Australia 28  November - 19 December 1999

Jon Hornbuckle

After birding New Zealand I spent an excellent two weeks in southeast Australia, mainly in Victoria and Tasmania. I was particularly fortunate in having considerable local assistance and hospitality from Margaret Cameron, Peter Lansley and Barry McLean, plus days out with Susan Myers and Tony Palliser, to all of whom I am extremely grateful. I also spent a very rewarding “Plains-wanderer weekend” with Phil Maher.

This year there had been a major invasion to Victoria of inland species such Budgerigar, Cockatiel, Orange and Crimson Chats, Black and Pied Honeyeaters, and White-browed and Masked Woodswallows in September. Unfortunately, most had finished breeding and left by the time I arrived, so I was only able to catch the tail-end of this spectacle. However, I did have many great sightings: flocks of Red-necked Avocets, Banded Stilts and Banded Lapwings, the female Plains-wanderer, Inland Dotterel, Hooded Plover, Lewin’s Rail, Malleefowl, Black Falcon, Owlet-Nightjar, Powerful Owl, Eastern and Rufous Bristlebirds, Crimson and Orange Chats, Pied and Painted Honeyeaters, Diamond and Beautiful Firetails, and many woodswallows, robins and parrots.

The sites are well covered in the literature, such as Thomas & Thomas and Wheatley, and there is a multitude of trip reports available. Hence I will not waste space on this aspect. I can thoroughly recommend this region for relatively easy and rewarding birding. Two excellent guides who operate commercially in the northern area are Phil Maher (mahert [at] and Barry McLean (bmclean [at]


In addition to those already mentioned, I would like to sincerely thank Charles and Joan Sandbrink, Phil Maher, Tonia Cochrane and Tim Reid for their help.

Jon Hornbuckle  35 Grove Road, Sheffield S7 2GY


Nov  28 17.00 arrived Melbourne from Christchurch, bus to Geelong.

29 Southwest Victoria, returning to Geelong.

30 Southwest Victoria, returning to Geelong.

Dec 1 North to Goschen, southwest to Bendigo, northwest to Lake Tyrell.

2 Ouyen, Murray Sunset NP, Hattah-Kulkyne NP, Mildura.

3 Trentham Station, Wentworth, Mildura, Lake Tyrell, Bendigo, Rushworth

4 Rushworth ringing / banding camp.

5 Rushworth, Kamarooka SP, Melbourne.

6 Melbourne Bot Gdns, Toolangi State Forest, Melbourne.

7 Fly to Hobart, Tasmania, Bruny Island: Adventure Bay.

8 Bruny Island.

9 Ferry to Kettering, Snug Teirs, Fern Tree, Orford, Hobart.

10 Snug Teirs, Hobart, fly to Melbourne, Bot Gdns, bus to Deniliquin.

11 Plains-wanderer weekend around Deniliquin.

12 Gulpa Is. State Forest, Deniliquin SF, fly to Sydney.

13 Sydney, with ferry trip to Manley, fly to Noumea (New Caledonia).

17 Return to Sydney, Bot Gardens.

18 Blue Mts, Sydney.

19 Barren Grounds NR, Catumba, Botany Bay, fly home.


Nov 28 Arrived in Melbourne on time at 17.00, Gull airport bus (prebooked) to Geelong. Met by Margaret Cameron, stopped at saltworks for Red-necked Avocet en route to her house, my base for the next 3 days, during which Margaret generously showed me a host of good birds.

Nov 29 First stop Queenscliff where we had hoped to see some wader-banding with the legendary Clive Minton but the tide/ wind combination was unsuitable, saw Striated Field-Wren and White-fronted Chat but no Fairy Tern; Black-faced Cormorant and Pacific Gull at Pt Lonsdale. Toured southwest Victoria for the rest of the hot and sunny day: Eastern Curlew at Ocean Grove; Bancoora; Blue-winged Parrot, Satin Flycatcher and Dusky Woodswallow at Ironbark Basin; Hooded Plover at Anglesea Coalmine; Brush Bronzewing and Gang Gang at Angahook NP, Rufous Bristlebird at Airey’s Inlet lighthouse; Pollocks Ford; Bannockburn bush; Banded Stilt at Geelong Saltworks and Oz Crake at Pt Henry.

Nov 30 Another grand tour, encompassing Colac, Carlisle Heath, Beauchamp Falls, Cundare road, Inverleigh Common, Lake Lorne and back to Geelong golf course where Black-fronted Dotterel had nest with eggs. Highlights were Southern Emuwren on Carlisle Heath, Pink Robin and Olive-tailed Thrush at Beauchamp Falls, and Cape Barren Goose at Lake Lorne.

Dec 1 Liz joined us today for a long drive north on another hot day via Mia Mia, Lake Eppalock (Cockateil and Rufous Songlark) and Knowsley (Black-chinned Honeyeater) to Goschen Brushland Reserve where Crimson Chat, Black and Pied Honeyeaters, and many White-browed and Masked Woodswallows were still to be found – the last known place in the state! Westwards to Kamarooka SP gave Gilbert’s Whistler and Diamond Firetail, while Native-hen and Oz Crake were seen at Bendigo SF. I hired a small car at Budget in Bendigo – expensive as unlimited mileage unavailable on a 2-day hire; said a grateful farewell to Margaret, and drove north to Lake Tyrell. Here saw White-winged Fairy-Wren and White-backed Swallow before sleeping out in the insect-free open.

Dec 2 No sign of Redthroat, reported to be at Lake Tyrell, so carried on to Ouyen to rendezvous with Barry McLean, as arranged by Margaret. A drive around the Flora and Fauna Reserve gave good views of 2 Malleefowl, with other mallee birds but no definite Southern Scrub-Robin. Emu was seen near Pink Lakes in Murray Sunset NP, along with a good selection of parrots including Pink Cockatoo, and a pair of Black Falcon, despite the searing heat and strong wind. Had a good look at the west side of Hattah-Kulkyne NP where Grey Falcon had been reported but no luck – only Brown Falcon, Crimson Chat and White-backed Swallow of note. Regent Parrot and Yellow Rosella were found at nearly dry Lake Hattah, while the Old Calder Highway north was seething with Budgies and woodswallows; a Chestnut Quail-Thrush crossed the track but Mallee Emuwren and Striated Grasswren would not show, possibly because of unfavourable weather conditions. The final stop was at Castles Crossing Reserve, 38km south of Mildura, which had had a great breeding season according to Barry, and here we flushed 2 Owlet-nightjar, a badly-needed species. Reached Barry’s house at 21.00, for a welcome delicious meal and beer.

Dec 3 A change in the weather today – dull with some rain. To Trentham Station, via Golgol, for White-browed Treecreeper but no luck in seeing the occasionally calling Crested Bellbird. Across the mighty Murray into NSW towards Broken Hill on Fletcher’s Lake Road, finding Orange Chat at last – c20 but numbers greatly down on a few days earlier. Hunted for White-fronted Honeyeater at John Hobbs' Eremophila Patch, Wentworth, where they had bred along with Pied and Black Honeyeaters, but all had gone. Returned to Mildura to collect my car, farewell to Barry and Roberta, and back to Lake Tyrell with a stop for Red-backed Kingfisher 13.5 km NW of Benniwillock. Found Rufous Fieldwren in saltbush at the lake, then on to Bendigo to return the car. Peter Lansley collected me at 19.30, we stopped to look for Purple-gaped Honeyeater in Kamarooka SP, found fish and chips with difficulty, and reached Rushworth campsite at 11p.m. 

Dec 4 All day at Rushworth ringing / banding camp in hot, windy conditions - rather slow, with the ringing high-spot a Brown Goshawk, and saw Shy Hylota and Square-tailed Kite. Good, sociable meal at the pub afterwards. 

Dec 5 Slow morning again at Rushworth, with Brown Treecreeper and Rufous Whistler ringing highs. No new birds in the forest so returned to Kamarooka SP where eventually found Purple-gaped Honeyeater on Millwood Rd. In Whipstick SP saw Black-chinned Honeyeater and Crested Shrike-Tit but failed on Crested Bellbird again. Red-kneed Dotterel was at Bendigo SF, then back to Peter’s in Melbourne.

Dec 6 Picked up by Susan Myers to visit Melbourne Bot Gdns to look for Powerful Owl – no joy but pleasant spot, then to Toolangi State Forest (700m) – Crescent Honeyeater, Grey Currawong, Pink Robin but no Pilotbird or Flame Robin; back to Peter’s at 16.00. Finally caught up with Banded Lapwing with Peter, I feeding in a horse paddock on Leake’s Rd, west Melbourne.

Dec 7 08.20 flight to Hobart, Tasmania, a little late. Avis car $A66 (£27.5) a day using ABA discount no. AWD-A 843000. Drove south to Kettering just in time for 11.05 ferry to Bruny Island: Arctic Skua, Pacific Gull and Great Crested Tern. Drove north, stopping 3-4km before Dennes Pt just below quarry: good numbers of honeyeaters – 5 endemics including a 40-spotted Pardalote, with my first ever echidna up the gated track. South to Adventure Bay, picking up Green Rosella, Pallid Cuckoo and Dusky Robin, checked in at Lumeah YHA. Up to Mt Mangaria (570m) – Brown Scrub-Wren, Tasmanian Thornbill, Olive Whistler, Crescent Honeyeater, with 2 Black Currawong by the road on the way down to Inala, but no Swift Parrots! Ended at Cookville campsite, beyond Adventure Bay: flowering gums but still no Swift Ps.

Dec 8 100s of New Holland Honeyeaters at the campsite, a few Yellow Wattlebirds; no Bushtit at Mavista Nature Trail; Flame Robin near Cloudy Bay; Short-tailed and Fluttering Shearwater at Cape Bruny; Beautiful Firetail at Inala; probable Scrubtit at Mavista NT; Black-faced Cormorant at Dennes Pt; Short-tailed Shearwaters and Oz Gannet off S Bruny NP; many Shearwaters at dusk at the isthmus penguin parade, with c30 Little Penguin in after dark.

Dec 9 Barnes Bay to look for parrots and pardalotes without success; 07.15 ferry, north to Margate, then left on Van Morey’s Rd for 10km into hills, walk left for 2km to Snug Teirs to look for Ground Parrot but failed to find exact site – Brush Bronzewing and Heathwren. To Fern Tree where spent some time on the Bower Walk looking for Bushtit before finding a pair on the main upwards track to the left of the church. Drove through Hobart to Orford on coast – 3 pairs of Fairy tern nesting on the spit with a pair of Hooded Plover; scenic route back through Sandspit River Reserve – walked nature trail in beautiful relict forest with tree ferns. Night at palacial Adelphi YHA, N Hobart after dusk on Pittwater Road near the airport for Masked Owl but no joy (other active site is Waterworks Reserve, Huon Rd, S Hobart).

Dec 10 Up at 04.50 for another trip to Snug Teirs, finding the bunch grass area this time and getting thoroughly soaked while tramping in it – no parrot but Emuwren, Flame Robin, Beautiful Firetail and Black Currawong. At Hobart, took 10.05 flight to Melbourne; Skybus to Spencer St where left bags, tram + walk to Bot Gdns – Powerful Owl at last! Bus to Deniliquin 1735-2135 from Spencer St, met by Phil Maher and taken to YHA.

Dec 11 The Phil Maher “weekend” ($A150) started at 07.00 with a couple from Mildura, 2 ladies from Melbourne and me, starting in irrigation land E of Deniliquin with 2 Oz Bittern in paddy, White-backed Swallow, then 4-6 Bittern over reedbeds, a Black-backed Bittern and a Spotless Crake; Avalon Rd then open Casuarina forest with a good selection of birds but nothing new for me. Joined by Peter Crossing, an ex-Brit from Sydney after the 13.30-15.00 lunch break, north up Cobb Hwy to Wanganella – Painted Honeyeater, Boobook, Collared Sparowhawk; Zara Station – Black-eared Cuckoo, Chestnut-crowned Babbler, White-winged Triller, Striped Honeyeater; Warwillah Road – 13 adult and 10 juv Emu, 200 Banded Lapwing, an Oz Pratincole on the nest. After dark we drove round for at least 3 hours, seeing 5 Inland Dotterel, 1 female and 2 imm. male Plains-wanderer, 1 Stubble Quail, 1 Little Buttonquail plus larks and pipits, before driving the 70km back to Deniliquin.

Dec 12 08.00-13.30 Gulpa Is. State Forest: 8 Superb Parrot over wheatfields, Western Gerygone, Gilbert’s Whistler, Diamond Firetail, then to Island Sanctuary on outskirts of Deniliquin – Azure Kingfisher but no Dollarbird. At 17.15 Phil took Peter and me to the airport via the Sewage Farm where there was a good selection of ducks including Oz Shelduck and Pink-eared but no Freckled Duck; 17.55-19.25 Horizon Airlines flight to Sydney where I was eventually collected by daughter Jo.

Dec 13 Rang Calin Air and discovered flight to Noumea, New Caledonia, was delayed from 16.30 to 22.30 so went sightseeing in Sydney and took ferry to Manley, walked to headland to sea-watch: shearwaters, Brush Wattlebird, Red-whiskered Bulbul. Nice meal with Jo in Balmain before going for the flight, which was now on time.

Dec 17 Arrived back in Sydney at 11.15, minibus to town, toured fine Bot Gardens, photoing some tame birds. Pleasant evening at Jo’s Professor’s Xmas bash, with string quartet.

Dec 18 09.00-18.00 Blue Mts with Jo – pleasant walk and scenery but no Pilotbirds or Spotted Quail-Thrush.

Dec 19 07.20-17.50 with Tony Palliser, mostly in heavy rain and strong wind. Barren Grounds NR: Eastern Bristlebird near car park, heard but failed to see Pilotbird near entrance, Black-faced Monarch, then major trek for Ground Parrot in atrocious conditions, successful after c.1 hr!! Spent some time at Catumba trying for Lewin’s Rail, then ditto at Botany Bay, succeeding at last gasp! Good flight home at 22.00 on Korean Air with 6 hour stop in Seoul where saw Naumann’s Thrush, Bull-headed Shrike, Daurian Redstart and Pallas’s Bunting. 


Taxonomy, names and sequence based on Birds of the World: A Checklist by JF Clements (1991) except where indicated.

Emu  Dromaius novaehollandiae

5 Hattah, 2 Murray Sunset NP, 1 Trentham Station, 13 + 10 juv Deniliquin, I Gulpa Island State Forest.

Australasian Grebe  Tachybaptus novaehollandiae

1 Lake Lorne, 2 Melbourne Bot. Gardens, 1 Deniliquin.

Hoary-headed Grebe  Poliocephalus poliocephalus

Common SW Victoria, 12 Deniliquin.

Little Penguin  Eudyptula minor

30 Bruny Island.

Short-tailed Shearwater  Puffinus tenuirostris

100s Bruny Island, 5 Sydney/ Manley.

Fluttering Shearwater  Puffinus gavia

A few Cape Bruny.

Australian Gannet  Morus serrator

1 Airey’s Inlet, 4 Bruny Island.

Little Pied Cormorant  Phalacrocorax melanoleucos

Locally fairly common in Victoria, common Deniliquin.

Black-faced Cormorant  Phalacrocorax fuscescens

3 Point Lonsdale, 8 Bruny Island.

Pied Cormorant  Phalacrocorax varius

Fairly common SW Victoria, 2 Orford.

Little Black Cormorant  Phalacrocorax sulcirostris

A few SW Victoria

Great Cormorant  Phalacrocorax carbo

A few SW Victoria, Melbourne and Bruny Island.

Australian Darter  Anhinga novaehollandiae

2 Melbourne, 1Deniliquin.

Australian Pelican  Pelecanus conspicillatus

A few SW Victoria, 10 Deniliquin.

Plumed Whistling-Duck  Dendrocygna eytoni

50+ Deniliquin.

Blue-billed Duck  Oxyura australis

2 + 3 juv Lake Lorne.

Musk Duck  Biziura lobata

4 SW Victoria, 6 north Victoria, 3 north of Hobart, 1 Deniliquin SF.

Black Swan  Cygnus atratus

Fairly common throughout.

Cape Barren Goose  Cereopsis novaehollandiae

5 Lake Lorne.

Australian Shelduck  Tadorna tadornoides

A few Southwest Victoria, 1 Deniliquin SF.

Maned Duck  Chenonetta jubata

100 Hattah, 20+ Trentham Station and a few elsewhere.

Grey Teal  Anas gracilis

Small numbers throughout.

Chestnut Teal  Anas castanea

A few SW Victoria and Deniliquin, 4 Bruny Island.

Mallard  Anas platyrhynchos

2 Bruny Island, overlooked elsewhere.

Pacific Black Duck  Anas superciliosa

Fairly common locally throughout.

Pink-eared Duck  Malacorhynchus membranaceus

2 + 5 juv N Vic, 2 pairs Deniliquin area.

White-eyed Duck  Aythya australis

2 Southwest Victoria, 5 Melbourne BG, 2-4 Deniliquin area.

White-faced Heron  Egretta novaehollandiae

A few throughout but common around Deniliquin.

Little Egret  Egretta garzetta

1 SW Victoria.

Intermediate Egret  Mesophoyx intermedia

2 Deniliquin at 2 sites.

Great Egret  Ardea alba

A few SW Victoria and Deniliquin.

Pacific Heron  Ardea pacifica

2 singles north Victoria but common around Deniliquin.

Rufous Night-Heron  Nycticorax caledonicus

4 Deniliquin.

Black-backed Bittern  Ixobrychus novaezelandiae

1 Deniliquin.

Australasian Bittern  Botaurus poiciloptilus

6+ Deniliquin.

Australian Ibis  Threskiornis molucca

Fairly common throughout Victoria and NSW.

Straw-necked Ibis  Threskiornis spinicollis

Fairly common throughout Victoria and Deniliquin.

Royal Spoonbill  Platalea regia

A few Southwest Victoria, 1 north Victoria, 2 Deniliquin .

Yellow-billed Spoonbill  Platalea flavipes

3 north Victoria, 1 Hattah, 10 Deniliquin.

Australian Kite  Elanus axillaris

1 Southwest Victoria and near Barren Grounds, 2 Deniliquin.

Square-tailed Kite  Lophoictinia isura

1 Rushworth.

Black Kite  Milvus migrans

Up to 8 throughout north Victoria and Deniliquin area.

Whistling Kite   Haliastur sphenurus

3 north Victoria, 1 Deniliquin.

White-bellied Sea-Eagle  Haliaeetus leucogaster

Singles Melbourne, Bruny Island and over Gulpa Island State Forest.

Swamp Harrier  Circus approximans

2-4 daily except N Vic. And Rushworth.

Spotted Harrier  Circus assimilis

Singles SW Victoria and Hattah. 

Brown Goshawk  Accipiter fasciatus

Singles north Victoria, Rushworth and Bruny Island.

Collared Sparrowhawk  Accipiter cirrocephalus

2 Deniliquin, 1 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Wedge-tailed Eagle  Aquila audax

1 Southwest Victoria, north Victoria and Deniliquin, 2 Bruny Island and Gulpa Island State Forest.

Little Eagle  Hieraaetus morphnoides

Singles Trentham Station and Deniliquin.

Brown Falcon  Falco berigora

Up to 5 most days.

Australian Kestrel   Falco cenchroides

Up to 5 daily in Vic, only 1 Deniliquin.

Australian Hobby  Falco longipennis

1 Deniliquin.

Black Falcon  Falco subniger

2 Murray Sunset NP.

Peregrine Falcon  Falco peregrinus

1 Deniliquin.

Malleefowl  Leipoa ocellata

2 Ouyen.

Stubble Quail  Coturnix pectoralis

1 Deniliquin.

Painted Buttonquail  Turnix varia

1 Rushworth.

Little Buttonquail   Turnix velox

1 Deniliquin.

Buff-banded Rail  Gallirallus philippensis

1 SW Victoria.

Lewin's Rail  Rallus pectoralis

1 Botany Bay.

Australian Crake  Porzana fluminea

Singles Pt Henry (Geelong), Bendigo SF and Deniliquin.

Spotless Crake  Porzana tabuensis

2 Deniliquin.

Purple Swamphen  Porphyrio porphyrio

A few Victoria, 1 Bruny Island, common Deniliquin.

Dusky Moorhen   Gallinula tenebrosa

A few throughout Victoria and NSW.

Black-tailed Native-hen  Gallinula ventralis

7 Bendigo SF,  1 Deniliquin.

Tasmanian Native-hen  Gallinula mortierii

Common Bruny Island.

Eurasian Coot   Fulica atra

A few throughout.

Brolga  Grus rubicunda

2 Lake Lorne.

Latham's Snipe  Gallinago hardwickii

Singles Pt Henry and Deniliquin.

Far Eastern Curlew  Numenius madagascariensis

1 Ocean Grove, SW Victoria.

Marsh Sandpiper  Tringa stagnatilis

1 Ocean Grove, 6 Deniliquin.

Common Greenshank  Tringa nebularia

2 Ocean Grove and Deniliquin.

Ruddy Turnstone  Arenaria interpres

1 Anglesea, SW Victoria.

Sanderling  Calidris alba

8 Orford, Tasmania.

Red-necked Stint  Calidris ruficollis

Common Ocean Grove and L. Lorne.

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper  Calidris acuminata

6 Queenscliff.

Curlew Sandpiper  Calidris ferruginea

A few Queenscliff.

Plains-wanderer  Pedionomus torquatus

2 imm. males and 1 superb female Deniliquin.

Pied Oystercatcher  Haematopus longirostris

Fairly common SW Victoria and Bruny Island.

Sooty Oystercatcher  Haematopus fuliginosus

A few SW Victoria, 4 Bruny Island.

White-headed Stilt  Himantopus leucocephalus

Common Deniliquin.

Banded Stilt   Cladorhynchus leucocephalus

200 Geelong.

Red-necked Avocet  Recurvirostra novaehollandiae

50 Geelong.

Australian Pratincole  Stiltia isabella

1 on the nest Deniliquin.

Red-capped Plover   Charadrius ruficapillus

12+ SW Victoria, 8 Orford.

Hooded Plover  Charadrius rubricollis

1 pair Anglesea and Orford.

Red-kneed Dotterel  Erythrogonys cinctus

2 Bendigo SF, 20 Deniliquin.

Inland Dotterel   Peltohyas australis

5 spot-lighted at Deniliquin.

Black-fronted Dotterel  Elseyornis melanops

A pair nesting Geelong Golf Course, 2 north Victoria and Deniliquin, 1 Bendigo SF.

Banded Lapwing  Vanellus tricolor

1 Melbourne, 200 Deniliquin.

Masked Lapwing  Vanellus miles

Fairly common throughout.

Pacific Gull  Larus pacificus

5 Pt Lonsdale and Bruny Island.

Kelp Gull  Larus dominicanus

Common on coast.

Silver Gull  Larus novaehollandiae

Very common on the coast.

Whiskered Tern  Chlidonias hybridus

20+ Southwest Victoria and L. Lorne.

Caspian Tern  Sterna caspia

4 SW Victoria

Great Crested-Tern  Sterna bergii

1 Anglesea?, 100 Bruny Island.

Common Tern  Sterna hirundo

2 Queenscliff.

Little Tern  Sterna albifrons

A few Queenscliff.

Fairy Tern  Sterna nereis

3 pairs nesting at Orford.

Parasitic Jaeger  Stercorarius parasiticus

1 Bruny Island ferry.

Spotted Dove  Streptopelia chinensis

Fairly common throughout Victoria and NSW.

Brown Cuckoo-Dove  Macropygia phasianella

2 Barren Grounds.

Common Bronzewing  Phaps chalcoptera

1 SW Victoria and north Victoria, a few Hattah, Trentham Station and Rushworth area, 1 Bruny Island.

Brush Bronzewing  Phaps elegans

Singles Angahook NP and Snug Teirs (twice).

Crested Pigeon  Geophaps lophotes

Locally fairly common in Vic and NSW.

Peaceful Dove  Geopelia placida

2 Murray sunset NP, 8 Deniliquin.

Australian King-Parrot  Alisterus scapularis

10 Blue Mountains.

Superb Parrot  Polytelis swainsonii

8 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Regent Parrot  Polytelis anthopeplus

6 Hattah Lake.

Mallee Ringneck   Barnardius barnardi

8 Murray Sunset NP, a few Trentham Station.

Green Rosella  Platycercus caledonicus

Fairly common throughout Tasmania.

Crimson Rosella  Platycercus elegans

Fairly common SW Vic.

Yellow flaveolus form: 2 Hattah, 4 Deniliquin and 15-20 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Eastern Rosella  Platycercus eximius

A few throughout.

Bluebonnet  Northiella haematogaster

10-15 Murray Sunset NP, Hattah, Trentham Station and Deniliquin.

Red-rumped Parrot  Psephotus haematonotus

Small numbers throughout Vic and common around Deniliquin.

Mulga Parrot  Psephotus varius

10 Murray Sunset NP and Trentham Station.

Blue-winged Parrot  Neophema chrysostoma

A few Iron Bark Basin and N Victoria.

Budgerigar  Melopsittacus undulatus

10+ north Victoria, 50+ Hattah, a few Fletcher’s Lake Road.

Ground Parrot   Pezoporus wallicus

1 flushed at Barren Grounds – the hardest bird of the trip!

Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo  Calyptorhynchus funereus

6 SW Victoria and Blue Mts, 3 Bruny Island.

Gang-gang Cockatoo  Callocephalon fimbriatum

16 Southwest Victoria, 20 Barren Grounds.

Galah  Eolophus roseicapillus

Common throughout Victoria and NSW.

Pink Cockatoo  Cacatua leadbeateri

40 Murray Sunset NP, 2 Trentham Station.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo  Cacatua galerita

Locally common SW Victoria, a few  Gulpa Island State Forest.

Long-billed Corella  Cacatua tenuirostris

Fairly common throughout inland Victoria and NSW.

Cockatiel  Nymphicus hollandicus

10 north Victoria, Murray Sunset NP and Hattah, 50+  Deniliquin and several elsewhere in Vic.

Rainbow Lorikeet  Trichoglossus haematodus

Common Sydney - Barren Grounds / Blue Mts, Melbourne but apparently scarce elsewhere.

Musk Lorikeet  Glossopsitta concinna

2 SW Victoria, 10 north Victoria, a few  Trentham Station, Bendigo and Hobart.

Purple-crowned Lorikeet  Glossopsitta porphyrocephala

10+ Geelong University.

Pallid Cuckoo   Cuculus pallidus

Up to 8 daily on Tasmania, 1 Deniliquin.

Fan-tailed Cuckoo  Cacomantis flabelliformis

1-2 Bruny Island, 1 Barren Grounds, 1 heard SW Victoria.

Shining Bronze-Cuckoo  Chrysococcyx lucidus

4 heard SW Victoria.

Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo  Chrysococcyx basalis

2 Trentham Station, 1 heard SW Victoria.

Black-eared Cuckoo  Chrysococcyx osculans

1 Deniliquin.

Australian Koel  Eudynamys cyanocephala

1 Sydney airport.

Powerful Owl  Ninox strenua

1 Melbourne  Bot. Gardens.

Southern Boobook  Ninox boobook

1 Deniliquin.

Australian Owlet-Nightjar  Aegotheles cristatus

2 flushed from the same tree at Castles Crossing Reserve, Mildura.

Azure Kingfisher  Alcedo azurea

1 Deniliquin park.

Laughing Kookaburra  Dacelo novaeguineae

Small numbers throughout.

Red-backed Kingfisher  Todirhamphus pyrrhopygia

2 S of Mildura.

Sacred Kingfisher  Todirhamphus sanctus

Singles SW Victoria, 2 Rushworth and Deniliquin, 3 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Rainbow Bee-eater  Merops ornatus

2 Toolangi State Forest, a few Murray Sunset NP, Hattah and Deniliquin.

Dollarbird  Eurystomus orientalis

1 Catumba.

White-throated Treecreeper  Cormobates leucophaeus

4 SW Victoria daily, 2 Gulpa Island State Forest.

White-browed Treecreeper  Climacteris affinis

2 Trentham Station.

Red-browed Treecreeper  Climacteris erythrops

Heard Toolangi and Blue Mts.

Brown Treecreeper  Climacteris picumnus

Small numbers throughout Victoria and NSW.

Superb Lyrebird  Menura novaehollandiae

1 Barren Grounds, heard Toolangi State Forest.

White-winged Fairywren  Malurus leucopterus

5-6 Lake Tyrell and Deniliquin, 1 Fletcher’s Lake Road.

Superb Fairywren  Malurus cyaneus

Fairly common throughout.

Splendid Fairywren  Malurus splendens

6 Ouyen.

Variegated Fairywren  Malurus lamberti

6 Hattah, 1 nesting in Barry’s garden Mildura, 1 Barren Grounds.

Southern Emuwren  Stipiturus malachurus

2 Carlisle Heath and Snug Teirs, heard Barren Grounds.

Spotted Pardalote  Pardalotus punctatus

1 Goschen Brushland Reserve.

Forty-spotted Pardalote  Pardalotus quadragintus

2 Bruny Island.

Striated Pardalote   Pardalotus striatus

1 Deniliquin.

Eastern Bristlebird  Dasyornis brachypterus

1 Barren Grounds.

Rufous Bristlebird  Dasyornis broadbenti

3 Airey’s Inlet, 1 heard Carlisle Heath.

Pilotbird   Pycnoptilus floccosus

1 heard Toolangi State Forest and 3 heard Barren Grounds.

White-browed Scrubwren  Sericornis frontalis

Fairly common throughout Victoria and NSW in suitable habitat.

Brown Scrubwren  Sericornis humilis

Fairly common Tasmania.

Rufous Fieldwren  Calamanthus campestris

1 Lake Tyrell.

Striated Fieldwren  Calamanthus fuliginosus

4 Queenscliff, 1 Snug Teirs.

Chestnut-rumped Hylacola  Hylacola pyrrhopygius

1 Rushworth.

Shy Hylacola  Hylacola cauta

Singles Ouyen and Kamarooka State Forest.

Buff-rumped Thornbill  Acanthiza reguloides

10 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Brown Thornbill  Acanthiza pusilla

Common SW Victoria, Toolangi State Forest and Blue Mts.

Inland Thornbill  Acanthiza apicalis

Singles Hattah and Trentham Station.

Tasmanian Thornbill  Acanthiza ewingii

Common in forest on Tasmania.

Yellow-rumped Thornbill  Acanthiza chrysorrhoa

A few SW Victoria, Hattah, Deniliquin and common Gulpa Island State Forest.

Chestnut-rumped Thornbill  Acanthiza uropygialis

5-6 Trentham Station and Deniliquin.

Yellow Thornbill   Acanthiza nana

5 Deniliquin, 2 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Striated Thornbill  Acanthiza lineata

A few SW Victoria, 1 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Weebill  Smicrornis brevirostris

A few Hattah, Rushworth and Gulpa Island State Forest.

Western Gerygone  Gerygone fusca

2 Kamarooka SP and Gulpa Island State Forest.

Southern Whiteface  Aphelocephala leucopsis

10 Murray Sunset NP and Deniliquin, 5 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Black Honeyeater  Certhionyx niger

6+ Goschen Brushland Reserve.

Pied Honeyeater  Certhionyx variegatus

A pair Goschen Brushland Reserve.

Lewin's Honeyeater  Meliphaga lewinii

1 Botany Bay.

Yellow-faced Honeyeater  Lichenostomus chrysops

Fairly common SW Victoria.

Singing Honeyeater  Lichenostomus virescens

2 SW Victoria, common Goschen Brushland Reserve, a few Hattah, Trentham Station and Deniliquin.

White-eared Honeyeater  Lichenostomus leucotis

Common SW Victoria, a few Rushworth.

Yellow-throated Honeyeater  Lichenostomus flavicollis

A few Bruny Island.

Yellow-tufted Honeyeater  Lichenostomus melanops

Several Rushworth.

Purple-gaped Honeyeater  Lichenostomus cratitius

5+ Millwood Rd, Kamarooka SP.

Fuscous Honeyeater  Lichenostomus fuscus

A few Millwood Rd, Kamarooka SP.

Yellow-plumed Honeyeater  Lichenostomus ornatus

Common Murray Sunset NP, a few Trentham Station.

White-plumed Honeyeater  Lichenostomus penicillatus

Fairly common Victoria, a few Deniliquin and Gulpa Island State Forest.

White-naped Honeyeater  Melithreptus lunatus

Common in Victoria.

Black-headed Honeyeater  Melithreptus affinis

Fairly common Bruny Island.

Black-chinned Honeyeater  Melithreptus gularis

5 Knowsley, 2 Whipstick SP.

Strong-billed Honeyeater  Melithreptus validirostris

A few Bruny Island.

Brown-headed Honeyeater  Melithreptus brevirostris

1 SW Victoria, a few Kamarooka SP.

Little Friarbird  Philemon citreogularis

2 Deniliquin.

Noisy Friarbird  Philemon corniculatus

4 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Crescent Honeyeater  Phylidonyris pyrrhoptera

1 Southwest Victoria, 2 Katoombi, 6 Bruny Island, 2 Snug Teirs, heard Blue Mts.

New Holland Honeyeater  Phylidonyris novaehollandiae

Common SW Victoria, Tasmania and Manley.

Tawny-crowned Honeyeater  Phylidonyris melanops

1 Goschen Brushland Reserve and Kamarooka SP.

Striped Honeyeater  Plectorhyncha lanceolata

2 Deniliquin.

Painted Honeyeater  Grantiella picta

2 Deniliquin.

Eastern Spinebill  Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris

1 Bruny Island, 2 Melbourne Bot Gdns.

Blue-faced Honeyeater  Entomyzon cyanotis

2 Deniliquin.

Bell Miner  Manorina melanophrys

1+ Bruny Island.

Noisy Miner  Manorina melanocephala

A few throughout with a large roost at Hobart.

Yellow-throated Miner  Manorina flavigula

1 Goschen Brushland Reserve, 2 Murray Sunset NP, 1 Trentham Station.

Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater   Acanthagenys rufogularis

A few Victoria and 2 Deniliquin.

Little Wattlebird  Anthochaera lunulata

1 SW Victoria, a few South of Sydney.

Brush Wattlebird  Anthochaera chrysoptera

A few Manley.

Red Wattlebird   Anthochaera carunculata

Common throughout Victoria.

Yellow Wattlebird  Anthochaera paradoxa

Up to 8 daily on Bruny Island.

Orange Chat  Ephthianura aurifrons

20 Fletcher’s Lake Road.

Crimson Chat  Epthianura tricolor

2 Goschen Brushland Reserve and Trentham Station, 8 Hattah.

White-fronted Chat  Epthianura albifrons

4-8 SW Victoria including Queenscliff, 2 Bruny Island.

Jacky-winter  Microeca fascinans

Singles Hattah and Gulpa Island State Forest.

Scarlet Robin  Petroica multicolor

1-2 Ironbark Basin and Beauchamp Falls.

Red-capped Robin  Petroica goodenovii

2 Trentham Station, 1 Rushworth, 5 Deniliquin, 4 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Flame Robin  Petroica phoenicea

4 Bruny Island, 1 Sandspit River Reserve and Snug Teirs.

Rose Robin  Petroica rosea

2 heard Beauchamp Falls, 1 Katoombi.

Pink Robin   Petroica rodinogaster

4 Beauchamp Falls, 1 Bruny Island and Toolangi State Forest.

Hooded Robin  Melanodryas cucullata

3 Goschen Brushland Reserve and Trentham station, 2 Hattah.

Dusky Robin  Melanodryas vittata

Up to 4 Bruny Island, 2 Van Morey’s Road en route to Snug Teirs.

Yellow Robin  Eopsaltria australis

Several in woodland in SW Victoria and NSW.

Varied Sittella  Daphoenositta chrysoptera

1 Ironbark Basin, 3 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Crested Shrike-tit  Falcunculus frontatus

1 Whipstock SP, 3 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Crested Bellbird  Oreoica gutturalis

2 heard Kamarooka SP, Trentham Station and Rushworth.

Olive Whistler  Pachycephala olivacea

1 Bruny Island and heard Beauchamp Falls and Toolangi.

Gilbert's Whistler  Pachycephala inornata

1 Kamarooka SP, 2 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Golden Whistler   Pachycephala pectoralis

Several throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

Rufous Whistler  Pachycephala rufiventris

Common Ironbark Basin and a few in woodland elsewhere.

Grey Shrike-Thrush  Colluricincla harmonica

1 or 2 in woodland throughout.

Grey-crowned Babbler  Pomatostomus temporalis

Deniliquin, 10 Gulpa Island State Forest.

White-browed Babbler  Pomatostomus superciliosus

Several Goschen Brushland Reserve, Murray Sunset NP, Rushworth and Gulpa Island State Forest.

Chestnut-crowned Babbler  Pomatostomus ruficeps

1 Murray Sunset NP, 4 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Eastern Whipbird  Psophodes olivaceus

A few heard  Barren Grounds.

Chestnut Quail-thrush Cinclosoma castanotus

1 Hattah and a probable Ouyen.

White-winged Chough  Corcorax melanorhamphos

20 north Victoria, common Trentham Station and Toolangi, 6 Deniliquin and Gulpa Island State Forest.

Apostlebird   Struthidea cinerea

5+ Trentham Station and Deniliquin.

Willie-wagtail  Rhipidura leucophrys

Fairly common throughout Vic. And NSW.

Grey Fantail  Rhipidura fuliginosa

Fairly common SW Victoria, a few Bruny Island, 3 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Rufous Fantail  Rhipidura rufifrons

1 Barren Grounds.

Black-faced Monarch  Monarcha melanopsis

1 Barren Grounds.

Leaden Flycatcher  Myiagra rubecula

I heard Gulpa Island State Forest.

Satin Flycatcher  Myiagra cyanoleuca

3 Ironbark Basin and Beauchamp Falls.

Restless Flycatcher  Myiagra inquieta

1 heard Ironbark Basin.

Australian Raven  Corvus coronoides

A few north Victoria and Deniliquin, common Sydney area.

Little Raven  Corvus mellori

Common in Victoria, a few Deniliquin.

Forest Raven  Corvus tasmanicus

1 Southwest Victoria, common on Tasmania.

White-breasted Woodswallow  Artamus leucorynchus

2 north Victoria, 8 Deniliquin.

Masked Woodswallow  Artamus personatus

2+ Goschen Brushland Reserve, 10+ Hattah and a few Trentham Station.

White-browed Woodswallow Artamus superciliosus

200 Goschen Brushland Reserve, 300 Hattah, 50+ Trentham Station, 4 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Dusky Woodswallow  Artamus cyanopterus

1 Ironbark Basin, 2 Rushworth and Bruny Island, 4 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Grey Butcherbird  Cracticus torquatus

Singles Hattah and Fern Tree.

Pied Butcherbird  Cracticus nigrogularis

Scattered singles southwest Victoria, Trentham Station and Gulpa Island State Forest, 2 Deniliquin.

Australasian Magpie  Gymnorhina tibicen

Fairly common throughout.

Pied Currawong  Strepera graculina

1 SW Victoria, a few Sydney area.

Black Currawong  Strepera fuliginosa

2 twice Bruny Island and near Snug Teirs.

Grey Currawong  Strepera versicolor

2 SW Victoria and Rushworth, 4 north Victoria and Toolangi State Forest.

Magpie-lark  Grallina cyanoleuca

Fairly common throughout.

Olive-backed Oriole  Oriolus sagittatus

1 Rushworth.

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike  Coracina novaehollandiae

Up to 5 most days.

White-winged Triller  Lalage tricolor

1 Goschen Brushland Reserve, 2 Deniliquin, 4 Gulpa Island State Forest.

Olive-tailed Thrush  Zoothera lunulata

Singles Bruny Island and Beauchamp Falls.

Eurasian Blackbird  Turdus merula

Locally common throughout.

European Starling  Sturnus vulgaris

Locally common throughout.

Common Myna  Acridotheres tristis

Common south Victoria and Sydney.

White-backed Swallow  Cheramoeca leucosternus

4 Lake Tyrell at dusk, 1 Hattah and Deniliquin.

Welcome Swallow  Hirundo neoxena

Common in Vic and fairly common NSW.

Tree Martin  Hirundo nigricans

Singles SW Victoria and Hattah, common Bruny Island, a few Gulpa Island State Forest.

Fairy Martin  Hirundo ariel

1 SW Victoria, 20+ Goschen Brushland Reserve.

Red-whiskered Bulbul  Pycnonotus jocosus

1 Manley.

Silver-eye  Zosterops lateralis

Fairly common Victoria and Bruny Island, a few Gulpa Island State Forest.

Golden-headed Cisticola  Cisticola exilis

Common SW Victoria.

Australian Reed-Warbler  Acrocephalus australis

A few Deniliquin, I heard Southwest Victoria, 1 Catumba, NSW.

Little Grassbird  Megalurus gramineus

A few heard Deniliquin.

Brown Songlark  Cincloramphus cruralis

3 Hattah, 1Trentham Station, 4 Deniliquin.

Rufous Songlark  Cincloramphus mathewsi

3+ Lake Eppalock, 4 Deniliquin, 2  Gulpa Island State Forest.

Australasian Bushlark  Mirafra javanica

1 southwest Victoria, 2 Deniliquin.

Sky Lark  Alauda arvensis

Common southern Victoria.

House Sparrow  Passer domesticus

Common near habitation throughout.

Beautiful Firetail  Stagonopleura bella

Singles Bruny Island and Snug Teirs, Tasmania

Diamond Firetail  Stagonopleura guttata

Singles Kamarooka SP and Gulpa Island State Forest.

Red-browed Firetail  Neochmia temporalis

3-6 SW Victoria, 2 Barren Grounds

Zebra Finch  Taeniopygia guttata

3 Deniliquin.

Australasian Pipit  Anthus novaeseelandiae

A few throughout.

Mistletoebird  Dicaeum hirundinaceum

2 Deniliquin.

European Greenfinch  Carduelis chloris

A few SW Victoria and Bruny Island.

European Goldfinch  Carduelis carduelis

Common SW Victoria and Bruny Island.


Short-nosed Echidna Tachyglossus aculeatus  1 Bruny Island, Tasmania

Western Grey Kangaroo Macropus fuliginosus  Several in Victoria

Eastern Grey Kangaroo Macropus giganteus  A few throughout

Red-necked (Bennett’s) Wallaby Macropus rufogriseus  Several Bruny Is. 

Red Kangaroo Macropus rufus  A few near Deniliquin

Fat-tailed Dunnart Sminthopsis crassicaudata  1 while spotlighting near Deniliquin

Grey-headed Flying-Fox Pteropus poliocephalus  Common in Melbourne and Sydney Botanical Gardens


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