlidonias leucopterus

1 Ziway, 2 Awasa, 35 Abiata. [500 L Tana / R Nile]

Gull-billed Tern,  Sterna nilotica

1 Ziway, 2 Awasa, 5 Abiata. [2 L Tana]

Caspian Tern,  Sterna caspia

1 at Abiata was the only record.

Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse,  Pterocles exustus

At least 50 at Fejeje, only.

Yellow-throated Sandgrouse,  Pterocles gutturalis

15 Nechisar and 1 above Gibe Gorge. 

Black-faced Sandgrouse,  Pterocles decoratus

2 R Genale, 15 Fejeje.

Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse,  Pterocles lichtensteinii

50 Awash, 11 near Bogol Manya, 3 Arero, 2 Yabelo - Konso, 6 Fejeje.

Speckled Pigeon,  Columba guinea

Widespread and abundant.

WHITE-COLLARED PIGEON,  Columba albitorques

Common, with up to 100 a day, except in the S/SE where absent.

African (Rameron/ Olive) Pigeon,  Columba arquatrix

6 Wondo Genet.

Lemon Dove,  Columba larvata

4 Wondo Genet.

European Turtle-Dove,  Streptopelia turtur

1 over Negele Plains.

Dusky Turtle-Dove,  Streptopelia lugens

Widespread withup to 30 on 9 days.

Laughing Dove,  Streptopelia senegalensis

Widespread and abundant.

African Mourning Dove,  Streptopelia decipiens

10 at Awasa, Nechisar and Wondo Genet.

Ring-necked Dove,  Streptopelia capicola

2 Jemmue Valley, 5 Yabelo - Konso.

Red-eyed Dove,  Streptopelia semitorquata

10-20 daily in the S, with 50 at Awasa.

African Collared-Dove,  Streptopelia roseogrisea

1 at Awash was the only definite record.

White-winged Collared-Dove,  Streptopelia reichenowi

10 R Genale, 1 R Dawa.

Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove,  Turtur chalcospilos

Widespread in small numbers, with a max of 20 at Nechisar.

Blue-spotted Wood-Dove,  Turtur afer

2 Gibe Gorge.

Tambourine Dove,  Turtur tympanistria

1 Nechisar NP, 3 Wondo Genet.

Namaqua Dove,  Oena capensis

Widespread and common.

Bruce's Green-Pigeon,  Treron waalia

Scarce in the highlands, up to 5 on 8 days elsewhere.

YELLOW-FRONTED PARROT,  Poicephalus flavifrons

30 Wondo Genet. [4 L Tana Hotel]

Red(Orange)-bellied Parrot,  Poicephalus rufiventris

5 Sof Omar, 6 Nechisar and 1 or 2 near Bogol Manya and R Dawa.

BLACK-WINGED LOVEBIRD,  Agapornis taranta

7 Awasa, 3 Harrena Forest, 8 Wondo Genet, 2 Addis airport. [10 L Tana, Gonder and


Speckled Mousebird,  Colius striatus

Widespread and common, with max of 100 around Awasa.

Blue-naped Mousebird,  Urocolius macrourus

20 Sof Omar, 4 near Bogol Manya and Yabelo - Konso

White-cheeked Turaco,  Tauraco leucotis

2 Goba and Wondo Genet, singles Harrena Forest and Welkite. [1 L Tana]

PRINCE RUSPOLI'S TURACO,  Tauraco ruspolii

12 up to 15km S of Wadera.

Bare-faced Go-away-bird,  Corythaixoides personata

5 Yabelo.

White-bellied Go-away-bird,  Corythaixoides leucogaster

Widespread and common, with max of 20 Arero - Konso.

Pied (Jacobin) Cuckoo,  Oxylophus jacobinus

1 Awash.

Levaillant's (Striped) Cuckoo,  Oxylophus levaillantii

Singles Awash and Yabelo - Konso.

Red-chested Cuckoo,  Cuculus solitarius

1 heard Genale Valley.

Common Cuckoo,  Cuculus canorus

1 Awasa. Single cuckoos at Sululta Plain and 44km W of Filtu were thought to be this sp. but could possibly have been African Cuckoo, Cuculus gularis.

Klaas' Cuckoo,  Chrysococcyx klaas

1 at Melka Ghubda.

Dideric Cuckoo,  Chrysococcyx caprius

A female near Filtu.

Yellowbill,  Ceuthmochares aereus

1 in lakeside bushes at Nechisar.

Blue-headed Coucal,  Centropus monachus

2 Nechisar hot springs.

Senegal Coucal,  Centropus senegalensis

3 Awasa, singles Jemmu Valley, Wadera and Konso - Arba Minch, 2 Nechisar and 4 Gibe Gorge.

White-browed Coucal,  Centropus superciliosus

2 Awash at 2 sites, singles Sof Omar, R Genale and Nechisar.

African Scops-Owl,  Otus senegalensis

2 spot-lighted at Nechisar.

Spotted Eagle-Owl,  Bubo africanus

Singles Awash and L Langano, 2 Fejeje - Turmi. [1 L Tana]

Verreaux's Eagle-Owl,  Bubo lacteus

Singles Awash main gate and Nechisar HQ, 2 near Bogol Manya, 5 Nechisar Plains and Fejeje - Turmi.

African Wood-Owl,  Strix woodfordii

1 Awasa.

Abyssinian Owl,  Asio abyssinicus

1 Kofele.

Sombre (Dusky) Nightjar,  Caprimulgus fraenatus

3 near Bogol Manya.

[Nubian Nightjar,  Caprimulgus nubicus]

A nightjar spot-lighted between Alem Katima and Jemmu Valley appeared to be this sp. but identification was not certain.

Donaldson-Smith's Nightjar,  Caprimulgus donaldsoni

Singles near Bogol Manya and Fejeje, 4 near Arero, 2 Nechisar NP.

Montane Nightjar,  Caprimulgus poliocephalus

3 Bale NP.

Star-spotted Nightjar,  Caprimulgus stellatus

2 spotlighted on the road between Fejeje - Turmi were identified as this sp., although the possibility of Plain Nightjar C.inornatus is still “worrying” one observer.

Slender-tailed Nightjar,  Caprimulgus clarus

2 Nechisar, Fejeje - Turmi and Turmi - Konso.

African Palm-Swift,  Cypsiurus parvus

30 Awash hot springs, 4 R Genale.

Alpine Swift,  Tachymarptis melba

2 Sof Omar.

Common Swift,  Apus apus

20 Jemmu Valley.

Nyanza Swift,  Apus niansae

4 Melka Ghebdu, 40 Sof Omar, 20 Gibe Gorge. [10 Lalibela]

Little Swift,  Apus affinis

2 Sof Omar, 30 Arba Minch and Gibe Gorge. [5 L Tana]

Horus Swift,  Apus horus

10 Jemmu Valley. [7 L Tana]

Narina Trogon,  Apaloderma narina

1 Harrena Forest, 3 riverine / gallery forest, Nechisar NP.

Half-collared Kingfisher,  Alcedo semitorquata

2 Wondo Genet. [1 Gerfasa Res]

Malachite Kingfisher,  Alcedo cristata

3 Awash, 10 Awasa. [6 L Tana]

African Pygmy-Kingfisher,  Ispidina picta

1 Welkite.

Grey-headed (Chestnut-bellied) Kingfisher,  Halcyon leucocephala

1 or 2 at 6 sites, with 4 at Awasa. [2 Nile Valley]

Woodland (Senegal) Kingfisher,  Halcyon senegalensis

10 Awasa, 1 Nechisar. [2 Nile Valley

Striped Kingfisher,  Halcyon chelicuti

3 Awash, 1 Konso - Arba Minch, 2 Wondo Genet and Gibe Gorge. [6 L Tana]

Giant Kingfisher,  Megaceryle maxima

2 Jemmu Valley, singles Awasa and Nechisar. [3 singles L Tana]

Pied Kingfisher,  Ceryle rudis

A few at most waters. [15 roosting on an islet in L Tana]

Little Bee-eater,  Merops pusillus

10 Jemmu Valley and 2 area of Awash, 4 Wondo genet and a few en route.

Blue-fronted (breasted) Bee-eater,  Merops (variegatus) lafresnayii

This taxon, restricted to Ethiopia and Sudan, is treated as a full species by Dowsett and Dowsett-Lemaire, although not by Clements or Fry et al.  2 Jemmu Valley, Awasa and Sof Omar, 10 Melka Ghebdu, 6 R. Genale, 5 Gibe Gorge. [8 L Tana, 2 Lalibela] 

Blue-cheeked Bee-eater,  Merops persicus

3 Konso - Turmi.

Madagascar Bee-eater,  Merops superciliosus

50 Awash, 2 Yabelo - Konso.

European Bee-eater,  Merops apiaster

2 near Bogol Manya, 10 Gibe Gorge.

Northern Carmine Bee-eater,  Merops nubicus

Widespread and locally comon en route, with a max of 60 near Arba Minch.

European Roller,  Coracias garrulus

2 Awash.

Abyssinian Roller,  Coracias abyssinica

Widespread with a max of 10 at Awash.

Lilac-breasted Roller,  Coracias caudata

Only in the S/SE with a daily max of 10.

Rufous-crowned Roller,  Coracias naevia

Widespread but only 1 or 2 on 6 days.

Broad-billed Roller,  Eurystomus glaucurus

1 Nechisar.

Eurasian Hoopoe,  Upupa epops

Widespread with up to 8 on most days, the majority appearing to be the resident senegalensis race.

Grant’s (Violet) Woodhoopoe,  Phoeniculus (damarensis) granti

4 in acacias at Nechisar were the only Phoeniculus with all-red bills.

Black-billed Woodhoopoe,  Phoeniculus somaliensis

Widespread with up to 10 on 7 days. [10 L Tana, 2 Lalibela, 3 Gerfas Res]

Abyssinian Scimitarbill,  Rhinopomastus minor

3 Awash, 4-6 near Filtu and 1 89km W of Negele.

Red-billed Hornbill,  Tockus erythrorhynchus

Widespread and common, with 20 max Bogol Manya - Negele.

Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill,  Tockus flavirostris

Widespread with 20 max in the S.

Von der Decken's Hornbill,  Tockus deckeni

Widespread with pairs on 11 days.

Hemprich's Hornbill,  Tockus hemprichii

2 Wadera, 10 Konso - Arba Minch, 4 Wondo Genet. [2 Lalibela]

African Grey Hornbill,  Tockus nasutus

Widespread with a max of 6 at Awash.

Silvery-cheeked Hornbill,  Ceratogymna brevis

Widespread and locally common, with 20 Awasa, 7 Wadera and 10 Wondo Genet. [10 L


Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill,  Bucorvus abyssinicus

Widespread with up to 4 on 9 days.

Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird,  Pogoniulus chrysoconus

2 Wadera and 1 Gige Gorge. [2 L Tana]

Red-fronted Tinkerbird,  Pogoniulus pusillus

Singles Jemmu Valley, Sof Omar and Konso, 2 Nechisar.

Red-fronted Barbet,  Tricholaema diademata

3 Awash, singles Negele - Arero, Konso and Nechisar.

Black-throated Barbet,  Tricholaema melanocephala

2 near Filtu and 91.8km W of Negele, 1 Arero - Yabelo.

BANDED BARBET,  Lybius undatus

7 Awash Dam - Awasa, singles Genale Valley and Wondo Genet. [1 L Tana]

Black-billed Barbet,  Lybius guifsobalito

6 Jemmu Valley, 4 Melka Ghebu, 2 Konso and Gibe Gorge. [1 L Tana]

Double-toothed Barbet,  Lybius bidentatus

2 singles Wondo Genet. [1 L Tana]

Yellow-breasted Barbet,  Trachyphonus margaritatus

1 Melka Ghebdu, 10 Awash (mainly on Fantale crater).

Red-and-yellow Barbet,  Trachyphonus erythrocephalus

3 Genale Valley, 1 Bogol Manya and Fejeje.

D'Arnaud's Barbet,  Trachyphonus darnaudii

4 Arero - Yabelo.

Greater Honeyguide,  Indicator indicator

4 Sof Omar, singles Konso, Nechisar and Wondo Genet.

Lesser Honeyguide,  Indicator minor

Singles Awasa and Wondo Genet.

Green-backed Honeyguide,  Prodotiscus zambesiae

1 at Wondo Genet on 8.11.

Wahlberg's (Brown-backed) Honeyguide,  Prodotiscus regulus

1 Awasa.

Eurasian Wryneck,  Jynx torquilla

2 Awasa, 1 Gibe Gorge. [1 L Tana and Gonder]

Rufous-necked Wryneck,  Jynx ruficollis

2 Awasa.

Nubian Woodpecker,  Campethera nubica

Widespread with up to 4 on 8 days, mainly in the S. [1 L Tana]

ABYSSINIAN WOODPECKER,  Dendropicos abyssinicus

A female near Goba was the only record.

Cardinal Woodpecker,  Dendropicos fuscescens

1 or 2 daily in the S.

Bearded Woodpecker,  Dendropicos namaquus

1 Awash, 2 Arero - Yabelo and Nechisar.

Grey-headed Woodpecker,  Dendropicos spodocephalus

Singles Awasa and Genale Valley, 2-3 Wondo Genet. [1 L Tana and Lalibela, 2 Gonder]

Sand Martin,  Riparia riparia

2 Jemmu Valley and singles Awash, Negele Plains and Arba Minch . [Many thousands

roosting in reeds at L Tana]

Plain (African Sand) Martin,  Riparia paludicola

50 Jemmu Valley and Awash Dam / L Ziway.

Banded Martin,  Riparia cincta

10 en route to Jemmu escarpment.     

(African) Rock Martin,  Hirundo fuligula

Present at most cliffs with a max of 20 at Jemmu Escarpment.

Barn Swallow,  Hirundo rustica

Abundant thoughout.

Red-chested Swallow,  Hirundo lucida

10 Sululta Plain.

Ethiopian Swallow,  Hirundo aethiopica

Only 2 identified, at Awash Dam, but probably overlooked elsewhere.

Wire-tailed Swallow,  Hirundo smithii

5 Jemmu Valley and welkite, 1 Awash, 2 Nechisar. [Pair feeding fledglings L Tana]

WHITE-TAILED SWALLOW,  Hirundo megaensis

Two 50km W of Yabelo and 16km to N.

Lesser Striped-Swallow,  Hirundo abyssinica

1 Yabelo - Konso and 40 Gibe Gorge.

Mosque Swallow,  Hirundo senegalensis

10 Sululta Plain      and 4 Gibe Gorge.

Red-rumped Swallow,  Hirundo daurica

5 Jemmu Valley, 2 Awasa. [10 Nile Valley]

House Martin,  Delichon urbica

2 Jemmu Valley and 500 at Gibe Gorge, so brown and worn that we could not believe they

were this sp.

BROWN SAWWING,  Psalidoprocne antinorii

20 Harrena Forest, 80 Wondo Genet, 30 Gibe Gorge, 2 Welkite.

African Paradise-Flycatcher,  Terpsiphone viridis

Widespread with up to 4 on 11 days. [15 max L Tana]

Fork-tailed Drongo,  Dicrurus adsimilis

Widespread and common, with 20 max Negele - Bogol Manya, but none in the N.

STRESEMANN'S BUSH-CROW,  Zavattariornis stresemanni

100 Arero - Yabelo only, apparently nesting colonially (contra published literature).

Red-billed Chough,  Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax

2 above Dinsho and 2 pairs Sanetti Plateau.

Piapiac,  Ptilostomus afer

1 imm. (dull pink thickish bill, otherwise like long-tailed starling but no red in wing) feeding on

the ground in vicinity of cattle and Stresemann's Bush-Crows, halfway between Arero and Yabelo.

Cape Crow,  Corvus capensis

Common around Addis, to the N and to Bale, with up to 50 a day.

Pied Crow,  Corvus albus

Similar in numbers and distribution to capensis. Replaced by Dwarf Raven, C. a. edithae in

the SE, with 80 near Sof Omar and 50 near Filtu. 

Fan-tailed Raven,  Corvus rhipidurus

Widespread and common in the S, with up to 50 at Arba Minch / Nechisar and Wondo Genet, but scarce in the N.

THICK-BILLED RAVEN,  Corvus crassirostris

8 Awasa, 2 Negele and Arba Minch, 1 Konso. [2 Lalibela]

Eurasian Golden-Oriole,  Oriolus oriolus

Singles at Jemmu Valley, Awash (twice) and Sof Omar, 15 Genale Valley.


4 Harrena Forest, 3 Genale Valley, 2 Wadera and Konso, 10 Wondo Genet. [6 Nile Falls]

African Black-headed Oriole,  Oriolus larvatus

1 Genale Valley, 2 Nechisar.

White-breasted Cuckoo-shrike,  Coracina pectoralis

2 pairs in gallery forest at Nechisar.

Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike,  Campephaga phoenicea

1 at Awasa.

Black Cuckoo-shrike,  Campephaga flava

2 Sof Omar and Harrena Forest, 1 near Filtu.

Red-backed Shrike,  Lanius collurio

1 Jemmu Valley, 5 Awash, 4 near Filtu, 2 singles Konso.

Rufous-tailed Shrike,  Lanius isabellinus

Widespread with up to 4 on 8 days. [3 singles L Tana]

Southern Great Grey (Northern) Shrike,  Lanius (excubitor) meridionalis

4 at Awash.

Grey-backed Fiscal,  Lanius excubitoroides

5 L Ziway and Awash, 2 Konso and Nechisar, 3 Wadera and Welkite.

Taita Fiscal,  Lanius dorsalis

2 near Filtu, 1 Yabelo - Konso.

Somali Fiscal,  Lanius somalicus

1 on the plain below Fantale Crater, Awash.

Common Fiscal,  Lanius collaris

Widespread with up to 10 daily, although few in the S/SE.

Woodchat Shrike,  Lanius senator

5 near Fantale Crater and 2 elsewhere at Awash. [1 L Tana]

Masked Shrike,  Lanius nubicus

1 Jemmu Valley.

White-rumped (Northern White-crowned) Shrike,  Eurocephalus ruepelli

Widespread but mainly in the S/SE, with up to 10 daily and 40 Arero - Konso.

Brubru,  Nilaus afer

2-3 daily in the Awash - Nechisar area and 8 Arero - Yabelo.

Northern Puffback,  Dryoscopus gambensis

Singles Nechisar, Wondo Genet and Gibe Gorge.

Pringle's Puffback,  Dryoscopus pringlii

1 or 2  20km E and 44km W of Filtu, 1 R Dawa, 3 Arero - Yabelo. 

Black-crowned Tchagra,  Tchagra senegala

Wide but thinly spread with up to 4 on 8 days.

Three-streaked Tchagra,  Tchagra jamesi

Singles 44km w of Filtu, 20km W of Arero and 89km W of Negele.

Red-naped Bushshrike,  Laniarius ruficeps

A pair 89km S of Negele on 3.11 (song taped).

Tropical Boubou,  Laniarius aethiopicus

Widespread except in the S/SE, with up to 6 on 7 days.

Slate-coloured Boubou,  Laniarius funebris

Up to 4 on 8 days, mostly in the S/SE.

Rosy-patched Bushshrike,  Rhodophoneus cruentus

5 Awash, 2 Sof Omar, 3 singing sequentually together near Filtu, 4 Arero - Konso and 2


Sulphur(Orange)-breasted Bushshrike,  Laniarius sulfureopectus

Singles near Filtu and at Nechisar, 2 Genale Valley.

Grey-headed Bushshrike,  Malaconotus blanchoti

Singles Awash, Filtu and Nechisar.

White Helmetshrike,  Prionops plumatus

8 Harrena Forest, 4 Genale Valley and Nechisar, 20 Yabelo - Konso, 2 Bogol Manya.

Grey-headed Batis,  Batis orientalis

Widespread with up to 3 most days and 6 at Sof Omar.

Black-headed Batis,  Batis minor

1 Genale Valley. 

Pygmy Batis,  Batis perkeo

2 at 2 sites near Filtu.

Banded Wattle-eye,  Platysteira laticincta

2 in gallery forest at Nechisar. [2 L Tana]

Rufous-tailed(Eurasian) Rock-Thrush,  Monticola saxatilis

2 Awash, singles 20km E of Filtu, Konso - Turmi and Gibe Gorge.

Little Rock-Thrush,  Monticola rufocinereus

Singles Melka Ghuba and Gibe Gorge, 2 Sof Omar. [1 Lalibela]

Blue Rock-Thrush,  Monticola solitarius

5 Jemmu Valley, 2 Fantale Crater, singles Wondo Genet and L Langano. [Singles Dahar Bar

airport, Gonder and Lalibela] 

Abyssinian Ground-Thrush,  Zoothera piaggiae

2 Bale NP HQ (Dinsho) and Wondo Genet.

Groundscaper Thrush,  Psophocichla litsipsirupa

20 Sululta Plains, 5 Jemmu Valley, 8 Dinsho, 2 Ankober and Goba. [2 Gonder, 8 Lalibela]

(Mountain) Olive Thrush,  Turdus olivaceus abyssinicus

Widespread with a max of 30 at Wondo Genet, but scarce in the S/SE.

African Bare-eyed Thrush,  Turdus tephronotus

4 Arero - Yabelo.

African Thrush,  Turdus pelios

Singles Genale Valley, Nechisar, Wondo Genet and Welkite.

Red-winged Starling,  Onychognathus morio

2 Jemmu Valley, 10 Konso and Gibe Gorge. [10 Gonder and Lalaibela]

Slender-billed Starling,  Onychognathus tenuirostris

2 Dinsho, 200 Sanetti Plateau, 300 flying to roost Wondo Genet. [2 Nile Falls]

WHITE-BILLED STARLING,  Onychognathus albirostris

8 Jemmu Valley, 5 Melka Ghebdu. [30 Gonder and Lalibela]

Bristle-crowned Starling,  Onychognathus salvadorii

2 Fantale Crater, Awash.

Greater Blue-eared Glossy-Starling,  Lamprotornis chalybaeus

It was difficult to distinguish this sp. from the commoner chloropterus but 15 at Awasa and Sanetti Plateau and 10 at Nechisar were thought to be chalybaeus.           

Lesser Blue-eared Glossy-Starling,  Lamprotornis chloropterus

Widespread and common, except in the S/SE. [500 L Tana]

Splendid Glossy-Starling,  Lamprotornis splendidus

5 Jemmu Valley and Melka Ghebdu.

Rueppell's Glossy-Starling,  Lamprotornis purpuropterus

3 Awash, 30 Awasa and L Langano - Debre Zeit, 5 Nechisar.

Superb Starling,  Lamprotornis superbus

Widespread with up to 50 on 9 days and 250 Arero - Konso.

Shelley's Starling,  Lamprotornis shelleyi

25 Genale Valley and 5 near Filtu.

Sharpe's Starling,  Cinnyricinclus sharpii

Present in a party of c.15 starlings at Wondo Genet which flew away before we had chance to check it fully.        

Violet-backed Starling,  Cinnyricinclus leucogaster

20 Awasa.

Magpie Starling,  Speculipastor bicolor

2 Nechisar and 50 Turmi - Fejeje.

Fischer's Starling,  Spreo fischeri

1 Sof Omar village.

White-crowned Starling,  Spreo albicapillus

50 Negele Plains, 10 near Filtu, 60 Arero - Konso.

Golden-breasted Starling,  Cosmopsarus regius

20 Genale Valley, 10 near Filtu, 5 R Genale, 10 R Dawa  and Yabelo - Konso.

Wattled Starling,  Creatophora cinerea

100 Awash, 35 Negele Plains, 20 Filtu, 20 Arba Minch - Konso and 40 Konso - Turmi.

Red-billed Oxpecker,  Buphagus erythrorhynchus

Wide but thinly spread, with a max of 15 Bogol Manya - R Genale.

Pale Flycatcher,  Bradornis pallidus

2 Awasa, 5 Bogol Manya - Filtu, 2 Wondo Genet, 1 Welkite.  [2 L Tana]

Large Grey Flycatcher,  Bradornis microrhynchus

Widespread in small numbers, with 4 Welkite, 5 Awash and 10 around Filtu.

ABYSSINIAN SLATY-FLYCATCHER,  Dioptrornis chocolatinus

1 Melka Ghebu, 4 Sof Omar and Wondo Genet. [1 Gerfasa Res]

Northern Black-Flycatcher,  Melaenornis edolioides

Widespread with up to 3 at 7 sites. [5 L Tana]

Spotted Flycatcher,  Muscicapa striata

Widespread with 1 or 2 on most days except in the S/SE.

African Dusky Flycatcher,  Muscicapa adusta

1 Dinsho, 6 Goba, 2 R Dawa and Gibe Gorge, 8 Wondo Genet. [2 Gonder, 4 Lalibela]

Semi-collared Flycatcher,  Ficedula semitorquata

1 moulting adult female caught by hand, photo’d and released at Melka Ghebdu on 26.10 looked like albicollis but the base pattern of the nape feathers showed it to be semitorquata.

Common Nightingale,  Luscinia megarhynchos

Singles Awash, Genale Valley and R Dawa.

White-throated Robin,  Irania gutturalis

Singles near Filtu and 89km W of Negele.

RUEPPELL'S ROBIN-CHAT,  Cossypha semirufa

5 Goba, 1 Wadera, 2 Wondo Genet. [10 L Tana]

White-browed (Heuglin’s) Robin-Chat,  Cossypha heuglini

6 Awasa, 1 Nechisar, 3 Gibe Gorge.

Red-capped Robin-Chat,  Cossypha natalensis

1 in gallery forest at Nechisar.

Spotted Morning (Palm)- Thrush,  Cichladusa guttata

Singles Genale Valley, Wadera, Yabelo - Konso and Nechisar, 2 near Filtu.

Red-backed (White-browed) Scrub-Robin,  Cercotrichas leucophrys

Widespread with up to 3 in the S, 10 Awasa and 1 Genale Valley.

Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin (Rufous Bush-Chat),  Cercotrichas galactotes

Singles Fantale Crater, Sof Omar and 30km W of Arero.

Common Redstart,  Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Widespead with 1 or 2 on 6 dates. [2 L Tana, 1 Gonder]

Whinchat,  Saxicola rubetra

Singles Sululta Plain and Awash.

Common Stonechat,  Saxicola torquata

5 above Dinsho and near Goba were of the distinctive albofasciata race, which looks worthy

of splitting, while 5 on Sululta Plain appeared to be Siberian Stonechat, S.(t.) mauri. [4 L Tana, 10 Gonder, 1 Lalibela were probably axillaris (African Stonechat)]

Northern Wheatear,  Oenanthe oenanthe

2 Awash, singles Arero - Konso and Welkite. [Singles Gonder and Lalibela]

Schalow’s Wheatear,  Oenanthe lugubris

Up to 5 Jemmu Valley, Ankober and Melka Ghebdu. [3 Gonder, 2 Lalibela]

Pied Wheatear,  Oenanthe pleschanka

Widespread and common with up to 20 a day.

Desert Wheatear,  Oenanthe deserti

A male near Filtu. [A female at Lalibela]

Isabelline Wheatear,  Oenanthe isabellina

Widespread and common with up to 50 a day.

Botta's (Red-breasted) Wheatear,  Oenanthe bottae

20 Sululta Plain, 10 Jemmu Valley and Bale, 6 Sanetti Plains and a few elsewhere in the


Familiar Chat,  Cercomela familiaris

1 Bogol Manya - Filtu, 2 Gibe Gorge. 

Brown-tailed Chat,  Cercomela scotocerca

4 Sof Omar.

Sombre Chat,  Cercomela dubia

2 by the lava flow, Awash.

Blackstart,  Cercomela melanura

3 Awash.

Moorland (Alpine) Chat, Cercomela sordida

20 Jemmu Valley and Sanetti Plains and a few elsewhere in the highlands. [5 Gonder, 2


Rueppell's Chat,  Myrmecocichla melaena

10 Jemmu Valley. [2 at 2 sites Lalibela]               

Mocking Cliff-Chat,  Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris

4 Jemmu Valley and Gibe Gorge, 1 Fantale Crater. [Up to 10 Gonder and Lalibela]

WHITE-WINGED CLIFF-CHAT,  Thamnolaea semirufa

1 above Melka Ghebdu. [6 Gonder and 5, 4 and 4 Lalibela]

Common Bulbul,  Pycnonotus barbatus                         

Widespread with 10-20 throughout, 50 max at Wondo Genet. In the SE they had the

characters of Dodson’s Bulbul,  P.b.dodsoni sometimes split but intergrades were apparent. 

Northern Brownbul,  Phyllastrephus strepitans

10 Harrena Forest, 2 R Dawa and 8 Nechisar.

Broad-ringed (Montane) White-eye,  Zosterops poliogaster

Widespread except in the S/SE, with a max of 10 at Sof Omar and Goba.

White-breasted (Abyssinian) White-eye,  Zosterops abyssinicus

6 near Filtu and 2 Arero - Yabelo. [5 L Tana Hotel]

Singing Cisticola,  Cisticola cantans

1 Wondo Genet.

Boran Cisticola,  Cisticola bodessa

4 Fantale Crater, 2 near Filtu, 6 Arero - Yabelo.

Rattling Cisticola,  Cisticola chinianus

1 Melka Ghebdu, 4 Arero - Yabelo, 5 Nechisar, 8 Abiata - Debre Zeit. [8 Lalibela]

Ashy Cisticola,  Cisticola cinereolus

1 Fantale Crater, 8 Awash.

Winding Cisticola,  Cisticola galactotes

10 Sululta plain, 1 Nechisar.

Stout Cisticola,  Cisticola robustus

4 Awasa and Nechisar, 2 Gibe Gorge (feeding juvs). [2 Gonder]

Desert Cisticola,  Cisticola aridulus

10 Negele Plains.

Tawny-flanked Prinia,  Prinia subflava

5 Melka Ghebdu, 8 Awasa, 3 Wondo Genet. [2-3 L Tana and Gonder]

Pale Prinia,  Prinia somalica

4 near Filtu, 2 Bogol Manya, 1 Arero - Yabelo and Fejeje.

Brown-tailed Apalis,  Apalis viridiceps

2 Sof Omar, 8 near Filtu, 2 R Dawa, 8 Arero - Konso.

Red-faced Apalis (Red-fronted Warbler),  Apalis rufifrons

1 Awash, 6 near Filtu, 2 Arero - Yabelo.

Grey-backed Camaroptera,  Camaroptera brevicaudata

Widespread with up to 10 almost daily.

Grey Wren-Warbler,  Calamonastes simplex

5 near Filtu, 6 Bogol Manya and 1-2 Konso.     

Cinnamon Bracken-Warbler,  Bradypterus cinnamomeus

3 Bale NP HQ, Dinsho, 4 Goba and 2 Harrena Forest - more heard than seen.

Moustached Grass-Warbler,  Melocichla mentalis

3 Gibe Gorge.

Lesser Swamp-Warbler,  Acrocephalus gracilirostris

2 Awasa. [2 L Tana]

Olivaceous Warbler,  Hippolais pallida

Widespread with up to 10 daily from Awash to Arero. [1 Gonder]

Upcher's Warbler,  Hippolais languida

Singles Awash and near Filtu.

Olive-tree Warbler,  Hippolais olivetorum

2 Jemmu Valley.

Buff-bellied Warbler,  Phyllolais pulchella

4-6 Awash, 1-2 Nechisar, 2 Wondo Genet.

Yellow-bellied Eremomela,  Eremomela icteropygialis

2-6 daily from Bogol Manya - Nregele - Yabelo and 2 Nechisar.

Yellow-vented Eremomela,  Eremomela flavicrissalis

Two 20km E of Filtu.

Green-backed Eremomela,  Eremomela canescens

2 in acacias near Konso.

Northern Crombec,  Sylvietta brachyura

Widespread with up to 5 on 8 days.

Short-billed Crombec,  Sylvietta philippae

5 Bogol Manya, 2 Filtu.

Red-faced Crombec,  Sylvietta whytii

2 Arba Minch, Nechisar, L Langano and Gibe Gorge.

Somali Crombec,  Sylvietta isabellina

Singles 44km W, 7km W and 20km E of Filtu, two 89km W of Negele.

Brown Woodland-Warbler,  Phylloscopus umbrovirens

2 Awasa and 1 Goba.

Willow Warbler,  Phylloscopus trochilus

Widespread with up to 5 most days and 10 at Awasa. [20 max L Tana]

Brown Warbler (Parisoma),  Sylvia lugens

2 in acacia canopy by the hotel at Wondo Genet both days.

Banded Warbler (Parisoma),  Sylvia boehmi

Two 20km E of  Filtu, 4 Arero - Yabelo.

Blackcap,  Sylvia atricapilla

Widespread with up to 5 on 10 days. [5 daily L Tana]

Common Whitethroat,  Sylvia communis

Widespread with up to 10 daily to Yabelo, then only 1, at Welkite. [ 1 Gonder]

Lesser Whitethroat,  Sylvia curruca

Widespread with 1 or 2 on 6 days to Negele, then 4 Wondo Genet - Debre Zeit. [2 L Tana, 1

Gerfasa Res]

Menetries' Warbler,  Sylvia mystacea

3 together in Awash NP on 28.10.

Scaly Chatterer,  Turdoides aylmeri

Three  89km S of Negele on 3.11 and 1 midway between Arero and Yabelo on 4.11.

Rufous Chatterer,  Turdoides rubiginosus

Widespread S of Addis with 2-6 at 8 sites.

White-rumped Babbler,  Turdoides leucopygius

15 Awasa and 4 Wondo Genet in “conventional” plumage. 3 at Jemmu, 2 Melka Ghebdu and

5 Lalibela had dark brown uppers with much white on face, looking a different species.

ABYSSINIAN CATBIRD,  Parophasma galinieri

2 Dinsho and Harrena Forest, 10 Goba.

White-winged Black-Tit,  Parus leucomelas

2 Genale Valley.

WHITE-BACKED BLACK-TIT,  Parus leuconotus

5 Dinsho and Goba, 2 Harrena Forest.

Somali (Northern Grey) Tit,  Parus thruppi

3 Sof Omar, 8 near Filtu, 2 R Dawa, 1 Arero - Yabelo.

Mouse-coloured Penduline-Tit,  Anthoscopus musculus

7 Fantale Crater, 1 Genale Valley and Arba Minch - Wondo Genet, 2 both sides of Filtu, 5 R Dawa.

Singing Bushlark,  Mirafra cantillans

2 Awash.

White-tailed Lark,  Mirafra albicauda

3 Nechisar Plains.

Red-winged Lark,  Mirafra hypermetra

4 Fantale Crater, 1 Awash airstrip.

Foxy (Fawn-coloured) Lark,  Calendulauda alopex

3 Awash, 1 Yabelo - Konso and 1 M. f. macdonaldi c.60km E of Yabelo.

Gillett's Lark,  Mirafra gilletti

1 Awash, two 20km E and 7km W of Filtu.

Pink-breasted Lark,  Mirafra poecilosterna

5 Fejeje.

DEGODI LARK,  Mirafra degodiensis

4, including 3 singing identically to Gillett’s (heard and taped previous and same day), 11km E of Bogol Manya on 2.11.

SIDAMO LARK,  Heteromirafra sidamoensis

3 on Negele Plains on 1.11, including 1 in song flight.

Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark,  Eremopterix leucotis

6 Awash, 5 Gibe Gorge.

Chestnut-headed Sparrow-Lark,  Eremopterix signata

1 Awash, 3 R Genale, 80 Fejeje. [5 Lalibela airport]

ERLANGER'S LARK,  Calandrella erlangeri

8 Sululta Plain, 2 Jemmu Valley, 1 Ankober. [10 above Lalibela]

Rufous (Somali) Short-toed Lark,  Calandrella somalica              

40 feeding on farmland opposite Negele Plains on 1.11.

Thekla Lark,  Galerida theklae

Common in the highlands with 50 max Sanetti Plateau. [15 above Lalibela]

Rufous Sparrow,  Passer motitensis

8 Arero - Konso; sometimes split as White Nile Rufous Sparrow, Passer shelleyi.

Swainson's Sparrow,  Passer swainsonii

Widespread and common throughout except in the SE.

Parrot-billed Sparrow,  Passer gongonensis

6 R Genale.

Chestnut Sparrow,  Passer eminibey

8 Awash Dam        

Yellow-spotted Petronia,  Petronia pyrgita

6 Sof Omar, 4 Genale Valley, 10 Bogol Manya - R Genale.

Bush Petronia,  Petronia dentata

5 Jemmu Valley, 2 Melka Ghebdu, 30 Debre Zeit.

Pale Rockfinch (Rock Sparrow),  Carpospiza (Petronia) brachydactyla

2 flocks totalling 70 birds in Awash NP on 27.10.

Green-winged Pytilia (Melba Finch),  Pytilia melba

4 Melka Ghebdu and Awash, 6 Sof Omar, 3 R Genale and 1 Arero - Yabelo.

Green-backed Twinspot,  Mandingoa nitidula

1 by the river at Nechisar.

Abyssinian Crimson-wing,  Cryptospiza salvadorii

6 Harrena Forest

Red-billed Firefinch,  Lagonosticta senegala

Widespread and common with 100 max at Melka Ghebdu.

African Firefinch,  Lagonosticta rubricata

2 Welkite.

Black-throated Firefinch,  Lagonosticta larvata

A male nest building at Gibe Gorge.

Red-cheeked Cordonblue,  Uraeginthus bengalus

Widespread and common except Negele - Bogol Manya - Arero.

Purple Grenadier,  Uraeginthus ianthinogaster

10 Sof Omar, 2 Genale Valley, up to 12 around Filtu, 5 R Dawa.

Yellow-bellied (Swee) Waxbill,  Estrilda quartinia

2 Goba and Welkite, 6 Harrena Forest, 4 Wondo Genet, 1 Addis airport. [1 Gerfasa Res]

Abyssinian Waxbill,  Estrilda ochrogaster

30 Welkite.

Crimson-rumped Waxbill,  Estrilda rhodopyga

15 Fantale Crater, 10 Nechisar.

Common Waxbill,  Estrilda astrild

Wide but thinly spread, with a max of 20 at Melka Ghebdu. [10 L Tana, 3 Gonder]

Black-cheeked Waxbill,  Estrilda (charmosyna) erythronotos

Two 20km W of Arero.         

African Silverbill,  Lonchura cantans

2 Jemmu Valley.

Bronze Mannikin,  Lonchura cucullata

3 Melka Ghebu,12 Wondo Genet, 4 Gibe Gorge, 10 Welkite. [20 L Tana and Gonder]

Cut-throat,  Amandina fasciata

Wide but thinly spread, with a max of 20 at Sof Omar.

Village Indigobird,  Vidua chalybeata

15 Jemmu Valley, 5 Melka Ghebu and Debre Zeit, 3 Awash, 10 Gibe Gorge. [10 L Tana,

Gonder and Lalibela]

Pin-tailed Whydah,  Vidua macroura

4 Jemmu Valley, 5 Merga Ghebu, 1 Filtu, 2 Konso and Wondo Genet, 18 Debre Zeit.

Eastern Paradise-Whydah,  Vidua paradisaea

2 Fantale Crater and 1 elsewhere at Awash.

White Wagtail,  Motacilla alba

Fairly common in small numbers in the Rift Valley. [10 max Lalibela]

Yellow Wagtail,  Motacilla flava

Widespread and locally abundant, with 100 Abiata and 1000 Sululta Plain. [10-50 000

roosting in reeds Nile Valley, Bahar Dar]

Grey Wagtail,  Motacilla cinerea

Widespread with up to 5 most days.

Mountain Wagtail,  Motacilla clara

2 Melka Ghebdu and Wondo Genet, 1 Gibe Gorge.

ABYSSINIAN LONGCLAW,  Macronyx flavicollis

4 Sululta Plain.

African Pipit,  Anthus cinnamomeus

5 Sululta Plain, 1 Yabelo - Konso. [1 Lalibela airport]  

Plain-backed Pipit,  Anthus leucophrys

3 Awash, 5 Negele Plains. [10 Gonder]

Tawny Pipit,  Anthus campestris

1 Awash. [2 Nile Falls]

Long-billed Pipit,  Anthus similis

2 Awash, 1 L Langano.

Tree Pipit,  Anthus trivialis

Widespread with up to 6 on 11 days. [2 Gonder and Lalibela]

Red-throated Pipit,  Anthus cervinus

Widespread with 10 Sululta Plain, Bale and Negele Plains, and a few elsewhere.

Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver,  Bubalornis niger

5 at Awash, otherwise restricted to the S/SE with a max of 40 Yabelo - Konso.

White-headed Buffalo-Weaver,  Dinemellia dinemelli

Widespread and common with a max of 60 Bogol Manya - Negele.

Speckle-fronted Weaver,  Sporopipes frontalis

1 Jemmu Valley.

White-browed Sparrow-Weaver,  Plocepasser mahali

Widespread and common, especially in the S.

Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-Weaver,  Plocepasser superciliosus

8 Awash and 2 Konso.

Grey-headed Social-Weaver,  Pseudonigrita arnaudi

100 Arero - Konso.

Black-capped Social-Weaver,  Pseudonigrita cabanisi

10 91.8km w of Negele, 20 Arero - Yabelo.

Baglafecht Weaver,  Ploceus baglafecht

Widespread and common except in the S/SE. [50 Nile Valley, 90 Lalibela]

Little Weaver,  Ploceus luteolus

10 Awasa, 2 R Dawa.

Spectacled Weaver,  Ploceus ocularis

10 Awasa. [10 Nile Valley]

Rueppell's Weaver,  Ploceus galbula

10 L Langano.

Village Weaver,  Ploceus cucullatus

Under-recorded, with only 10 R Dawa and Gibe Gorge noted. [50 L Tana]

Speke's Weaver,  Ploceus spekei

2 Jemmu Valley and Yabelo - Konso. [1 Nile Valley]

Salvadori’s (Jubaland) Weaver,  Ploceus dichrocephalus

10 R Genale.

Chestnut Weaver,  Ploceus rubiginosus

5 Negele hotel grounds, 50 Negele - Arero, 30 Arero - Kondo.

Red-headed Malimbe,  Malimbus rubricollis

2 Melka Ghebdu, 6 Sof Omar, 8 Genale Valley and 1 Arero - Yabelo.

Red-billed Quelea,  Quelea quelea

Widespread and locally abundant, with a max of 600 in Jemmu Valley.

Black Bishop,  Euplectes gierowii

At least 6 Gibe Gorge.

Black-winged Bishop,  Euplectes hordeaceus

30 Jemmu Valley, 200 Gibe Gorge, 10 Welkite. [50 L Tana]

Yellow Bishop,  Euplectes capensis

10 Sululta Plain and 4 Dinsho.

Grosbeak Weaver,  Amblyospiza albifrons

6 Awasa.

Kenya Violet-backed Sunbird,  Anthreptes orientalis

Singles Awash, Awasa and Arero - Yabelo,10 Bogol Manya - R Genale, 5 Nechisar, 3 Fejeje.

Collared Sunbird,  Anthreptes collaris

2 Wadera and Konso, 3 Nechisar, 6 Wondo Genet.

Western Olive Sunbird,  Nectarinia (olivacea) obscura

5 Harrena Forest. 

Scarlet-chested Sunbird,  Nectarinia senegalensis

Widespread excluding the S, with a daily max of 6. [20 max L Tana]

Hunter's Sunbird,  Nectarinia hunteri

5 Konso and Sof Omar.       

Variable Sunbird,  Nectarinia venusta

Widespread S of Addis with up to 10 on 7 days. [35 Lalibela]

Shining Sunbird,  Nectarinia habessinica

4 Sof Omar and 2 Konso.    

Tacazze Sunbird,  Nectarinia tacazze

5 Addis, 10 Wadera, 4 R Dawa. [2 Gerfasa Res]

Mariqua Sunbird,  Nectarinia mariquensis

2 Sof Omar, singles Harrena Forest and Negele Plains, 10 Arero - Konso.  

The first 2 records were originally ascribed to Purple-banded Sunbird N. bifasciata which is extra-limital but has been claimed at Sof Omar.

Beautiful Sunbird,  Nectarinia pulchella

6 Awasa, 2 Nechisar and Arba Minch - Wondo Genet, 1 Wondo Genet.

Cape Canary,  Serinus canicollis

60 Ankober. [10 Gerfasa Res]


50 Sululta Plain and Bale NP, 100 Jemmu Valley and Ankober and afew elsewhere in the

highlands. [25 Lalibela]

African Citril,  Serinus citrinelloides

Wide but thinly spread, with a max of 35 at Awasa. [20 max L Tana, 15 Gonder]

YELLOW-RUMPED (WHITE-THROATED) SEEDEATER,  Serinus xanthopygus         

This has yet to be recognized as a separate species but is clearly quite different from S.reichenowi being more like S.atrogularis somereni (Zimmerman et al, 1996). Twenty 7km SW of Konso, four 25km E of Filtu and 6 at Gibe Gorge. [10 at Blue Nile Falls, 5 Bahar Dar and 8 Lalibela]

Kenya Yellow-rumped Seedeater,  Serinus reichenowi

Widespread with up to 10 at 8 sites and 15 at Nechisar.

Yellow-fronted Canary,  Serinus mozambicus

2 Fejeje.

Abyssinian Grosbeak-Canary,  Serinus donaldsoni

One 20km E and two 44km W of Filtu.

White-bellied Canary,  Serinus dorsostriatus

Two 30km W of Arero and at L Langano.          

Reichard’s (Stripe-breasted) Seedeater,  Serinus reichardi (striatipectus)

2 Konso and 1 Wondo Genet.

Brown-rumped Seedeater,  Serinus tristriatus

40-50 Sululta Plain, Ankober, Melka Ghebdu and Goba, 4 Wondo Genet. [20 Gonder, 100 Lalibela]

ANKOBER SERIN,  Serinus ankoberensis       

c.8 on 25.10 near Ankober and 40-50 on 26.10, including a pair feeding 2 pulli  in a nest hidden in a vegetated hole.

YELLOW-THROATED SERIN,  Serinus flavigula

2 Melka Ghebdu, 6 Fantale Crater.

SALVADORI’S SERIN,  Serinus xantholaema  

5 in gorge at Sof Omar and at least 4 on plateau near the village on 30.10; three 20km E of

Filtu on 1.11. 

Streaky Seedeater,  Serinus striolatus

Up to 30 Jemmu Valley, Bale and Addis, 2 Wondo Genet. [daily in the N with 5 max]

Ortolan Bunting,  Emberiza hortulana

20 Gibe Gorge. [10 at 2 sites at Lalibela]

Cinnamon-breasted Bunting,  Emberiza tahapisi

4 Jemmu Valley and Gibe Gorge, 2 Fantale Crater, 1 Konso. [10 Gonder, 12 Lalibela]

Somali Golden-breasted Bunting,  Emberiza poliopleura

10 near Filtu, 4 Yabelo - Konso, 2 Fejeje.

Additional species recorded on 11-18 Nov 1996

Great Crested Grebe,  Podiceps cristatus

2 Gerfasa Res.

White-faced Whistling-Duck,  Dendrocygna viduata

150 L Tana.

African Pygmy-goose,  Nettapus auritus

10-15 L Tana.

Cape Teal,  Anas capensis

2 Gerfasa Res.

Hottentot Teal,  Anas hottentota

1 L Tana.

Tufted Duck,  Aythya fuligula

1 Gerfasa Res.

Black-crowned Night-Heron,  Nycticorax nycticorax

15 roosting near L Tana Hotel.

[Great Bittern,  Botaurus stellaris]

Two brief sightings of herons in flight over reeds near L Tana were thought to be of this sp.

African Openbill,  Anastomus lamelligerus

A few at L Tana, with a daily max of 5.

Black Stork,  Ciconia nigra

1 at Gonder landed in the valley, 1 circled over Lalibela on 16.11 and 3 on 17.11.

Black Goshawk,  Accipiter melanoleucus

1 perched by the Nile near Bahar Dar

Common Moorhen,  Gallinula chloropus

20 L Tana, 2 Gerfasa Res.

Common Ringed Plover,  Charadrius hiaticula

150 L Tana

Great Black-headed Gull,  Larus ichthyaetus

1 on L Tana.

Eastern Grey Plantain-eater,  Crinifer zonurus

10 daily L Tana and Nile Valley.

Barn Owl,  Tyto alba

1 heard at night in Bahar Dar.

Black Redstart,  Phoenicurus ochruros phoenicuroides

2 singles above Lalibela.

Black-eared Wheatear,  Oenanthe hispanica

A male in breeding plumage at Gonder.

Red-faced Cisticola,  Cisticola erythrops

Up to 3 daily in the Nile Valley

Zitting Cisticola,  Cisticola juncidis

A few in the Nile valley.

Eurasian Reed-Warbler,  Acrocephalus scirpaceus

1 or 2 daily by L Tana.

Zebra Waxbill,  Amandava subflava

A pair in the public park by L Tana, Bahar Dar.

African Pied Wagtail,  Motacilla aguimp

Up to 10 daily L Tana and Nile Valley.

Yellow-crowned Bishop,  Euplectes afer

50 by L Tana Hotel.

Yellow-shouldered Widowbird,  Euplectes macrourus

200 L Tana and 50 Tississat.

Copper Sunbird,  Nectarinia cuprea

1-3 L Tana and Nile Valley.

Additional species recorded by S Aspinall on 23/24 Oct 1996

European Honey-buzzard,  Pernis apivorus     1 over Addis

Lappet-faced Vulture,  Torgos tracheliotus     1 over Addis


Taxonomy, names and sequence according to Haltenorth, T and Diller, H (1977) A Fieldguide to the Mammals of Africa.

Warthog,  Phacochoerus aethiopicus               A few throughout          

Hippopotamus, Hippopotamus amphibus        6 at Nechisar

Common Duiker,  Cephalophus grimmja         A few in the S/SE [smaller than dik-diks]

Salt’s Dik-dik,  Modoqua saltlana                     Fairly common throughout

Phillip’s Dik-dik,  Modoqua phillipsi                Common throughout

Klippspringer,  Oreotragus oreotragus Sanetti Plateau

Mountain Nyala,  Tragelaphus spekii                30 Bale NP

Greater Kudu, Tragelaphus strepsiceros          4 Awash, 10 Nechisar

Beisa Oryx, Oryx gazella beisa             Only 1 at Awash

Hartebeeste,  Alcelaphus buselaphus               1 Nechisar

Soemmering’s Gazelle, Gazella soemmeringi  1 or 2 at Awash            

Grant’s Gazelle, Gazella granti             Several at Nechisar

Thomson’s Gazelle, Gazella thomsoni Several at Nechisar

Gerenuk,  Litocranius walleri                           1 Negele - Arero and 8 near Fejeje

Burchell’s Zebra,  Hippotigris quagga  10 Nechisar

Rock Hyrax,  Heterohyrax brucei                      2 Ankober, several Bale NP

Geoffroy’s / Unstriped Ground-Squirrel,  Euxerus erythropus / rutilus Unidentified ground-squirrels were seen on several occasions.       

Gambian Sun-Squirrel,  Heliosciurus gambianus         1 Goba

Cape Hare,  Lepus capensis                             Common throughout except in the southeast

Abyssinian Hare, Lepus habessinicus  Replaces capensis in S/SE

Simien Fox,  Canis simensis                            2 Sanetti Plateau

Black-backed Jackal,  Canis mesomelas          Several throughout

Common Jackal,  Canis aureus                        A few

Hunting Dog,  Lycaon pictus                            3 Harrena Forest

Bat-eared Fox,  Otocyon megalotis                   2 pairs near Arero, 2 near Fejeje and Turmi

Small-spotted/ Common Genet,  Genetta genetta         3 singles Nechisar

Abyssinian Genet, Genetta abyssinica  1 near Dinsho

African Civet,  Viverra civetta                           1 dead on the road near Wondo Genet  

Slender Mongoose,  Herpestes sangueneus     1 at Nechisar  [much smaller]

White-tailed Mongoose,  Ichneumia albicauda  Several, including 2 at Nechisar, and another species, probably Egyptian Mongoose,  Herpestes ichneumon, was also seen.         

Spotted Hyena,  Crocuta crocuta                      Several, including 2 at Nechisar

Cheetah,  Acinonyx jubatus                              3 together near Bogol Manya

Serval,  Leptailurus serval                                1 at Awash       

African Wild Cat,  Felis silvestris                      Singles on 2 nights in Nechisar & near Turmi

Lesser Galago,  Gelago senegalensis               Several at night in the south

Hamadryas, Papio hamadryas                          Several Arero - Konso

Gelada Baboon, Papio gelada                          A few at Bale 

Vervet,  Cercopithecus aethiops                       10  Awash  & Awasa, 4 Wondo Genet, 1 Lalibela

Eastern Black-and-white Colobus,  Colobus guereza    6 Awash, 1 Wondo Genet


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